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Logo Mini Mini Cooper tuned by Airborne – a big villain! logo mini

Mini Cooper tuned by Airborne – a big villain!

Many showcars drive the streets – most often they are intended to introduce a new body kit, or they are cars of ordinary people, who’s hearts are devoted to this automobile branch. In a word – these are the cars, which are never intended to be serial produced. More exactly – the modifications, which are made on them are produced by the company, but not as a part of one particular car. In a lot of cases, these tuned cars are sedans, or more concretely cars with larger dimensions. But there are exceptions. Increasingly, smaller cars are being popular, for instance Opel Corsa or all generations of cultish VW Golf. But what about something that everyone regards as noble, something that is connected with young generation, and most importantly something with style. Moreover, around hundred pieces of that something is to be manufactured. Any other words are useless, let’s make it quick: we introduce you Her Majesty form England – Mini Cooper S Cabrio modified by one skilful designer and one American tuning company.


Show me one person, that doesn’t know Mini Cooper. This mega-cultish car that has been produced for 40 years now has its supporters in every part of the world. Well, this car is connected with most famous comedian – Mr. Bean. With his green little Cooper he set laughing the whole world. Three modified Minis also could be seen in recent movie Italian Job. The time has passed away and here comes the new model of Mini Cooper.

In this article we are going to deal with model Mini Cooper S Cabrio, which is the most powerful Mini from among all offered models. It has four-cylinder engine with 1.6 liter volume, which can make maximum power 170 hp (125 kW) at 6000 rpm. The torque is 220 Nm. Thanks to this configuration, this Mini can handle one hundred in 7.2 seconds. The top speed is 222 km/h.


Airborne Mini Cooper
In background of every modified ride is some tuning company or an individual, or a couple of individuals. In case of this Mini its really an exclusive lineup. Young designer Joe Iacono, who has no problem with constructing of Hot-Rod or supersport, and a south Californian company Autocraft of Torrance. The result of their effort is a unique Mini – according to chief designer’s words, one hundred has to be produced.

It’s worth mentioning, that all visible changes are work of designer Joe Iacono and all mechanics‘ stuff was made by Autocraft. Let’s take a loot at this devil.

At first sight, your attention will be attracted by provoking black paintwork, which gives this car a feeling of mystery. This color is in general regarded as a predacious color suitable particularly for sporting cars. However, less defiant cars are no exception. The black color has found its place also on grills, which fill most of openings in bumpers, discs and rear lights.

The aggressive look is accentuated with red, which can be found on rear mirrors, on tires in form of red hems, on brake calipers and also as very interesting continuous whole in front of windshield and doors. Let’s not forget the stylish five-pointed star located on doors.

This is a beautiful example of how can a paintwork as a basic element literally turn the look of whole production car by 180 degrees.

The good news for owners of Mini is, that the project of wide-bodykit is soon going to move from designer’s sketch to reality.

Until then the supporters of this make have to content themselves with decent, but quite sportingly looking kit. It contains adjusted front bumper - its bottom central opening was enlarged and slightly modified and two small spoilers at the sides of bumper were added.

We could not omit the front grill, which was supplemented with a filling in form of black grid. In addition, eyebrows were added on front headlights. Together it makes an interesting whole.

The front bumper meets the pulled out front fenders, which replaced the original plastic hems. Moreover, they were supplemented with longish, bloody-red blinkers. The continuity of the side part of car is ensured by front bumper meeting the fenders on one side and side sills on the other. An attentive eye will notice, that this isn’t a striking shape – contrary is the case. The side sills have the same stylish concept as the whole car has – this is a demonstration of Iacono’s skills.

Airborne Mini Cooper
Also the rear fenders were pulled out - this was the end of original plastic hems. The fenders meet modified rear bumper with a pair of openings, which were enlarged and also here, two bottom spoilers were embedded, the same way as in case of the front part. Between them is located a pair of dark tips of sporting exhaust. Simple but fascinating.

When talking about black, we have to mention interior. Inside, there are seats padded with black leather, which is quilted with red hem, or more concretely red threads. Front seats were replenished with red sign Airborne Mini.

All change was finished with beautiful 10-spoke alloy wheels, painted black, behind them, there are sporting drilled disc brakes. In this stage, the designer could go on vacation, because the rest –that means all the performance stuff was managed by company Autocraft of Torrance.

Guys in this company considered the stock performance of 170 horse powers as too poor and thought about what has to be done to increase the power.

Therefore were added new cylinder heads, new tappets, drop-ins and already mentioned complete exhaust system, new larger intercooler, larger fuel injectors and other “trivialities“. Thanks to this, the power of this engine increased to predacious 300 hp. I think that’s enough.

Pictures of Airborne Mini Cooper:



Mini Cooper on the SEMA Show, Las Vegas, USA:

What is your opinion about this tuned Mini Cooper?

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