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Roadster BMW Z4 tuning by Hamann !

„Old man“ Hamann has shown himself for once again. After a conversions of that year which shocked both tuner and non-tuner public (we can mention at least Ferrari F430, Lamborghini Gallardo, BMW M5, Mini Cooper conversions, ... – you should have seen reviews as a newspapers on our web page on the majority of them) German foremen started to work on the next transformation. This time, of the transformation of a car with a blue propeller in its sign, sport BMW Z4 Roadster.

Stock model BMW Z4:

The latest model of a Z series BMW is mostly dedicated to those who like to be in touch with their surroundings. What allows it is his hood down. This BMW is sold in a nine colour versions and you can choose also from six electronical disks.

His dimensions (lenght 4091 mm, width 1781 mm and height 1299 mm) will surely pay a compliment to women who have some problems with parking. Even their shopping will be where to put – cubage 240 to 260 litres.

The gents will be interested in an engine cubage. BMW offers five types. The „smallest“ has the cubage of approximately 2 litres (output 110 kW (150 horse – power)/ 6200 rotational speed; torque 200 Nm/3750 Nm;“maximal“ 220 km/h and a „hundred“ is reached in 8,2 seconds).

His big brother is quite a different car. His dimensions are:

Type:Z4 Roadster
Volume of cylinders:3,0 liter
Number of cylinders:6
Number of valves:4
Output:195 kW at 6600 rpm
Horse power:265 ps
Torque:315 Nm at 2750 rpm
Maximal speed:250 kph
Acceleration from 0 to 100 kph:5,7 sec

A sport BMW in German Hamann version:

BMW Z4 Hamann
German foremen chose rather unbtrusive colour – „a la grey mouse“. A front bumper is entailed to a sport mask with a typical openings of BMW cars. This space is filled with chrome-plated grid which aesthetically vitalizes car´s front section.

Lower central part consists of a big induction space which is filled with soft metal. There are two oval openings at both sides of car. There were jointed fog lights by Hamann foremen to the one opening and the second one serves as opening for an air ram induction to the front disk brakes. There are scowl bases lights to add a more beauty and a sport design to a car.

There is a spoiler on the lower part of a bumper by which there is a beginning of flanging of a car´s underneath through the side sills to the back bumper. Aerodynamic sills help with the regulation of an air flow towards the opening in its back part. This opening exhausts air to the back disk brakes and this increases the safety of a driver and travelling companion by better braking of a car itself.

BMW Z4 Hamann
The position of a flash lights and a „port“ for the conduction of a warm air from the engine is pretty good solved. It is placed on the side of a car.

The car´s side as well as his bonnet is ornamented with white tickets with the red curling and with a model of a target flag in charcoal grey. The back part of BMW is apparently reworked the best, but it is up to you. The rear bumper held the similar shapes as the front part.

On the lower part there is elegant diffuser (above which there is a space for the car´s licence number) regulating the air flow behind this sport car. On the both sides there are four round endings of a tuned „duplex“ exhaust emission system.

The back trunk,as well as it is in the series, matches to the BMW bodywork´s contours. There is a pressure wing on the top of the car which covers bigger rear axle load mostly at the higher speed. We can find parking sensors on the rear bumper whose usage is surely known by all, even less able, drivers.

We do not forget to inform you about the modified car´s dimensions: Hamann chose BMW Z 4 Roadster with 3,0 litre engine but he modified it with his own conversion (Hamann HM 3) and raised the cubage to 3,3 litres. His output after conversion climb up 86,5 hp to liter what is approximately 286 hp (at 6200 rpm). The torque rate climbed up 355 Nm at 4000 rpm. BMW is able to reach 100 kph in 5 seconds. And what about the maximal speed? Its rate is 269 kph. It is good, isn´t it?

Well, do you like the way how did German tuning firm Hamann work with this „little“ roadster?

BMW Z4 Hamann tuning:



Do you like this BMW Z4 tuning by Hamann?

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