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Logo Holden Concept car Holden Efijy - an Australian classic in an American retro style Logo Holden

Concept car Holden Efijy - an Australian classic in an American retro style

What fans of classic cars will imagine, if they hear ´70 -´74 Dodge, ´67 Camaro, ´67 Chevelle or ´68 El Camino? Surely it will be „American muscles“. The cars that had a great performance under the hood, fuel economy like a little jet and fascinating design. These are everlasting cars, evergreens forever. This is also the case of FJ Holden from 1953. More than 50 years later, Holden proudly presents its successor called Holden Efijy Concept. Let’s take a closer look at this guy.

Hot rod from Australia

Australia is the land of kangaroos, modern citizens and beautiful nature. FJ Holden was born right there in 1953. It was a classical family car of that era. Under the hood, it had the 2.15 liter V6 engine that cooperated with the 3-speed manual transmission. Totally 169 969 cars were produced so that‘s really a nice number. This “old school“ could be bought for 2000$. There were more models to choose like a standard saloon, business saloon or van. It’s noticeable that this car has similar lines like American cars from that era. However, this car didn’t fall into oblivion.

Pictures of FJ Holden from 1953:


It’s evident that this car was very popular, how else be its successor Holden Efijy presented at Sydney International Motor Show?

Holden Efijy. This Australian car has features of right American hot rod. Who is behind this? His name is Richard Ferlazzo, who has been thinking about this idea since 1989. And he has known very well what he wants to do.

Design sketches of Holden Efijy:


Exterior of Holden Efijy concept

The 50’s in USA was about round shapes and it’s visible also on Efijy. The look at this 5.2 meters long monster is fascinating. The body work is unbelievable long both on the front and rear part. You need to regard that this is a concept and it was built from the roots. FJ Holden was only an inspiration. Efijy has great, massive mudguards that evoke the lines from the 50’s. The mudguards protect big 20“ (front) and 22“ (rear) chromed rims.

The style of Windows (3 main and one little in the rear) copies hot-rods from the 30’s. Of course, Efijy’s Windows look like a teardrop, in the same way as the whole car. The front part is very retro. The majestic front grill is full chromed with huge fins in its center. A cool air flows through the front grill to the cooler.

A very nice and proud symbol of FJ Holden is placed over the grill. Also the hood has some typical retro features that make this car so unique. Whole hood has a gradually extending central part that is connected with the rest of the body work.

Desingers working on Holden Efijy concept car:


Doorknobs have disappeared, but I think that original chromed ones should be better. The doors have stylish elongated wing mirrors. The rear part looks like Batmobile. The classic stop light on the chromed holder sticking out from the trunk. Under the handle you can see the name of car. The heelpiece consists of three pointed parts – 2 of them are the real retro mudguards. The central part has the chromed opening used as an exhaust tip. Holden Efijy is also high-tech. It uses ultramodern high intensity headlamps with LED technology (two additional coolers are required) with the “Angel-eyes“ effect well known from BMWs. Also backup lights are very interesting with their LED technology. The suspension is pneumatic, so it’s possible to adjust the height. Holden designers used beautiful “Soprano Purple“ color as a paintwork.

Pictures of Holden Efijy concept car:



The interior of Holden Efijy concept car:

The feeling of the 50’s is also noticeable inside. Despite of Efiiy is inspired by the car from 50’s, its technical features are superb. The equipment is modern; however it doesn’t look like a spaceship cockpit. It has a touch-sense, LCD display that serves also as a GPS system.

Forget about a key in an ignition. Efijy starts with a button like Ferrari Enzo. The interior analogous to the exterior is full chrome and it‘s covered with a fair leather. This is the real retro style!

Wallpaper of "Holden Efijy Concept" car:



Performance of Holden Efijy concept

You need some power to move this beauty. We know that’s the Australian hot rod with an American spirit so its engine should be monumental as the whole car. And it is. Under the hood we can find the GM 6.0-litre, LS2 aluminum V8 with Roots-type supercharger engine. The maximum output is 645 hp (480kW) at 6400rpm! The gears are transmitted by the 4-speed electronic automatic transmission by GM. That’s a big bang! The whole engine is chromed and it’s interesting that the chassis came from Chevrolet Corvette.

So what do you think? I think it’s a great piece with something inside that commemorate te era of our American fathers and grandfathers. This car is a fusion of history and today‘s world. It’s sad that we won’t see it on the roads, because it’s a concept, the concept that won’t be stock produced. So this is Holden Efijy – an Australian hot-rod with an American blood.

What is your opinion about concept car Holden Ejify?

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