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Logo Fiat Fiat Grande Punto as the Isotta Showcar! Logo Fiat

Fiat Grande Punto as the Isotta Showcar!

There are many and many companies in the world doing tuning jobs. It doesn’t mater if it’s body kit, interior features, rims or performance adjustment, it’s still the tuning. The main difference is show long is the company on the market. Of course, experience depends heavily on this time, but itthat doesn’t mean that there’s no place here for newbie. Not long ago, we presented you Vogtland company and its chosen Audi A3 as their show car made in collaboration with other companies.

An Italian company Isotta is in this business for few years, as well as Vogtland. It has introduced many products for the tuning world, but mostly interior elements, so time has come and Isotta has introduced its hot show car built in cooperation with famous tuning companies. Are you asking what the brand of the car is? It’s nothing else as a home car manufacturer Fiat with their brand-new 3-door model Grande Punto.

Fiat Grande Punto - the City nomad

New Fiat Punto is a symbol of Italian design and preciseness. Do you remember Giorgetto Giugiaro? So Italdesign is a creator of whole design that beams the power. Rounded lines, aggressive shapes, small bodywork, powerful engines; this everything symbolizes this city stinger that doesn’t get lost on highways for sure.

Italians offer 6 engines for Grande Punto, because they want to hit all target groups of customers. But most interesting for us is the most powerful engine in the version SPORT. It’s a 1.9 liter 4-cylinder diesel Multijet power plant with turbo that produces 130hp (96kW) at 4000rpm.


Isotta Fiat Grande Punto Tuning
Isotta is primarily mainly focused on production and distribution of interior accessories. Their portfolio includes sporting seats, steering-wheels, shift knobs, hand brakes, armrests and also universal mufflers.

The best thing on these products is, that everyone is unique. Isotta knows how to hold interest so the design is unique and it has no lack of imagination, sporty character and preciseness. Hats off! Their products are great!

Show cars are known for their radical modifications regarding stock versions. And this is also the case of Grande Punto. Isotta together with companies as OXIGIN Wheels, CHD Tuning, Metrika, Toyo Tires and H&R created a sophisticated machine full of over-elaborate details. Its main mission is to show.

You can see at first sight that this Grande Punto has got through drastic changes. A quite peaceful vehicle has been changed to the breathtaking monster. But don’t forget that also now it still has a piece of decent style and peaceable.

The exterior

Isotta Fiat Grande Punto Exterior
The modification starts with the body kit by CHD Tuning. The kit consists of front and rear bumper with diffuser, side sills, front grille and rear wing and air shaft on the front hood as a special request.

The front bumper of this Italian company is characterized by many various openings. The uppermost opening is the front grille that together creates one unit and it’s placed exactly over the other bigger opening used for air-intake to the engine. The side tetrad regulates cool air to the front brakes to prevent its overheating. The bottom part includes a pair of the side spoilers that also have two decorative cut-outs.

Of course, all openings are filled wit a black perforated sheet with big holes. The bumper alone is shaped to match with extended mudguards. Maybe you think that the number of openings and cut-outs is excessive, but that’s not true. Everything is very well arranged and it doesn’t look gewgaw.

The front hood is modified with three air-shafts with skew lines for perfect harmony.

The side of the car has the side sills by CHD Tuning. The sills correspond with quite extended mudguards. This is done with thing elongated openings (heat removal from the front brakes) on the front bumper and with openings on the rear mudguards for air inlet to the rear brakes. These rear openings are placed in the extended plastics with logos of manufacturers. I must say that I like very much this way because it gives the necessary fury.

Isotta Fiat Grande Punto Tuning
The rear part is a chapter by itself. There’s a new red roof wing by CHD Tuning over the third door. The wing is mounted with four shanks. Designers added also dark covers of tailback-up lights and smoothed down the trunk and removed all signs and marks and with the third pure stop light.

Designers knew very well what they want. The big bang is the rear bumper with similar edges as in the case of the front one. Also there we can find a pair of openings with similar perforated sheet to dissipate heat from the rear brakes.

Over-elaborated shape of the diffuser with integrated fog lamp and back-up lamp; together with the rest of bumper gives you a feeling that this is what you want. But that‘s not all! Under the diffuser we can hear a pair of furious exhaust tips Isotta Booster. The rear part of the modification deserves a honorable mention.

But we can’t forget about grey paintwork and tinted windows. A cherry on top are wheels. There are extravagant OXIGIN Wheels products – Crystal Chrome series in dimensions 8x18“.

The tires are also high-level - Tyre Toyo Proxes T1-R 245/40 R18. It’s important to say that the rims match perfectly with whole modification and create required dynamic character of the car. Safety of the car is on the first place so H&R installed its sporting suspension. It lowered the ride and increased overall safety and stability on the roads. Brembo aprticipated with their internally ventilated disk brakes with brake valves.

So what do you think? Quite nice changes compared to the stock model. But what’s hidden inside?

The interior

Isotta Fiat Grande Punto Interior
The interior modification is so huge, so we don’t know where to start. So many details and parts...I hope I can check everything for you :) No doubt that Isotta is the interior company.

First off after getting on board you notice color of the interior. Dominant colors are quite unusual – it’s grey and wine. Other parts have same color combinations, but chrome and aluminum can’t miss. Used materials are especially Italian leather and shammy and custom leather rags. These elements together create an amazing combination of colors, materials that match perfectly.

If you’re not blind, you can’t miss the perfect three-spoke steering-wheel Isotta Diamantina. It‘s a great combination of chrome and leather. This shows how an perfect Italian design looks like.

The dominant place around the steering-wheel is filled with gauges and indicators by another cooperating company Metrika (model Metrix 270° - origin of tachymeter E.L. Taco ).

Isotta Fiat Grande Punto
Driver’s feet gently touch the “special edition“ aluminum pedals by Isotta of course. Comfort of driver is on the first place so the owner can enjoy drive in exclusive sporty seats Tijuana. The seats are the best in its class and fulfill the most difficult conditions.

The comfort belongs also to the hands. So Isotta mounted their new shift knob Drake made of leather and chromed hem (gear frame). The hand brake 481 is now made of chrome. Details that can change the world? But the high-spot is a new armrest. The armrest is decorated with chrome and leather in combination that evokes the old-school Choppers style.

It’s no more secret that the Eastern girls are the most beautiful in the world. This fact is proved by this show car and 23-years old Russian model Valentina Kuryan. So now we have a great dilemma - a hot green-eyed blonde or hot car? :)

There’re no doubts about this show car. Isotta did a great choice and great tuning job. They can be proud of this piece of art.

Pictures of Fiat Grande Punto Showcar by Isotta:



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What is your opinion about Fiat Grande Punto Showcar modified by Isotta?

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