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Logo BMW BMW 3 E46 Esquiss Auto Tuning- French Street-style with German Hearth! Logo BMW

BMW 3 E46 Esquiss Auto Tuning- French Street-style with German Hearth!

Maybe, you have noticed, that articles about French tuning does not appear on our webpage very often. However, once we make such article, it’s an exclusive matter. Southern tuning is distinctive with diversity, extravagance and mainly courage. These words characterize also French tuning company Esquiss Auto. They really can show us what they can do. Probably, you are asking, what car has become their target this time? First, a few hints for you: elegance, style, winningness, power, reputation… Cars of this make are legendary with their reputation and are famous in the world. One more word, that fits these cars – popularity. We are not going to strain you anymore – we are talking about blue-white car company BMW with it’s elaborate model E46. We suppose, we don’t have to remind, that tuning of this German car make is certain challenge. This French company also has take up the dare and started rebuilding of this four-door model.

BMW 3 E46

This BMW also called 3 series was created already in 1998, it the year, the class was introduced. That time it was a great car. It offered luxury, sporting hearth, safety and comfort.

Exactly this kind of car was in demand then. And no company but BMW could meet these requirements of market. This good-looker is requested till these days and it’s not going to fade away.

BMW 3 series was manufactured in five bodywork versions: Convertible, Compact, Coupe, Touring and Sedan. Under the number 3, we can recognize several models, starting with 316i, 318i, 318d, 320i, 320d, 325 and including 330i or 330d. These Bavarian cars are typical with their engine located in front, however, using the rear drive. Car company BMW provided several types of engines in for these models. The most powerful is 6-cylinder with 3 liters volume and power of 228 horse powers (170kW). All wheel drive was also offered.

When buying a car, not only the performance, but also good equipment is important. In case of this BMW, it was: ABS, electrically controlled and heated driving mirrors, board-computer, anti-slip control ASR, cushioning – velour. Considering equipment of today’s ultra-luxurious cars :-), this may seem ordinary to us, but at that time it was quite a lot. The price to performance + comfort ratio was ideal.

Pictures of stock BMW 3 E46:



Esquiss logo
What is going to occur in your mind after saying ‘France‘? Napoleon? Sure, but also Eiffel tower, sea, beach, beautiful women, in a word – perfect, undisturbed relax on holiday. Until something drives around you, something what looks like a car, it‘s sound reminding Japanese tawdry Supras. What we meant to say? We wanted to emphasize the fact, that word ‘tuning‘ is by far not unknown in France.

Many of you don’t know the collation Esquiss Auto, although it exists already 19 years. The word ‘Auto‘ itself hints, that it is something connected with our four-wheel sweeties. Yes, you’re right; Esquiss Auto is French company, that deals with tuning of cars like BMW, Peugeot, Renault, Porsche, Citroen or Volkswagen. And be sure, that’s really exclusive design in the most courageous realization. Esquiss Auto, that’s “Passion for extraordinary people“.


Tuning of BMW E46 Esquiss Auto, that is the newest project of this French company. A car equipped with complete body kit with immutable and charming grace won’t let you doubt.

The original, aggressively looking front part of this car indicates, it won’t be easy to sharpen the design. Though, Esquiss managed this really good by embedding a new front bumper. Three diagonally embedded openings literally strike the eyes. The central and largest of them interferes with its curves as far as under the front headlights with eyebrows.

Together, these three openings create quasi one whole, which is indeed divided by two bars. In side openings, a pair of fog lights is located. The openings themselves are filled with grey expanded metal. Moreover, in bottom part of bumper is ingeniously embedded grey diffuser, and edges of bumper are decorated with stylish folds. French sense of beauty did fully manifest itself.

Another chapter is about design of side sills, or more concretely side sill extensions. They look like they are split.

Almost smooth bottom basal part, on which is folded upper part overcrowded with stumps. Almost perfect illusion. Side sills are also characteristic with pair of openings cleverly covered with “plastic roof“, which are used for conduction of air nearby the brakes. I have to admit, that I like these side sills very much. This kind of design cannot be seen everyday. Finally some change.

The rear part is a delicacy of its own accord. First thing to attract your attention is massive sporting wing “Furtive“ with integrated clear blinkers. Nothing more to be said to describe this French precision. For decent people’s satisfaction, the wing Furtive is also offered in smaller version – as a molding on the edge of the trunk.

Attractive design is complemented by clear rear headlights in white and dark windshields. However, the biggest boom is located under the trunk. It’s tuned rear bumper with integrated massive three-slot diffuser. At its sides, there are four showy longish openings, located in pairs, one over the other. Under one of them there’s an oval ending comprised of two round fishtails with diameter 76 mm.

To give it some jazz, car is floating on beautiful two-part 5-spoke discs in chromic look.

Pictures of modified BMW 3 E46 by Esquiss Auto:



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