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Abarth Fiat Grande Punto S2000 Tuning!

Abarth Fiat Grande Punto S2000
Weight of a car is the biggest coefficient for the acceleration and overall car’s capabilities. The low weight and little turbo engines are back in the business.

This year’s Motor show in Geneva was a great opportunity to launch a new big project. It’s a comeback of one of the most prestigious brands in the automotive industry. Its symbol is a scorpion and it’s called Abarth.

The Abarth brand was always a symbol for its high performance, competiblity, passion and excitement, and now it’s back with a new bullet to speak to all enthusiasts and lovers of sporting machines.

The new innovated Abarth badge includes a symbol of scorpion, their symbol of ravine.

The first modification of Fiat Grande Punto in Abarth style could be seen on the Geneva motor show. It’s the first model and next models will come in the future.

Before this motor show, Fiat announced only pictures and basic information about the car. A brand new engine in Punto’s line includes turbocharging, so thanks to this feature its volume isn’t an obstacle to achieve great performance and solid fuel economy. The first version of 1.4 T should have 110kW (150hp) or 114kW (155hp) with 98-octan gasoline. Everything is prepared for next improvements so this is a boon to the turbocharged version, compared to the classic 1.4.

Abarth Fiat Grande Punto S2000
Of course, new small turbocharged engine will arrive. A press reminds says that for example new Fiat 600 Abarth from the 70’s had double the performance as its stock version. The stock Fiat 600 had 13 hp at 4000 rpm and its top speed was 85km/h and after some Abarth improvements it had 26hp at 5000rpm and it could speed at 118km/h.

Also the styling of the Abarth Grande Punto is different in many ways. The front part has a new big bumper with four different air inlet openings, new Abarth badge instead of Fiat logo.

Standard combined headlamps have now a black background and will be made also in the LED version which is nowadays very popular. Fancy white paintwork is enriched with fast red stripes and black hems of fenders, bumpers and sill extensions.

Styling of the wheels and whole bodywork is similar to the S2000 version with which Fiat want to achieve success in world rally championships.

Grande Punto Abarath will be powerful, ravine, racing car for good money. It will be available in September and I hope that its price will be so nice as a saying is.

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