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logo For suicides – DODGE TOMAHAWK with acceleration to a „hundred“ in 2,5 s logo

For suicides – DODGE TOMAHAWK with acceleration to a „hundred“ in 2,5 s

Do you want to be the King of the Road? Get DODGE TOMAHAWK with performance of 500 horsepower and maximum speed at about 490 kph!!!

Dodge Tomahawk - car or bike?

Dodge Tomahawk
The wheels of modern times are whirling today, grinding sentiment and weak ones. Policemen like to show black or white opinions, publish unambiguous announcements, not likely admitting compromise. Arrogance and position of power are common models of behaviour. That goes above all for the other side of Atlantic ocean. Americans are straight and they like to be completely clear in things. In communication, in art but also in the car industry. Besides they like to amaze but even more likely are being amazed.

Right American rides a 6 metres long limousine with 8-litre V10 engine. And when he does not ride it, he dreams of it. Or he is looking for something to be stunned of in nearest future. Producers are aware of this and they are trying their best to attract potential customers. A monster decorated with the well-known mark is far the best choice to do this. So DODGE TOMAHAWK origined.
It is hard to say what it is. It is most similar to a motorcycle, but it has four wheels, so we decided to put it into cars. As every object predicted to be on evening news has also this one many superlatives.

If you want to look at this “courser”, visit this gallery:



We have the honour with weird silver monster, which seems to be, and also is, covered with a huge engine with installed wheels. Steak between two “bread pieces” of wheels is a monstrous 8,3-litre 10V engine from Dodge Viper, which grinds tires on thick American asphalt with 500 horsepower. Comfort and pilot’s passive safety (the word driver is in this link inappropriate) were sacrificed to pure functionality and electrifying performance.

300 miles per hour

Dodge Tomahawk
If you ever ride this grandiose nonsense on wheels, then count with situation, that your neck vertebra will resist the power of wind, swishing around the helmet about 300 miles per hour (485 kph!!!). This data is only theoretic, the real maximum speed has not been measured yet, which is by completely open-top car with output weight of 0,52 kW/kg(!) easily understood. The priority is maximum acceleration, from 0 to 100 kph it takes 2,5 s(!). In other words, until first bend is this “arrow” able to keep up with F1. Thanks to engine characteristics, it needs only two-speed transmission with properly dimensioned clutch.

There is no sense to comment the design, it cannot be compared to anything so let everyone make his own opinion. If there can be said something about an inspiration, the designer of this creation has often watched movies with combat robots, or possibly flirts with stuff, which modify thinking. The impression is – shock. Positive or negative, it depends on taste and measure of aesthetical feel of observer. If we wanted to find some similarity, it would be a piston. A gigantesque, silver, kinetic energy emitting one.

Wallpaper "Dodge Tomahawk Concept":



From the beginning till the end has this project been invented as a Show car with practical value zero, so it is to be perceived. As n illustration, that also creators of renowned producer are able to draw something else than a third of a car as the hood, third as a space for the crew and the rest as a house on the trunk.

So put on the helmet, which has in this case entirely aerodynamic function, and hit the road to give the brain some adrenaline.

Technical informations:

  • Acceleration: 0-100kph in 2,5s
  • Maximum speed: more than 485kph
  • Dimensions: length - 2590mm / width - 704mm / height - 938mm
  • Wheelbase: 1930mm
  • Seat height: 737mm
  • Weight: 682kg
  • Fuel tank capacity: 15l
  • Clearance height: 75mm
  • Headlights electronics: front 12: LED, rear: 8 LED diodes with beam-modifying optics
  • Tires: DUNLOP, front P120/60R 20“, rear P150/50R 20“
  • Discs: aluminium, front: 20“x4“, rear: 20“x5“

What is your opinion on this strange Tomahawk?

Source: Tuningmag.net

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