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A conceptual racer in Chevrolet WTCC Ultra version

There is no doubt about the fact that the car competitions change the world. Almost every person has ever seen shots from the very first competitions which humankind had ever started. Old cars, the famous old-school drivers – history on the golden plate. It is clear that it had changed a lot since the past times. The cars and rules had changed, the racers had changed off... But one thing still remains the same. It is the feeling of competitivity, the feeling of an increasing adrenaline and of incalculable enjoyment of driving. It is like this. There are people in the world who are made happy by driving and they are living with the foot on the accelerator. As the humankind was developing so the technologies were developed. What is meant by this? More and more, there were coming a new more modern racing special cars. A lot of time has passed from the first Fords to the last Subaru but the development still continues and rises. The evidence is the newest concept from the world-champion in the cars WTCC races serial, the automobile factory Chevrolet with the name WTCC Ultra Concept. Let´s introduce it.


The automobile factory Chevrolet is known to every car fan. It is one of the marks which is world-known under the pseudonym American Muscles. It is enough to mention Chevrolet Camaro SS and everyone will surely know what is going on here. The establisher was the car racer Mr. Louis Chevrolet who in 1911 set up the automobile factory Chevrolet Motor Company. Chevrolet became a part of a concern GM (General Motors) already in 1918. Nowdays, Chevrolet is one of the biggest manufacturer within America. They are producing not only the utility vehicles but also the popular sport cars in a type Chevrolet Corvette.


Chevrolet WTCC Ultra Concept
It is not news that Chevrolet is doing well in the WTCC races. It is about to introduce something in Paris with what it would like to smash. And without the compromises. It is the first new car, it could be said a concept, which could indicate the direction to new racing cars, minimally to the racing Chevrolet cars. The blue hatchback (paintwork „Stealth Blue“ in a combination with black colour) in a style of a cars from the WTCC cars championship is the newest product of this automobile factory. Let´s take up with Chevrolet WTCC Ultra.

The sketch designer is only 25-year-old Ewan Kingsbury whose the main task was to design something what would not only looked perfectly but also what could be of use just in these races. Simplier said, something what hides in itself attributes like aggressive, muscular and scenic.

Thus the new racing car was alive. It sounds simply, doesn´t it? If a person fix his eyes on it, he can find out that it is really a delicacy. The jewel of design with a considerable amount of aggressiveness and mostly dynamics, with the look of a constant movement, does not leave anybody in doubt.


Chevrolet WTTC Concept
The massive front part with a huge openings for the cool air induction to the engine´s parts, elongated headlights, big carbonic difusor, the stylish metal as a openings filler, pulled out fender aprons – these all are certain features of this design beast. And we are still not talking about the rest of the car.
Eleganter designed side part will not surely disappoint a fan of racing cars. What is characteristic for the side part are the openings in the front bumpers which task is to dissipate the warm air from the front disks, the drop-type windows, driving mirrors á la F1, carbonic side sills respectivelly difusors. Just the perfect design conformity and determination to create the extreme shining car.
The back part surely can not be forgotten to mention in which there si a huge sliding carbonic wing, carbonic difusor with a pair of exhausts placed in the middle, diode headlights and many other things. But it would take a lot of time to look all its details so there is only one thing possible – to look on it by yourselves.
This car belongs to the middle-sized cars with its dimensions – length 4300 mm, width 1900 mm and heigth 1600 mm what insure the minimal mass of car at a good stability. The appearance is complemented by 20 inches wheels booted in low-profile tyre.


Chevrolet WTTC Concept
According to the pictures we can deduce that designers was inspired by the film Batman where, beside the main character, played also the car Batmobil. The indoor is literally overstocked by carbonic features in a combination with the ones made of the dull metal and aluminium. There is also not missing the roll cage and aggressive sport seats made of the carbon. These seats should be stressed because of its extra shaping. It is really crazy but in the best sense. The interesting fact is that there is no alarm clock. All the necessary equipment is in the sport steering-wheel. We are talking about the driving position, speed counter and tachometer, water and oil temperature, gasoline and oil level. All necessary things are under the your thumbs.


Chevrolet WTCC Ultra Concept Car
Many people should be very pleasantly surprised by the indoor of this car. And many people will be interested in the drive unit. There is hidden a two-litres 16-valves turbodiesel with the common-rail injection and with the output 190 hp (139kW) under the bonnet. Were you surprised by the word diesel? The automobile factories slowly find out the advantages of the diesel engines also on the circuits and thus they managed to implant it by their new special one (see the automobile factory Audi and its R 10 Le Mans). The Chevrolet WTCC Ultra concept is, till now, the most global project of General Motors. It is interesting on how many roads was this car built. It was designed in Australia, the development alone was in progress in Germany, Switzerland and Great Britain, the engine comes from the South Korea and the car was physically made in Japan. Nice, don´t you think?

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