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Logo Dodge The heart-breaking beast – Dodge Charger, year 1969 ! Logo Dodge

The heart-breaking beast – Dodge Charger, year 1969 !

We are constantly in a contact with the news from the motorism area, whether it is something about concepts or even from tuning. People are growing up on cars as well as the lion is grown up on the killing to survive. From the first four-wheeled vehicles the humankind began to think about the possible improvments, modifications. Step by step, the moto-world came to the usage of the most modern technologies and features. It is not accidentally seen the propagations of the most diverse cars in the type of perfectly sound–proof indoor, the high output – low consumption, the most luxury features and so on. Every single person knows what are the European and Asians cars about, what do they offer and how are the possibilities for usage. For example, the famous and between the tuners popular VW Golf, „sloe-eyed“ Toyota Supra or even Mitsubishi EVO. But only a few people is interested in the „fathers“ of all today cars. To be more concrete, let´s move to America, to the country of the roaring noise of engines, the huge eaters of petrol and a big bodyman ships. This is the theme about what this article will be about. But not quite about this country but rather about her jewel. We are introducing an american classic – Dodge Charger 1969 to you !


Probably many of you is asking a question, why this article? The answer is easy: because this car is worth of it! Yes, you heared well. We everyday bring news from the tuning area to our internet portal, new concept models, the cars modified by you and so on. But few tuners from us is interested in the old, classical cars when our fathers and grand-fathers saved up every hardly earned penny to have the possibility to buy some accessible car for that age. It is much more nicer, if we get to know that a certain person is a collector and is interested in the old cars. It is really good, that it is possible to find this people because this is also the possibility how to pay honours to the car fathers as for example Mr. Henry Ford, Dodges brothers, Mr. Carroll Shelby, and the others.

And just this article is about Dodge. This car, together with the others, is the icon of american automobile factory. It is just the same symbol as our national flag with the symbol of our state. In the present time, it is possible to find only few of these who would stop for a while over these legendary pieces. Many people do not know that just these cars set the base for the todays cars. Their engines, their designes were to that time something exceptional. They were and still they are cars which remain in hearts of those who pay honours and admire them. This article will be a nice revival and memory for them. For the readers who are not interested in these cars, this article will be just „the next“ NEWS on our portal.


The american automobile factory Dodge belongs together with Chrysler and Jeep to the so called „Chrysler Group“ which is under DaimlerChrysler petronage.

This all began around the year 1900 in Michigane (USA), when two brothers – John Dodge and Horace Dodge wanted to change the automobile industry. From the cycle producing they finished at cars. After a short time they took a Henry Ford´s attention and he was a supporter of their thoughts. They worked hand in hand with him for over 12 years. There were made Fords which have inwards of Dodge. The first car of a firm Dodge Brothers, Inc. was a car „Dodge Old Betsy“. It was in 1914 and in the same year it was made 246 pieces of a car Dodge. In the year 1928 brothers Dodge, respectively firm Dodge Brothers, Inc. came under the protection of Chrysler. The next automobile whopper. From this time it was with Dodge better and better. They began with the name „WWII Power Wagon“, where more or less they headed for the requests of the war. Later it was the first 140 hp car „Red Ram“ Hemi with the engine V8. It was written a year 1953.

Dodge was considered as the manufacturor of so called „American Muscle Cars“ in 60ties and 70ties when he began produce cars intended for race Daytona (Dodge Charger Daytona). It is enough to mention 70´- 71´Dodge Charger and it is clear about what power we are talking about! In 80ties they came back to the classic road and „more moderate“ cars. It was, for example, Dodge 400 or Chrysler LeBaron.

From the year 1990 Dodge came back to those „muscular“ cars. As first example was classic and still living Dodge Viper. It was followed by Dodge Ram Pickup, Dodge Dakota and Dodge Durango. The latest is a model 2006 – Dodge Charger.

Photogallery of American muscle-cars:




Dodge Viper Shelby Cobra
What does come to the mind of motorist when he hears a word Dodge? Surely, the first thing would be an american power and with it would be connected Dodge Viper. The first big super-sport car which satisfied every social sphere. The automobile factory Dodge is famous for its flexibility and preciseness. What do I have on my mind? Dodge is able to adapt to the each new request of the market. Whether it is a full-valued pickup or an extreme efficient custom car, Dodge is at yours disposal. In addition, this american jewel is a specialist for the output. Their cars exceled all expectations as well as the others automobile factories and their cars. Some pieces are worth to be mentioned as for example Dodge Challanger, Dodge Charger, Pontiac Firebird, Shelby Mustang, Shelby Cobra, Chevrolet Camaro Z-28, Chevy Cuda, Chevelle Malibu SS, and so on.

It is just enough to spot some of the cars and your heart begin to shake. Those huge bodyworks, the enormous amount of chrome, racing chromic disks, just the design delicacy. The biggest „heart-beater“ is hidden under the bonnet. It will wake up when you turn the key. The noise of these cars is something divine. It is something what can turn you to cry and at the same time it is able to evoke an admiration over the handiness of the old machanists. None electricity, none sound absorbency, just the live undisturbing sound of power!

The extreme noise of such an output hidden under the bonnet right in front of you. The cars which make all the fans of old-school cars love them. It is American Muscle Cars!

This article is devoted to the car which is a unique example of its power, design and character. It is one of the most efficient cars of the world. You should remember, that it is almost a 40-years-old car. It ingradieted also myself with all these features. I introduce Dodge Charger ´69 to you.

As it is usual, every car has its successor as well as its predecessor. It was not different either in this case.


All this serial started a turn of years 1966 and 1967, when it was introduced the first Dodge Charger. The round and elongated linies, bodyworked derived from Dodge Coronet. This was the time when the era of typical front Charger mask has begun (dark sight). The series mounted 8-cylidres 5.2 litres which drived this car by the power of 230 hp at 4400 rpm. It is necessary to take into account that is was driven by the back axle (as well as all Dodge cars) with the help of 3-speed manual gearbox. Later came the first upgrade of this car but only in the engine part. It dealed with more efficient engines. The customer would choose from 361 V8 (5.9 litres, 265 hp), 383 V8 (6.3 litres, 325 hp) or massive 426 Street Hemi (7.0 litres, with the ostensible output 425 hp). It reaches a 100 km/h with the HEMI engine at 6.4s and maximal speed is 200km/h. So what would you say about that? Just think of the fact, that it was only the first Charger and it would already defeat today sport cars. These cars are so exceptional just for this engine feature.

Dodge Charger 69
Charger has not changed for the model year 1967 but the engine offer was extended of a new R/T (Road and Track) version. This was given a new engine 440 Magnum V8 with the cubage 7.2 litres which offered an output 375 hp. Charger´s R/T 400 output was nearly the same as it was in the version with the engine Hemi.

Despite it, the engine 383 V8 was reworked to 383 Magnum V8 with the output 335 hp (increase in 10 hp) and the engine 361 V8 was deleted from the offer. The same gearbox was delivered henceforth as it was in 1966. Quite large changes if we take into cosideration that it is only the second year from the beginning of a Charger´s pilgrimage.

The important year 1968 came together with the moderately modified Dodge Charger. The best one from Chargers was the version R/T (Road and Track) which combined really sport character with the perfect american style which was not missing between American Muscle Cars. This car was considered as the most beautiful car of 60-ties.

Just in this case, Dodge reached for the famous „Coke Bottle“ bodyworked style which was quite wide-spread shape of american cars.

The series R/T had the engine 440 Magnum V8 (7.2 litres, V8, 375 hp), 3-speed automatic gearbox or 4-speed manual gearbox, dual exhaust, intensive wheel suspension, dashboard „Rallye“ and the tyres F70x14. The engine 426 Hemi was delivered by customer request and the car was accelerated by it from 0 to 100km/h at 5.3s!

The year 1969 followed, but we will discuss it later because this is the task of this article. It is a year 1970. In this time Dodge had returned to the initial not devided mask from the series beginning and the shape of bodywork was still very similar. As to the engine offer, it was quite large because it consists of 7 engines, to begin with 318 V8 (5.2, 230 HP) and to end with 500 with which this car reached 100 km/h at unbelievable 5.5s.

Dodge Charger
The year 1971 was in turn, it was referred to as the beginning of the end of Muscle Cars era. ´71 Charger was already not what it was at the beginning.

It had fallen from the „Coke Bottle“ style, also the massiveness of bodywork had fallen off and the mask was inspired by Pontiac, engine was losting its output, concretelly it was 5 hp at engines 440 (final 370HP) and 440 Six Pack (final 385HP).

The time of automatization was slowly comining, the magic of american classic was disappearing and at the same time it was the last year of the HEMI 426 engine because it did not no more satisfy the exhaust emission regulations.

The strongest mounted engine to this model was HEMI 426 V8 – just mentioned, with the output 425 hp.

Dodge Charger
The year 1972 was a severe one of stubborn performance maniacs. The strict emission regulations become effective and thus, it was engines turn. It was not longer those Muscle Cars in that sense as it was at the beginning. After the HEMI engine finishing, the engine 440 Six Pack became the strongest offered engine. Although his top performace 385HP should have been throttled down to 330HP. The journey of 383 V8 engine was finished with the performance of 335 HP and his place was taken by the new 400 V8 with the performance 255 HP.
1973 and 1974 were quite the same. They were marked by slight cosmetic modification in the front and in the back. The cars disposed by 440 V8 engine with the performance 275HP. Unfortunatelly, a year 1974 was the last year of muscle Dodge Chargers. From 1975 it was cars centred on the luxury also because of the changing requirements of people and life style.

You have certainly notice that a word HEMI was several times mentioned here. It is a common marking for a strong and very strong, respectivelly efficient engines. The first HEMI engine was 6-cylinder mounted to Jaguar. The designer was Harry Westlake. In 1951, Chrysler began to mount its first 180 hp HEMI V8 engines to some of its cars.On that time, it was an enormous power and unknown news.

The principle of HEMI engines is in the fact that the combustion chamber over the piston is in the shape of a hemisphere, so called „hemispherical heads“. The ignition plug is localized on the top of the chamber and so pistons open the oposite sides of a chamber. The result is a heavy performance.

It is plain enough that Charger passed not long but really intensive developmental way when it serves people without having in doubts anybody about its good manners.

Technical section of HEMI engine:



1969 DODGE CHARGER – a dream which goes beyond all dreams

Dukes of Hazzard
We are getting to the core of our article and it s Dodge Charger ´69. A nice central point in the development of this jewel. It is a shard for somebody, but for somebody else it is a car of his youth. By any means, this car has respectable piece of journey behind.

This car, doubtless, is a symbol of America and her inhabitants is aware of this. It is not an accident that it is possible to see this car rebuilt in full amoutn. It is enough to see the document with the title “2 Fast 2 Real for Hollywood Real Street Racing“ or films Blade and “Dukes of Hazzard“ and it is clear about what is going on. The motorsport difference between America and Europe can be very well seen just on these cars. In the time of Dodge Charger manufacturing, for example Volkswagen cars was made, what as to the performance and as to the visual point of view is not possible to compare. Actually, it cannot be compared at all. Although it is truth that European people was aware of the American “oppression“ and on the impluse of this, a few pieces slightly using the features of American Muscle was created. It is, for example Ford Capri (German subsidiary of automobile factory Ford), years like 1970- 1974 and 1974 Fiat 128 Sport Coupe. 1969 Dodge Charger went from its a year younger brother and mostly from the mask and the total bodywork style.

Incovertible massive design, a lot of metal plate, the sharp and angled lines, these all are reliable features of this American heavy-weight master.


Dodge Charger
The most characteristical feature of this classic is its front mask. It creates a coherent unit along the whole front part and in the middle is efectivelly parted with cross rail.

Do you asking where the lights are situated? The question is a really good one because many of us do not know it. But after a longer searching we can find out that lights, concretelly two pairs, are hidden under the pair of cross rails on the edge of the mask. They are activeted either manually, taking cross rails off or electronically. Under the massive mask there is elongated bumper.

In the front part from beneath, there is a pair of a round lights. Perhaps it is not necessary to say that all metal parts as mask, bumper, windows edges and so on are chromic ones. The next reliable feature which shows that it is an American Muscles. Just a sight of the front bonnet arouses a respect in us.

This type of a massive front part does have none car and not just the modern one. Even it is not possible to see yourself because of its dimensions. What does it hide is nothing small. The front bonnet consists of imitation of a pair of bonnet upcasts like as the front doors, actually, the only one doors (subcompact, four and five-place coupe).

Dodge Charger
The careful eye will surely notice that bumpers got the ferocious chromic edges. The eye also does not miss the fact that the rear mirror, of course chromic one, is placed only on side of front-seat passanger similarly as it was on the Skoda cars. Almost nobody will miss the door´s muscularity in combination with the chromic complements. What is beautiful about this car is when you look on it from the side, slightly from the top, in these cases it is nicely visible fluency of transfer from the side of the car to its back part. Gentle and at the same time predacious lines which are carried under the back side mirrors over the back fender, finishing at the back lights. It is something unbelievable. To joint so extreme impression of power and a the same time elegance.

Back part of this jewel is nothing less interesting. You can immediatelly find out the stylish old-school elongated back lights border by chrome. The back bonnet is not a chit. After the opening, you can have a sight on the quite big luggage compartment which would shame a majority of todays cars. We cannot miss elongated chromic bumper and what is more beautiful, pair of chromic exhaust endings. Those were mounted from the year ´68 because of more efficient 440 Magnum engine. The stylish feature is the cover reservoir opening which is placed on the top of the left back fender.

The whole design of this car is exceptional. Only one word can catch what a person sees in front of him – muscularity. The huge bodywork built almost from the one unit, metal, chrome, this is it what America was growing on and we can only envy this.


Indoor of this car is an unique one. Of course, for somebody it is just the mass of chaos gathered but somebody looks at it as on the years of development from which a new car was created. Everywhere where you can see there is a leather together with the combination of wood. The chromic edges which border an enormous number of alarm-clock, the massive seats, at the back in the one unit, the stylish double old-school driving-wheel, chromic complements, just the sense for style on the one place. It is vain to write about indoor, it is necessary to see it. The words are weak.

Gallery of Dodge Charger ´69 interior:




Dodge Charger
We are getting to the most important part of this classic, the performance one. The automobile factory Dodge in times of manufacturing of this car, in the year 1969, offered to its customers the choice in choosing from five types of auto features. It was a classic Charger, R/T, R/T SE, 500 and Daytone. Yes, you see right, Dodge produced this model also for the racing of Dayton. From the classic Charger, it was different in the huge back wing and additive peaked „nose“ with hinged lights. It was because of aerodynamics which was tested in wind-tunel.

The driving fuel, or engines to this car was really captivating and it was from what to choose. At the beginnig of the „row“ there was a „chit“ 225 Slant Six (3.7 litres, 145HP), it continues with 318 V8 engine (5.2 litres, 230HP), 383 V8 (6.8 litres, 290HP), 383 Magnum V8 (6.3 litres, 335HP), 440 Magnum (7.2 litres, 375 HP – the standard engine for R/T and Dayton), a new 440 Six Pack (7.2 litres, 390HP) and finishin with a „bull“ 426 Hemi (7.0 litres, 425 HP). The last named engine the fun was garanted. Of course, the drive was in charge of the back wheels which was controlled by 3-speed automatic gearbox or 4-speed manual gearbox. It is just the hear-breaker. The car was carried on the series chromic disks with dimensions 225/70 14.

Dodge Charger
And the end of this article is close. What to say at the end? Just a few nice words. 1969 Dodge Charger is able to acquire anybody by its ability to show its style. It is interested by its performance, design and its whole presentation. The moment of overspeeding of a key is a very strong emotive experience. Listening to that extreme noise of so many horses under the bonnet.

Doubtlessly, it would defeat a lot of todays cars by its engine. I remember one moment from the film “Dukes Of Hazzard“, where Bo and Luke Dukes was driven together with two ladies through the streets of a town. When Bo found out that Luke had slept with his „girlfriend“, just, well, I am not going to write about it here. Who has seen the film, knows.

Brothers Dodge´s, thak you!

Photogallery of 1969 Dodge Charger:



Perfect sound of Dodge Charger's engine (mp3):

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Wallpaper of Dodge Charger 1969:



What is your opinion about DODGE CHARGER '69?

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