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Caractere Audi TT Edition R tuning!

Popularity has no bounds. And the coming ecstasy in the case of Audi R8 proves this doubly. At the time of its creation, the hot coupe with for rings in its badge achieved success, admiration and the heart of many enthusiasts all over the world. It has a sophisticated and sporting design focused on everyone in the offing. It’s the super sport like never before. But there’s a trouble that now it’s not available on the market. We should wait… We know that waiting sometime kills so Caractere and B&B realized to come to the market with something special, that we haven’t seen before. It’s a optical and performance kit partly transforming the favorite Audi TT to the R8. Decide if it’s only the partly transformation.


The elegant sporting coupe doesn’t want to hide its potential, but reveal it to the world. It has very sporting, but elegant elements, a powerful engine and maximum comfortable interior. Its predecessor was great, but the successor is better.. The new Audi TT shines again.

If sporty, so you’ll have real sporty. Audi is famous for its no weak engines in its stallions. The new Audi TT offers two engines, the „better“ is the 3.2 liter V6 aggregate producing 250 hp (184kW) at 6300rpm and 320Nm of torque. Its top speed is obvious 250 km/h (electronically limited) and 0-100 km/h acceleration takes only 5.7 seconds.

The new AUDI TT video:


Audi’s cars are the favorite toys of the Caractere company. It’s clearly visible that they love playing with these darlings and plastics too. We used to see many variations of plastics from this company, but today’s one is unique. And if Caractere calls another company to help, something big is going on. We would like to present you a project of the Belgian company Caractere and the German specialist on home car manufacturers B&B called Audi TT Edition R.

With half an eye this modified Audi TT really looks like its more powerful and younger brother Audi R8. This long-awaited super car has won hearts of many fans can’t wait for its arrival. To shorten the waiting, these two companies created the visual and performance pack for the new Audi TT that evokes the R8 so much. So let’s take a look.

audi tt-r
The first step was made by Caractere. Its mission was to design, produce and install the new bodykit reminding the design of the new R8. This mission was very successful.

The front part is characteristic with a giant bumper with a pair of R8’s openings. The openings ideally matches with a front grille filled with a honeycomb grill also used in the case of the openings. Front headlamps have also a day-light function. The bottom part is divided on two side spoilers with a rounded diffuser. Very nice job.

If you look at the side of R8, you’ll notice very decent sill extensions. Yes, same situation is also in the case of the TT that wants to look like its younger bro.
Simple side sills/extensions perfectly fit with imitations of openings for cool air. They’re black and they’re situated before the rear fenders. The rear part is great too. Characteristic pair of dark openings used for hot air off-take is here only imitations.

Yes, they’re imitations, but thanks to its design and perfect match with the lines of tail lamps, it’s one of the most beautiful parts on the car. Another modification was made on the rear bumper with a dark diffuser, integrated red fog lamp and a pair of rounded exhaust tips. And everything is completed with a rear sporting wing.

audi tt-r
This Audi TT shouldn’t only look like its model, but it should behave in same way. So this is the part of B&B. The 3.2 V6 engine is a very good engine, but it’s not enough. So we add a brand-new turbo and intercooler.

Of course, don’t forget about a new, more powerful exhaust and air system plus also a re-programmed ECU. So let’s guess. What’s the TT’s new performance? The final values are astonishing – 500 hp, top speed 320 km/h and 4.2 seconds to 100 km/h.

The car is better than the R8 with a 4.2 V8 power plant. Take a rest, these are really amazing numbers.

The B&B company thinks about your safety too, so the car has a new B&B sporting suspension cooperating with ventilated disk brakes with 8 and 4-piston brake calipers. And the hot-spot of the show are beautiful 20“ 7-spoked rims Audi with double spokes.

Pictures of Audi TT-R tuning by Caractere:



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