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Audi Tuning Audi A4 Tuning by Hofele Design Audi Tuning

Audi A4 Tuning by Hofele Design

Middle and higher class among cars is characterized with more delegates. It’s especially BMW, Mercedes and Audi of course. We’ll talk today about the last mentioned brand. Maybe everyone from this planet knows the cars made by this brand. These vehicles have nice design, enough performance and comfortable interior. But they’re also known for their great luxury and maximum commitment to their owners. So when we have some attributes together, as a powerful engine, attractive design and luxurious interior, it can be only one thing – Audi A4 B6. It’s not enough; we add the name Hofele Design – because Audi together with Hofele make stylish cars attracting all bystanders.


Now we’re preparing for the next generation of A4, but current one is still a great choice for those that want a great looking car (saloon, avant or cabriolet) with enough power under the hood, but also they don’t want to be in the middle of attention. Audi A4 offers all of these and it’s really a good buy.

Especially the model A4 B6 8E has really nice engines, nine petrol and six diesel engines. The most powerful is a 4.2 liter 6-cylinder engine producing 344hp (253kW). This engine can be found in S4 model, the most powerful variation of the second generation.


Hofele Design Audi A4 Tuning
Hofele Design is known for its simple, but distinctive modifications. Now look at their second generation Audi A4.

The first step of the modification was made in front, where big front bumper dominates. It’s characteristic with three big openings to cool engine area. There is a pair of additional lights and stylish diffuser in the middle of the bumper. The central cutout perfectly matches with the curves of the front mask, now replaced with a new, sporting Hofele product. Final words of the front part are side spoilers and pair of gills near the front wheels. There’s anew product in Audi’s styling program – it’s a front hood called Powerdome. It has a oval part in its centre. Definitely, the Audi’s front part now looks excellent and Hofele guys did a great job once again.

Side sills are retiring to gently fit to the smooth lines of the side part. Again we can prove that simple solutions can be best. The rear part is tuned too. There’s a retiring sporting molding on the trunk. The rear bumper has now a new sporting diffuser with elongated opening in its center. Sharp and sporty sound is provided by a pair of oval exhaust tips.

This whole modification has very porting character and it’s an ideal solution for lovers of simple but expressive design.

The last words are about wheels. The car stands on 20“ Hofele’s Largo-RS alloy rims.

Audi A4 Tuning by Hofele Design:



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