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Audi A8 tuning by Hofele Design!

Not every tuner or tuning company wants to create the most interesting and drastic modification of stock car. Extreme plastics aren’t always the best way how to make styling customizations and also it isn’t the cheapest way to attract. Nowadays we encounter with various types of tuning. But in many cases, particularly if it is a stylish car, it’s better to take a way of simplicity that is often the way no.1. This knows also in Germany, the land of the tuning. Right there, one company has decided to build a decent bodykit for one cultish car that is big like a ship?. The name of this company is Hofele Design that took a maximum stylish car Audi A8 D2. So let’s take closer look at their product.


Audi A8
Everybody knows Audi. The symbol for luxury, sport, comfort and prestige...many words characterize this German car manufacturer. Now we’re in 1996 with one concrete model – Audi A8 D2.

A8 D2 is a massive, luxurious and especially stylish model that bears this sign. People who wanted a comfortable and luxurious interior with perfectly designed exterior chose this car.

This Audi can’t feel ashamed for its engine. The core is a V8 engine with 4.0 liters of volume that can produce 300 hp (220 kW) at 6000 rpm and 400 Nm of torque at 3300 rpm.

0-100 km/h takes only 7.3 seconds also thanks to the 4-speed automatic transmission. Its top speed is 250 km/h, so I think these values are very satisfying.


Audi A8 Tuning
Also little acts can hide big things. Tuners from Hofele could take big plastic parts, huge rims...but they didn’t.

Instead of doing this, they‘ve mounted decent plastic accessories: slightly modified front bumper, new front grille, rear spoiler, exhaust tips, rear diffuser and rims. So let’s take a look on these parts.

When I was talking about the slightly modified front bumper I meant a new W12, S8 or Quattro front grille. The grille has a distinctive chromed hem with a grid. Its place is on the new bumper where is stepped more forward and dangles out, respectively.

In the term of modified bumper we mean an additional spoiler that creates a unit together with the rest of the bumper. It gives a soft sporty look and together with the chromed grille it’s something very sensual.

Also the rear part hasn’t remained intact.

Audi A8 Tuning
In the rear bumper we can find the new diffuser that is also the place where are four stainless exhaust tips placed. The sporty feeling is boosted with the decent wing on the rear trunk. It’s nothing world-shaking, but very fancy and interesting.

The rims are the high-spot of this modification. They’re not some crap from your nearby junkyard. They’re 10-spoked furious Largo-RS rims in dimension 20“. Match perfectly with the rest of the car and reveal the hidden potential of this Audi.

Pictures of modified Audi A8 D2 by Hofele Design:



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