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BMW Z4 M Coupe modified by AC Schnitzer

The year 2006 is gone, but it was the year of many happenings. But we focus on the automotive scene of course. A lot of hot products were introduced – new modern luxurious limousines, sports cars, family SUV’s – everything has its own reason. A new era of industry has come and car manufacturers want to produce perfect vehicles to excel in the eyes of its customers. Some manufacturers are more successful, some less. However, everybody in the industry knows the rules and demand so they want to approach as close as possible. This knows also the Bavarian king – BMW. Its popular model Z4 has passed many changes and improvements so now there’s a brand new version called BMW Z4 Coupe. It’s the pure sporting cars, but not satisfactory for few guys. So the guys took pencils, papers, machine and handy tools and started to work on its modification. We’re talking about the German tuning company AC Schnitzer that took this BMW. Now it’s symbolically called The AC S4.


Bmw Z4 M Coupe
I think most of us heard about BMW Z4. It’s the first German roadster that surprised - a powerful engine, great handling and sporting design in combination with sporting interior. What more you can wish. But as I said before, the industry is growing rapidly so BMW has prepared something newer, more powerful and more sporting. And the result is Z4 M Coupe.

The „M“ letter means a lot if we think about BMW. The „M“ characterizes the power and design. The „M“ cars are full of adrenaline and bears sporting look. So this is also the case of today’s car. The full-blooded sports car that likes showing its sporting spirit.

Its power plant indicates that BMW is really serious. There’s a 3.2 liter V6 engine producing 343 hp (252kW) and nice 365 Nm of torque at 4900 rpm. But the powerful engine isn’t enough so other parts as improved steering, suspension are cooperating.

Thanks to this harmony it can reach 250 km/h (electronically limited) and 100 km/h is done in 5 seconds. Enough?


BMW Z4 M Coupe AC Schnitzer Tuning
Also past projects demonstrate that AC Schnitzer is good in modifying of BMW’s rides. BMW Z4 Coupe is its current next target.

AC Schnitzer hasn’t modifying the engine and focused on the visual and suspension improvements. So let’s take a closer look. Everything has begun in the front part. The bottom part of the front bumper is changed. There’s a new plastic part that has a central opening and tiny side cut-outs.

The central opening is typical with its imitation of the lines under the headlamps. It’s also filled wit a black perforated sheet that is covered with a chromed grill. So now the ride has a desired retro style. In combination with the perfectly shaped carbon diffuser reveals the real face of this sports car and its hidden design potential.

The side view of the car has been radically changed. The typical BMW symbol has been removed from front fender and replaced with the small ventilation opening covered with three chromed ribs and integrated clear blinkers.

This element matches with the lines of the front side part. They didn‘t forget about the sills that have a distinctive elongated canal that looks like a tear. The canal has a little opening in its end to supply brakes with cool air. Also little details can make difference.

Modified BMW Z4 M Coupe AC Schnitzer
Also the rear part is quite exclusive. The bumper has been changed to meet conditions of the carbon diffuser with a pair of duplex „Racing“ exhaust tips from the stainless exhaust system. Of course, the diffuser is available in more variations depending on the exhaust tips. It depends on customer. But I think that the perfect part of the bottom is the sporting wing. It starts nearby the little rear Windows and ends on the trunk. It’s perfectly extended ant that makes me blissful. Finally something new!

The guys from AC Schnitzer also took care about performance. So they’ve installed the new, more sporting suspension, special antiroll bar kit, strut braces and of course custom „Short shifter“ that guarantees even more dynamic drive and safety. Also this car can impress with big, 5-spoked rims in dimensions 9.0J x 20" in front and 10.0Jx20“ in the rear. Its tires are 245/30 R 20 and 285/25 R 20 respectively.

The interior made by AC Schnitzer can be proud of carbon finish with aluminum parts (shift knob, hand brake) and black leather (sporting seats and steering-wheel with airbag). Last but not least, foot mats with the AC Schnitzer logo, made from high quality velour, complete the range.

Pictures of BMW Z4 modified by AC Schnitzer:



What is your opinion about AC Schnitzer modification of BMW Z4 Coupé?

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