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Audi R-Zero Concept - electricity-propelled supersport

Car industry is developing at such a rapid pace, that a word combination “it is impossible” is out of date. Designers and developers of different car companies and their studies constantly take part in the process of design and production of sometimes even extreme car models. They use their knowledge from the sphere of motoring as well as from the world of technologies. Thanks to that fact, all sort of car variations which bewilder many admirers are springing up under their direction. It could be, for example, the combination of the magic of the 70’s and the technologies of the new millennium in the look of Dodge Challenger Concept, or the combination of the old school, modern design and enormous output in the look of today’s innovation. As it is in the real life, also in this case everything has its limits, but as far as the mankind will be developing, the limits of car engineering opportunities will move away.


The four-ring emblem is a symbol of the popular Audi Car Company. Its cars have furrowed the roads since 1909, when Mr. August Horch took part in the foundation of this car company. These cars were, are and will be the symbols of luxury, “sportiness” and art of design. Since their first days these cars have been made with accuracy and with emphasis on details. At that time these cars included everything and even more, what could a typical citizen and owner need and require from a car.

The situation hasn’t changed and “Audi cars” remain the symbols of the highest car category nowadays. Their large luxury cars have become popular not only among the wealthier part of the population, but also among the admirers of “sports luxury.”

Nowadays, practically every car company is thinking about its successor or, in other words, about its own presentation concept. We are talking about the four-wheel jewels, which are literally overfilled with the technological achievements and they represent in such a way the technological maturity of the car company. It would be curious if such a popular and famous car company, as Audi Car Company certainly is, didn’t think of this approach. It is year 2006 now and we present you the newest concept from Audi AG labeled Audi R-Zero Concept. Let’s imagine this „masterpiece“.


Audi R Zero Concept
Words like Audi TT, Bugatti Veyron have a lot in common. Besides the fact that they are symbols of beauty, power and safety they have one more thing in common, namely R-Zero Concept. Exactly, this concept could be characterized also by these two words. When I am speaking also, I mean it in earnest, because in addition to these two words there is a term “battery”, which also belongs here. Yes, you understood well, but let’s start from the beginning and go on step by step.

There is no doubt that the Audi R-Zero Concept is a design jewel. But we aren’t just talking about the things concerning design. We are talking about two-seater super-sports car with the image of so popular Audi TT and with performance equivalent to that of the Bugatti Veyron. What is surprising about it is the fact that this Audi isn’t powered in a classical way which we are accustomed to. That means that this car isn’t powered by oil or petrol, but by electric energy. A combination of „Veyron and electricity” is so incredibly impossible, but…

At first sight is obvious that the design of the new concept bares a striking resemblance to the TT model. It isn’t a deceptive discovery, but a holy fact. At the same time, the whole body makes an impression as if it is a one big piece, or one unit.

Its curves are synchronized in such a way that we can say without hesitation that these are certainly “pure lines”. Another important thing on the whole car body is that we won’t find any angular point on it. Everything is perfectly curved, what isn’t seen often nowadays. The front part of the car and the splash-boards could serve as an example.

Audi R-Zero Concept photos:



Audi R Zero Concept
A characteristic symbol of the front part of the car is its front latticed grille with the chrome frame, which is emblazoned with the Audi emblem. It’s difficult not to notice the front headlights with such expressive LED technology and of course their marvelous design. They are divided into three autonomous parts and every part has been made for some purpose. In the connection with the lines of the front part they create a whole which makes an impression of being calm, but at the same time extremely ravening.

The central part of the car hasn’t remained untouched too. It was designed with accuracy and with emphasis on the “fine lines”. We are talking about the doors which are joined with the rest of the body making a whole. Another interesting design element is the door handle, which isn’t positioned on the place we are accustomed to, but it is placed on the left edge of the door (at driver’s side). This handle is made of chrome and looks like a clip.

The rear part of this jewel is really a design masterpiece. It is exactly the same as that of “Audi TT”, that means that it is drawn from the roof downward, towards the end of the car. It looks like a tear. This is really an eye-catching “delicacy”. The design of the rear bumper together with the trunk is also very interesting.

It looks almost the same as the front part: “the grille”, headlights and body’s lines. The back-up lights in contrast to the front headlights have red pure glass, but they also work on the basis of the high-luminous LED diodes. There is also the third stop light (contains LED diodes), swaggering above the rear window. What is surprising about the rear part is the fact that there are no exhaust endings under the rear bumper. Why? This will be explained later. This rear part at the same time stresses the fact how much work has been done by the designers of Audi Car Company to design and to produce such a masterpiece.

Audi R Zero Concept
And finally the massive 5-wide-radial wheel discs with the low-profile Michelin tires put an end to this design adventure. There are large air-cooled disc brakes with red colored brake stirrups, looking out from behind the discs.

But what else except the marvelous design is so innovative and interesting on this concept? It’s the way in which the R-Zero is driven. By such “beasts of prey” we are accustomed to very powerful engines with a great output. But they are still powered by petrol or oil engines. And what about the idea to come with something new, something what is equally or even more powerful than listed engines and what is environmentally friendly. The question is about Audi R-Zero Concept, which is driven by electric energy. To be more précised, it is powered by 800-Volt output lithium-ion batteries, known from the mobile and other mini-devices. These batteries are positioned in the centre of the car, weighting together 1200 kg and driving four individual in-wheel motors. At the same time try to imagine that each 1 kg of battery is responsible for 450W of energy. Try to figure it out and then you will understand.

There is nothing curious about the fact that the car is powered by batteries. But let’s say something about the output of this concept now. The motors deliver unbelievable output of 1091 hp at 12 900 rpm!!!

It is even more than that of Bugatti Veyron, but Veyron in contrast to R-Zero has a 16-cylinder gasoline engine with the output of 1001 hp. But remember that we are still talking about the electric drive. The estimated performances are acceleration from 0 to 100 kph in less than 3 seconds and a top speed of 460 kph (286mp/h)!!! Try to say something now?.

This concept is surely the most revolutionary car, as far as the motor is concerned. And if there is a consideration about its production, we are looking forward to seeing it.

Video-animation of Audi R-Zero Concept:

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Wallpaper Audi R-Zero Concept:



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