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Audi A4 modified with Lambo Style Doors

The Lambo Style Doors – this style of doors appeared first time in case of Lamborghini sports cars and it’s still very popular. LSD is common part of show cars. Of course these doors aren’t available only for the show cars but also for ordinary people. Every enthusiast heard and knows about the German company LSD-Doors. The company is specialized in producing and installing adapters necessary for these doors. They have more than 40 models including this system in their portfolio. Today we would like to present you a new member of this wide family - the car having sporting look also in its stock version – Audi A4 8H Cabrio.


Everybody knows Audi’s product line. The cars are full of modern elements, have dynamic and often sporting look. Audi A4 convertible isn’t an exception and it’s a perfect partner for sunny days but also for rainy workdays. Thanks to the powerful engine and amazing design; this car becomes number one in our selection. Lovers would appreciate a 2.0 liter turbo engine with 200hp (147kW).

Audi has prepared 6 engines for this handsome. The most powerful is the 3.2 liter V6 FSI engine producing 255hp (188kW). It’s just a mater of choice.

AUDI A4 with the LSD doors

Audi A4 LSD
When any company wants to present its newest product, it always chooses a car to present on it. But it can’t be something boring so it needs to be slightly modified with priority given to the presented product. In the case of LSD-Doors, it’s Audi A4 Cabrio that has been decently but adequate modified for need of the presentation. Let’s introduce today’s hot product that has definitely the style.

The German company didn’t press for some extreme modifications. Only some decent details have been mounted because the doors have been the priority no. 1.

At the bottom of the front bumper we can find a pair of side spoilers. There are also chromed hems of the front grille, the opening for air-intake to the cooler and other openings in this part. The new diffuser reigns on the stock rear bumper with a pair of rounded exhaust tips.

A trunk lid has now a decent molding that imitates a spoiler. The molding has nice paintwork that combines violet-blue and grey. We can’t forget about the flame vinyl with little devils on the sides. This nice design adventure is completed with the fancy rims.

But we’re interested in the doors. As I mentioned before, the car has the LSD style with vertical opening. The German company knows what to do, because they’ve modified already the brands as BMW, Chevrolet, Honda, Ferrari, Porsche, Hummer etc. More than 40 cars, so why hesitate?

Audi with LSD doors
Their new product is Audi A4 convertible. The stylish car with stylish element. Maybe the doors look dangerous, but that’s not true. We need to set you right. The doors fulfill all European safety conditions and the German certificate TUV of course. This car successfully passed a side crash test in a laboratory in Kraftfahrtbundesamt. And the result is that these doors are safe as the stock ones, maybe more (96/27/EG rule).

The main advantage of these doors is their installation with basic tools and the main mechanism is installed on the stock mounting. Laser cut from high tensile steel, then shot peened and zinc plated for strength and quality finish, LSD door systems guarantee perfect fitment every time your door is lowered or closed. The exclusive industry leading Magic Stick technology with 3-dimensional adjustability allows for the ultimate in operating precision. No more doors fall. It’s guaranteed.

We can be sure that these doors make your car fancy and attractive. LSD kit for this car costs about 1699 euros. It’s not cheap but the quality is great.

Pictures of Audi A4 Cabrio with LSD doors:



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