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Logo Audi Audi A3 Sportback tuning by Vogtland – a sporty beast! Logo Audi

Audi A3 Sportback tuning by Vogtland – a sporty beast!

It’s sure, that stock sporty cars are easier modifiable, but nowadays, when a tuning scene is very well developed, the tuning of most simple cars is no problem. There are no differences between car bodies – SUV, estate or coupe, everything can be modified as customer wants. More and more people are interested in the smaller cars with sporting features, e.g. VW Golf GTI, Skoda Fabia RS or also a car manufacturer of the famed linked-circle logo – AUDI A3 Sportback. These cars aren’t „big boats“ so their advantage are their dimensions suitable for an agile driving. Plus they have some sporting features as a more powerful engine, bigger alloys, a sporting suspension and a striking bodykit. Few tuning companies have built their „show-car“, the car that represents their products and services. That’s a case of German Vogtland and a sporting version of Audi A3 Sportback.


Audi A3
Audi A3 – a small, agile car, full of dynamics. Plus it offers a luxury and a safety. It’s popular between young drivers that love unique and unbound style. But it doesn’t mean that’s not for older generation. This car will get all.

Audi A3 and A3 Sportback combine a pure dynamics with an exciting design and strict safety and comfort rules of course. Audi A3 Sportback – an unique model of compact class – 5 doors and a coupe look.

It can be proud of great design and especially powerful engines in its offer. A customer can choose from two diesel engines – 1.9 TDI (105 hp) and 2.0 TDI (140 hp) with a great acceleration and a big torque at low engine rpm, plus with very good fuel economy. Audi offers also 5 petrol engines – from 1.6 (102hp) to 3.2 liter Quattro with 250 hp (184 kW).

Needless to say that every engine has no small output, dynamics and acceleration.


Audi A3 tuning
German company Vogtland isn’t known to everyone. It’s the expert on a car chassis – shock absorbers, suspension springs etc. This company is in the business for few years so they have decided to build their own show-car. To make this car perfect, they have invited other tuning companies – ITS, Rieger, FoliaTec, HJS, Sebring, Clarion and Toyo-Tires.

There’s no show-car without a modified exterior. In this case, an exterior was changed by German company Rieger that is one of the best producers of plastics. A front mask is very important so they saved its lines. A front bumper has now a new spoiler sword. It isn’t very complicated, but it’s big plus for whole sporting feeling. An interesting thing is a carbon part at the bottom of this spoiler - next step to the great results. Rieger have also added eyebrows on the front headlights.

The car have also new doorsteps in a gentle, decent style with a little bit of sporting character. So now we have the doorsteps typical for Rieger. In their centre we can fid a small channel that ends as a little opening before the rear wheel. It’s filled with a black extended metal and i tis used for an air-intake to the rear brakes.

The rear bumper is the high-spot of this modification. No doubt that it’s from Rieger’s workshop. Fits perfectly to Sportback’s lines and copies the shape of bodywork. At the bottom we can find three big openings filled with an aggressive extended metal. They are shaped to make a harmony with rear lights and not to trench whole look from a modification. In combination with a roof spoiler is this phase of modification simply great.

Audi A3 Sportback tuning by Vogtland:



Audi A3 Tuning Vogtland
FoliaTec (a company that produces window foils, vinyls, various signs, illumination and interior equipment) did also a good job here. They have equipped the car with a glass-tinge-foil and with ad logos of involved companies. We can find them on the hood, front doors and at the back. It’s a little visual enjoyment.

The main lure of this car is its performance part. This is provided by Sebring, Toyo Tires, ITS, HJS and Vogtland of course. But let’s start from the beginning. An alloy wheels are very important and ITS knows it. Just this company equipped with stylish alloys ITS Titanium RS1 Chrome (19 x 8.5“). They‘re exclusive, three-parts, seven-spoked, chromic alloys, that fit perfectly to this modification. Toyo Tires has booted Sportback with their superb Toyo Tires Proxes T1-R (225/35R19). Behind them we can see air cooled disc brakes by ITS with 360 mm diameter in front.

As this show-car is representing Vogtland company, their guys have installed own suspension system - VOGTLAND adjustable suspension 50 mm. It’s interesting that suspension mountings are also chromic as well as their lines on whole length – a perfect car-road harmony. A pair of exhaust tips is provided by the specialist on the exhaust systems – Sebring.

It has prepared a duplex exhaust pipe called Twister. But that’s not all. They have added HJS soot filter – something like a protection against soot. Now you can enjoy a beautiful sound of the car without trembling about your health.

Final step was done in an interior. It’s full of FoliaTec elements and we can’t forget about the king of car audio – Clarion. Clarion equipped this car with a multifunctional system with a radio, CD, MP3 and DVD called VRX848RVD. The GPS navigation with a LCD display is obvious.

So what do you say? Quite nice modification, isn’t it? There’s nothing better to present your products as with a car like this.

Wallpaper of Audi A3 Sportback Vogtland:



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