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Citroen Cross Cruiser - the next winner of the Dakar rallye?

citroen cruise crosser
In 1922, Andre Citroen organized the first motorized expedition through the deserts of Sahara. Five half-tracked vehicles left Algeria to West Africa with a great success. All five vehicles returned safely and unhurt. Next years were full of similar expeditions to Africa and Asia, where the Citroen vehicles proved their qualities and robust technology.

An honor for the founder of the car company and also a member of long expeditions is a concept called Citroën Cruise Crosser. The model with three axles is a common product of the design center Citroen and the school of design Franco Sbarra. The concept is inspired by the first SUV of the manufacturer – Citroen C-Crosser. This model was first time introduced in Geneva. Its production is planned in the end of this year.

The model with six Wheels provides excellent handling and traction properties on every surface in this world. This model is a visualization of the expedition vehicle for adventure trips. Maybe it looks gigantic, but don’t count with some heavy engine producing enormous pollution:.

Cruise Crosser is environment-friendly. Its hybrid power drive consists of a traditional diesel engine mounted at the back under the floor and electromotor. The third axle is connected to this electromotor and it’s possible to sue this engine in the „silent“ mode when the diesel aggregate is turned off. And that means zero emissions.

citroen cruise crosser
The car wears very attractive orange color that attracts everyone around. Both sides of the vehicle include two red compass-like badges carrying the philosophy of its vulnerability. Many different colors are used also in its interiors, on leather seats in two rows, dashboard and door panels.

Big Cruise has plenty of space to another row of the seats for two passengers. This is of course detachable and without the seats there’s a really big trunk. A design, construction and shape of the rear doors make loading and unloading easier. The rear part has also special anti- sand protections that can rescue the vehicle from any critical situation.

On the sides we can also see little stairs to facilitate jump in. The passengers can enjoy air-conditioning, satellite navigation and DVD player during the demanding expeditions all over the world. Cruise offers also one gimmick used in the 80’s by the famous Czechoslovakian Tatras on the Paris-Dakar rallies. There are boards that can be attached to the rear wheels and help if the car stuck in deep sand.

So what you think? I think the Paris-Dakar should be some good experience for the Cruise by Citroen. And then we can see what this hybrid can really do.

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