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Citroen Tuning Citroen C2 Tuning in multimedia rage by SQ PLUS! Citroen Tuning

Citroen C2 Tuning in multimedia rage by SQ PLUS!

We used to see that tuning companies choose their targets for modifications, but in case of this alien it’s vice versa. A French manufacturer Citroen ordered to make a showcar from its tiny Citroen C2 (just 3666mm long) model.


This vehicle is especially suitable for ladies. The C2 is a smaller sister of bigger and popular C3. But it has sharper shapes, so it looks stylish and sporting. We can choose from four engines – 1.1i (44kW@5000rpm), 1.4i (54kW@5400rpm), 1.6i Sensodrive (80kW@5750rpm) and one diesel 1.4HDi (50kW@4000rpm). The strongest version can accelerate to 100kmph in 10.9 seconds and „fly“ at 195kmph. It’s not very good choice for family, because 166 liters of trunk. So you need to fold rear seats (increase to 224 liters) and leave your mother-in-law at home?. Of course this car has ESP, ASR and ABS systems that provide great safety also with tough chassis. We can say that the C2 is tuned also in the stock (leather steering-wheel, chromed pedals, shift knob and exhaust tip), but the job did by SQ Plus transformed this tiny compact to something unbelievable.


Citroen C2 Tuning
As we said before, Citroen bet on experience of British SQ Plus that built Alien Citroen C2 in 6 months. You notice special paintworks at first sight. The silver paintwork with airbrush by Darren Horton cost 15.000 pounds. The front bumper is stock; there’s a place for license plate in the center and Powerflow rounded exhaust tip on its sides.

In the lower part you can see exhaust mufflers between fog lamps. The rear bumper and side sills match with the rest of alien style. Xenon headlamps will illuminate every monster in its sight (a mother-in-law too). There are no mirrors and doorknobs – usual tuning move. Stock 16“ rims were replaced with 20“ Toyo rims with low-profile tires and Mr. Chilli’s pneumatic suspension decreasing the Alien’s height.

The wheels replacement caused that fenders needed to be extremely extended. There’s a new wing on the rear window, so the car is now visually longer. Almost whole interior is covered with laminated parts so now it looks like a spaceship. Replacement of transmission allowed removing a central console behind the knob. Its seating capacity was decreased to driver only so the audio tunnel is now bigger.

The tunnel includes three powerful amplifiers and four Alpine subwoofers and behind the front seat you can discover a canister full of N20 gas. The interior is full of powerful speakers; some of them are placed also in the seats too. The dashboard includes five large LCDs that show what’s behind the car and also parameters of audio. And don’t forget that whole car is illuminated with blue neon tubes.

Summary: This disco machine can produce 15.780 Watts of music power thanks to 20 speakers, 8 subwoofers and 11 amplifiers. And how many this big speaker costs? Its creators think that is worth 108,000 pounds. Quite nice price, don’t you think? :D

Citroen C2 Tuning



Wallpaper Citroen C2 Alien Tuning



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