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Logo Mercedes Brabus Rocket CLS 600 – the fastest saloon in the world! Logo Mercedes

Brabus Rocket CLS 600 – the fastest saloon in the world!

Mercedes 600 CLS Tuning
The tradition has begun in 1996 with Brabus E V12 project that achieved 330 km/h. E V12 bi-turbo was the next step in evolution that reached magical 350 km/h. Last year was the main objective clear – improving the world record with the car based on Mercedes CLS. And Brabus was successful again! The result is 362.4 km/h.

But this wasn’t their last attempt of Brabus R&D.

October 2006 and Nardo circuit – this famous high-speed circuit in southern Italy become the place where the 348.000 Euro car attacks 365.7 km/h under the supervision of TÜV Süd (German technical inspection).

The Brabus Rocket is powered by the 6.3 liter V12 bi-turbo engine that fits very narrowly in the front part of the car. This 600-series engine was developed in Brabus with the aim of high performance, trouble free operation, smoothness and great feeling from its drive.

The volume of engine was extended from 5.5 liter to 6.3 liter thanks to the special crank shaft, bigger cylinders and pistons. The air intake is in both aspirations and runs into the heads of cylinders. The engine was heavily modified – massive turbo compressors, very powerful system of intercooler, forged catalyzer for low back-pressure – all of this is used in the concept of Brabus Rocket. Newly programmed electronics organize everything into the precious clockwork. This engine isn’t only extremely powerful but fulfils the conditions of Euro IV.

Brabus Mercedes Tuning
Brabus SV12 S Bi-turbo engine is available also for Mercedes CLS600 and 650 with twin-turbo V12 engines that produce 537kW (730hp) at 5100 rpm. The maximum torque is 1320 Nm, but it’s electronically limited to 1100Nm at 2300 rpm. Top speed is also limited to 350 km/h instead of possible 365.7 km/h, but it’s very nice speed for German autobahns. But these aren’t only attributes that make Brabus Rocket No.1 in its class. This four-door saloon has also one of the best acceleration times. 0-100 km/h takes only 4 seconds, 200 km/h is reached in 10.5 seconds and magical 300kmph is passed in 29,5 seconds. These numbers are as unique as Brabus.

The power is transferred to the rear wheels by the modified 5-speed automatic transmission with the Brabus lockable differential.

The engine and its whole machinery includes oils from technological partner ARAL. To handle this unbelievable potential of the fastest saloon in the world, Brabus improved all aerodynamics elements, suspension and brakes.

Final aerodynamic modifications of Brabus Rocket CLS were made after the test in wind tunnel, like in the case of all components of Brabus CLS. Bigger openings in the bumper provide optimal cool air for all coolers. But more important is to reduce lifting of the front axle and improve overall aerodynamic coefficient.

The rear part now includes so called aerodynamic counterparts like the wing and front bumper with integrated diffuser. This creates increase of pressure and perfect aerodynamic balance.

Brabus sill extensions help air flow at the sides of the car. Other feature of the extensions and bumper are integrated LED lights that can be operated by the keychain or with pressing of the doorknob. The LED lights illuminate the ground under the car and its surroundings.

Brabus Mercedes Benz CLS 600 Tuning
A brand-new chassis was created by Brabus in cooperation with Bilstein. The chassis has the newly developed a custom-calibrated height-adjustable coil-over suspension. This makes Brabus Rocket even more agile and safe. The gas-pressure shocks offer six selectable settings for bound and rebound.

Maximum stopping power has been quite unknown yet. But it’s another feature improving safety by Brabus. The Rocket astounds with the extreme dimensions of its braking system. Featuring vented ceramic brake discs in size 375 x 36 mm and 12-piston aluminum fixed calipers on the front axle. Vented and perforated steel discs in size 355 x 28 mm and 6-piston aluminum fixed calipers are mounted on the rear axle. This monumental size of the components and the enormous vehicle power necessitate the use of BRABUS Monoblock VI or 19“ light-alloy. The Brabus Rocket has 8.5Jx19 wheels in front with Yokohama 255/35 ZR 19 tires and 10Jx19 rims with Yokohama 285/30 ZR 19 tires on the rear axle.

Also the interior was slightly modified to satisfy eyes of its driver. It’s upholstered with soft leather, Alcantara and some carbon-fiber applications. An ergonomically shaped BRABUS sport steering wheel and the speedometer with 400-km/h dial is the high-spot of this beast.

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