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BMW E46 Touring tuning by XEIGEN TUNING

BMW 3 series was introduced in 1975 and since that time it’s very popular among young, sports-minded drivers. It’s a merit of a high quality, unbeatable engines, extraordinary suspensions, an unbelievable elegance and mostly high forwardness of the models.

BMW e46 touring
The model internally called E46 was first time introduced in 1998. At first sight it looks that it’s only a facelift of an older E36, but the contrary is the case. Basic lines were saved, some parts were rounded, other ones were sharpened. Many parts were replaced by aluminum ones so BMW designers reduced the weight and strengthen the strength of whole bodywork. Also basic equipment has now a lot of new features, such as ABS, AS+T, DSC or extra pay features including a rain sensor, GPS system, a pressure control, xenon lamps or Steptronic transmission.

Not only a bodywork, but the interior was changed. BMW 3 series comes with quite big range of the engines. You can choose from the diesel or petrol ones. The offer starts with the 77kW petrol engine and the high-end is represented by the 252 kW V6 engine used only in M3 version. Majority of engines has origin in older model E36.

In 1999 BMW had proudly presented two new modifications of E46 – a coupe and an estate. The estate is known as “Touring”. And today we presents you right this model BMW E46 Touring by Xiegen.


BMW e46 touring
It’s evident at first sight that this “estate” won’t be used for a cargo transport.

The dominant of front part is a huge bumper with three big openings used for an air-intake to the cooler. Except for this bumper, no evident changes were made here. Only nice eyebrows on the headlights were added. They have same color as the bodywork. However, the front part looks very aggressive.

A side-view is very impressive. Front and rear bumpers are extremely extended, so the car looks well-muscled. Mudguards are connected with an extension of doorsteps, so finally it has an appearance as an ascending area of the car. This view is most extravagant. The top of the milk are the chromic alloy wheels booted in low-profile tires.

Trunk doors are smooth, there is no place for a license plate now. This place is now on a muscular rear bumper with double exhaust tips.

And finally - the high-spot: LSD front doors – Lambo Style Doors. Contrary of the stock ones, these open upwards. Besides aesthetical and sporty viewpoint, it’s also very practical in the case of parking or getting aboard or out.

This car is the proof, that with the will and money an estate car can be changed to the beautiful exemplar. This estate can’t get lost in a crowd.

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