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The luxury speed rendered by Bentley Arnage for the year 2007!

The cars with the combination of the luxury and sport are nothing new. Even in the first models we can find some sign of luxury or superior comfort what is made by the automobile development what goes up the world. Everyday, without our knowledge, the developers of the most diverse car companies bring all the possible improvments of their car models to the world. The development should keep abreast of the times and therefore we cannot be surprised. What do the car companies increasingly target on is the sport side of their cars and despite it they do not forget on the comfort, safety and auto features. In a word – luxury. The automakers do really know the demands of a demanding mankind and surely therefore they has chosen this way. It was not also different in the mashining shop of a king of the luxury on the road – Bentley, in this case his new model for the year 2007.


Bentley. It is a symbol of a luxury since the old days, concretely since 1920. In this year, Mr. Walter Owen Bentley, the designer of the aeroengine, started a firm for the sport cars manufacturing. Eleven years later, Bentley tried to merge with „luxurious“ whopper Rolls-Royce (RR). These two automobile factories produced look-alike cars, however Bentley was different from RR in the way that he produced mainly sport cars. Nowdays, Bentley is a part of concern VW and is still producing cars of a world name. The Bentley cars are the symbols of beauty, luxury and provocative design. He who has the need of owning good efficient car and does not want to give up the comfort, should surely turn to cars of this trademark. Their provocative design with the marks of sport will capture possibly every fan of a sport cars and at the same time it offers a good amount of luxury.

The automobile factory Bentley is known by number of people. Their provocative cars typical for his „Flying B“ on the front mask stunning many of supporters of expensive and luxurious cars. Everybody knows it, a road from home to the airport because of a business trip. You need a maximal comfort and luxury combined with a sport style. In this case, you will surely choose Bentley that will fulfill your demands for 100%.


The developers of this automobile factory were not long in coming and their actual model Bentley Arnage enriched of some interesting pieces. Arnage, it is a stylish limousine which hides a sport potencial and considerable luxury. However, the time is passing and nowdays it is a year 2007. Just for the next year it is prepared a better and renewed model Arnage by automobile factory Bentley. Let´s have a look, what is going on.

What was happening 2 years ago. The automobile factory Bentley´s technicians had dedicated themselves to the improvments of an undercarriadge and things like that and it was profitable. What is meant by this? It was given a better configuration of a classical motor 6,75 l V8 and finaly also six-speed gearbox ZF to the model Arnage. The older eight-cylinder engine with cubage 6752 cm3 did not already liable to exhaust emissions regulations Euro 4 and just this led Bentley´s mechanics to its upgrade. The fastest Arnage, Arnage T with forced induction engine is thus reaching the highest production 372 kW (500 hp) and torsion moment 1 000 Nm ( to this time it was 336 kW and 875 Nm). There were also changes in the supercharger system and in the poppet valve gears. It is necessary to add also a modern six – speed self-changing gearbox ZF with three modes – Drive, Sport and Semi – Automatic which helped to the better driving properties.

Thankful this configuration Arnage T is reaching a maximal speed 288 km/h in comparison to initial 270 km/h. The „weaker“ version Arnage R was not forgotten whose engine was customized from the initial calibre 298 kW to 336 kW so to the level of not yet customized Arnage T for the year 2007.

There is longitudinal driving wheel adjustment and tiltable steering wheel in the serial auto features of all models. There was added also a system of a pressure checking in the tire, the new stabilizing system ESP, on-board telephone system with a Bluetooth technology and extra cost, electric „Flying B“ control on the radiator. There is a new pallete of an external colours, types of cushioning and also wheels made of a slight alloys.

Photogallery of Bentley Arnage 2007:



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