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logo Abstraction of on-coming pick-ups at arm’s length –Dodge Rampage Concept!!! logo

Abstraction of on-coming pick-ups at arm’s length –Dodge Rampage Concept!!!

Each of us maybe knows a word “concept”. Still on the paper, mostly the real cars, literally crammed with state-of-the-art technologies, dressed in the most splendid design. Almost every Car Company has its agent in the look of some concept nowadays. Whether we are talking about the fastest sketch, a legend dressed in the new clothes or about “of-road formula”, they have one thing in common – the design. Concepts are masterpieces in the design world. In addition, they are equipped with the most up to date performance side, which is different by any news. There have already been launched concepts from the Car Companies like Volvo, Audi or Mitsubishi. And what do you say, if we present something new, something what is so nonpareil among us. I mean something what is from overseas. Maybe it is enough to mention a word combination “American Muscles” and a fan of these cars would be excited at once. We are talking about American Car Company Dodge and their latest concept Rampage Concept!


It all began in 1900 in Michigan, when two brothers – John and Horace Dodge wanted to change the car industry. They began with production of bikes and ended by production of cars. After some little time Henry Ford took notice of them and he was a supporter of their ideas. They had cooperated for more than 12 years. There had been produced Fords with bowels of Dodge. The first car of Dodge Brothers Company Inc. was the car named “Old Betsy”. This happened in 1914 and in the same year 246 Dodge cars had been produced. Dodge brothers, namely their company Dodge brothers were incorporated to Chrysler in 1928. This was another car whopper. From that moment it was better and better for the Dodge. They began with the car named “WWII Power Wagon”, and they more or less met the requirements of the war. Later it was the first 140 horsepower car named “Red Ram” Hemi with V8 engine. It was in 1953. In 60’s and 70’s Dodge was already considered to be the producer of so called “American Muscle Cars”, when the cars assigned for Dayton enterprise (Dodge Charger of Dayton) were firstly produced. It is enough to mention 70’-71’ Dodge Charger and it is immediately clear, how great power we are talking about! In 80’s they returned again to production of classical of-road and more conservative cars. It was for example Dodge 400 or Chrysler LeBaron. Dodge has returned to those “muscular” cars again since 1990. The first launched car was a classical and always alive Dodge Viper. Dodge Ram Pickup, Dodge Dakota and Dodge Durango followed him.

The American Car Company Dodge together with marques Chrysler and Jeep belongs to so called “Chrysler Group”, which is under the sponsorship of the Daimler Chrysler.

In this article we shelve sporty cars of this Car Company and we will rather fade at household cars from this stable.


Dodge is above all famous for its powerful cars, either from the past or from these days. It applies to cars like 1969 Dodge Charger, 1994/2003 Dodge Viper or 1970 Dodge Challenger. But many people who admire first of all these cars forget on the fact that Dodge is famous also for the production of household cars, to be more concrete of pick-ups. It applies to cars like 1997 Dodge Durango, 1976 Dodge Adventurer, 2002 Dodge Dakota and 1995/2005 Dodge RAM. Cars efficient enough, spacious and so popular, that they have become popular also abroad.

But what will happen, if so popular Car Company joins elements of the old school with modern technologies. Thanks to that fact something exceptional will come into being, something what will be useful in large families, which have a tendency to transport a great cargo. To be more concrete, we will get a hybrid of pick-up and MPV (Multi Purpose Vehicles), Dodge Rampage Concept.

Dodge Rampage
Dodge cars are characterized by attributes like power, capaciousness and style. These are exactly the elements which we can find on the new Dodge Rampage Concept. It reminds us of Dodge Ram by its width and Dodge Dakota by its overall length.

At first sight is clear, that we talk about decent “monster” as far as the size is concerned. It is characterized by its huge front part as well as it is typical of older pick-ups of this Car Company.

The enormous mask of cooler all in chrome connected with large front pure headlamps and huge front bumper, this is typical of Dodge cars. All openings are filled with grey lattice. High clearance height for its advantage is an unmistakable symbol of such cars.

This applies also to the distance between the front bumper and the ground, which is relatively big in this case. It is connected by their utilization also in the landscape. What is more, on the front hood there is also an opening allowing cold air flow into the engine and it is also covered by grey metal. This is a nice example of the fact that there are not only futuristic elements on this car, but also real sporty elements.

It is a gospel truth, that robustness of the front part is imposing in the case of this car and that designers showed their qualities right in the beginning.

Dodge Rampage Concept 2006:



Dodge Rampage
Fluency of the bodywork spreads from the front part to the sides of the car, where could be found the eye-catching flowing doors. Designers didn’t take a gamble only on the ravine and power of this pick-up, but they were anxious to give it a bit of delicacy. This was done at the sides of the car. The Rampage is five-foot, four-door pick-up. There is nothing strange about it till the moment, when we try to open its rear doors. Developers of this concept were particular about the comfort of the passengers and therefore the rear doors are opened or moved read backward. Add also absence of the B-pillar and we have a perfect view into the whole cabin. When opening the doors special handy steps will eject from the side skirts to make it easy to get on or get off. In the lower part of the side skirts we can notice two chrome openings, which serve as the exhaust system endings, but they are in a little bit more modern design. The curves of the side part of the car are designed with accuracy. One glance is enough to understand what we are talking about.

Each of us knows how a classical pickup looks like. Add some modern technologies, ravening black color, chrome and Dodge emblem and you will get a Dodge Rampage Concept as a result. To be more proper, you will get its rear part. It is characterized by its back up lights with LED technology and the rear wall enclosing the freight hold. It could be used as a drive-up ramp, for example, for a small bike.

Another clever element of designers how to make life easier. Tilting wall separating a cabin from freight hold is the next nice element to solve the problem of long things transporting. A large chrome Dodge emblem on the rear hood is the last exterior change of this design adventure.

Performance side of this concept is also imposing. We are accustomed to roundly powerful machinery by the cars of this Car Company. Nothing has been changed in the case of this “monster”. This car is powered by 5.7-liter V8 HEMI engine with MDS technology and with output of 345 hp. 5-speed automatic transmission takes car of comfortable shifting. The car has 22-ich aluminium wheels mounted into Good Year tires with dimensions 305/50 R 22. And what do you say on it now? Designers were particular not only about the design, but also about the output of this pickup.

Dodge Rampage
Craftsmanship of the designers showed itself also in the interior. At first glance astonishes a colored design in combination with applied material. It applies to red-black-grey combination of leather, chamois and plastic in combination with many chrome accessories as for example part of the steering wheel, center stack, instrument board, side of the seats etc.

We will feel the presence of modern technologies right after sitting on the driver’s place. We can see a modern instrumental board before us, but designed in old-school retro style. Speed counter as well as fuel counter are analogous, but tachometer is digital. Nice red indicators are put into clear crystal glass. The main element of the central panel is huge LCD display with luminous green color with a tint of blue. It works as an indicator of navigation system as well as of DVD system.

There are many control elements enlightened by beautiful cyan blue color under it. There is a place for five passengers in the cabin, who sit on two-piece seats, which could be tilted in the rate of 60/40 and they could be folded into the floor.

We are talking about the first use of Dodge’s popular and innovative Stow 'n Go Seating and Storage Unit in a pickup truck. The front passenger seat could be folded into the floor as well, what is also a total innovation.

This car could be better understood by eyes than by words. As said the vice-president, designer of the Chrysler group: “Dodge Rampage Concept represents a new vision of American pick-ups for active people, who will drive it.”

Dodge Rampage Concept Wallpaper:



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