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Orange GeigerCars Ford Mustang GT 520!

We have already mentioned the concept of American Muscle Cars. Cars, that have already spent some time in this world, and that do not want to “retire“ yet. We could name couple of these giants of American world right here, but we would need much more time for that. We are going to take a look at one particular car company that has been creating its vehicles since the beginning of automobile era. Is the name Henry Ford familiar to you? Surely it is, to many of you, but let’s make it clear for those who don’t know about it. Mr. Henry Ford was the founder of one of the largest car companies in human history, the Ford Motor Company. For those, who admire these cars, it is a significant period in automobile history, for the rest Henry Ford is just another man that tried to make a turning point. And he really did one, thanks to establishment of first mass production of his car make in the world. He’s made a nice chance of legendary achievements that are really worth mentioning.

However, we are going to discuss one particular achievement, maybe the most famous: Ford Mustang, model year 1964 – 1970. Real American, everlasting muscles. Right this very model was the base for its successor, Ford Mustang GT. American classic clad in more in-fashion clothes, with its history (bodywork design) preserved. But there are people in the world, who think this is a sort of not enough. Therefore they rise horizons of these cars constantly, the way that for example German modifier of American cars GeigerCars (which has already started with this Mustang) does. Let’s take a closer look.


It is not so long that new Mustang has its first appearance and it has already gained lot of fans. That is in the first place, because of its design, parameters, driving properties and famous history. There is not so many cars in the world, which stand on 40-year-old base. And also this makes this Mustang so extraordinary.

In case of American vehicles, we are used to see huge and very powerful engines. This Ford is no exception; there are 3 series supplied engines: Mustang V6, Mustang GT and Shelby GT500. Most powerful is the last one, with 5.4 liters and eight cylinders. It can achieve power of 500 hp and torque of 480 Nm at 4500 rpm. So it is first-rate bull! This power is transmitted by 6-speed manual transmission mostly to the wheels at rear axle.


Ford Mustang GT 520 Geiger
In today’s tuning-world we are used to various versions of conversions of production cars. Starting with extreme bodykits, through large disks to decent plastics, all this for the purpose of emphasizing the car design and at the same time preserving its original curves.

Common law, or more precisely possibility to advertise a tuning company is to construct own show-car, as a representative for the company. The gentlemen in GeiserCars are well aware of this, and therefore they have chosen this Ford by which they can propagate their firm really good.

Penetrative rebuilding like the one of this Mustang is exceptional, especially by these bone-shakers. Let’s discuss it to detail.

First thing to catch ones attention is shining-bright orange paintwork covered with two black racing strips all over the car’s body (like well-known Eleanor from film Gone in 60 Seconds?). In combination with sporting plastics, this car is really in a spotlight.

All laminate-rework has begun in front part. In that Mustang was equipped with a new front bumper, which is supplemented by new bottom part. The distinctive part is its large central cutout, which supplies the radiator grill of huge engine with cold air; along side smaller openings are located to carry the air also to powerful front disc brakes.

Ford Mustang GT 520 Geiger
Worth to mention too, is the diffuser in the bottom part of front bumper, which is designed for optimal air stream. All these openings are filled with aggressive black expanded metal. All this together gives the jazz to the car, practically making the adrenaline pour out of it.

Also the hood made its procession. Because of the engine modification (which we are going to describe later) the front hood was complemented with two oblong vents shaped like “pulled out hood style” also filled with dark grid. They are responsible for cooling the roaring American engine. Pleasant complement to adrenaline madness.

In addition, new lateral doorsteps were added. They optically lower the car and besides they match the rest of bodywork. There’s never enough of optical beauty.

The rear part also got its share. Rear bumper was also modified: the new bottom part with diffuser a la shark-flipper was added. Furthermore there are two new openings for sporting circular fishtail. It is a modest modification, however showy enough to move the levels of cars dynamics even higher. Moreover, on the top of rear hood is fully adjustable wing.

I have to say, converters in GeigerCars have chosen it right, because this wing match the overall styling of car.


Ford Mustang GT 520 Geiger
Many are interested in how has the drive unit of this Hercules changed. Those, who expected significant change were right and will be pleased. Because GeigerCars have chosen mass-produced 4.6 litre V8 engine as a keystone.

And now it’s coming. The first adjustment was the volume increase to 5.2 l, which is obviously not the same as to play with Lego. Further changes are: compressor supercharging, king-sized intercooler, sporting cams, strengthened wirings, powerful inlet stroke, modification of control device and stainless exhaust tract.

Is that too little for you? So add the sporting clutch and you have pure sport car. Thanks to this configuration, the power of this beast has changed from original 300 hp (220kW) to breathtaking 520 hp (382.7kW). Neither the torque was left behind; its final increase is 563 Nm.

Of course, this relevant change influenced also the acceleration, which has a value of 4.2 seconds from 0 to 100. Top speed is around 287 km/h. Hats off.

That’s not everything yet. Add 20-inch chrome 5-spoke wheel, which fill the space in wheel archs. They are ”booted” in tires with dimensions of 255/35 ZR in the rear and 285/30 in front.

Sporting chassis contributes to decrease (not optical this time), which has lowered the whole car by significant 50 mm. It’s not easy to tame this mustang, and because of this from behind discs solid drilled pads with 355 x 32 mm are shining, stepped with aluminum brake clippers with 4 pistons. Clippers are painted with bloody red. So what do you say now? A breathtaking conversion. At least in my opinion.

Ford Mustang GT 520 tuning by Geiger Cars:



Ford Mustang GT 520 Geiger interior
Last chapter of this adventure is no less interesting. First thing to arrest attention is color styling of interior. Everywhere it was possible was added quality black leather in combination with bright orange complements, including dashboard elements, door fillings, etc. Speedometer and other indicators are hemmed with chromic rim, as well as the top of gear lever. Don’t forget about sporting bucket seats.

The most surprising is the outstanding audio-system. Everywhere one can look is speakers (doors, dashboard, rear part, coffer) and other audio elements. All this parade is supplied by audio-system (with LCD display) Alpine, which is mutually connected with three amplifiers JBL (Px300.4, Px600.2 and A6000GTI). By the way, amplifiers, together with two subwoofers JBL W15GTI are located in the rear at the place of backseats.

In the front doors we can find pair of speakers (also of the JBL company) JBL GTO804 and in the middle of dashboard central speaker JBL marked as C608GTI is located. In “B-columns” and in dashboard we can also find trio of tweeters.

All this system has a power over 10 000 Watts (!!!). That only approves the quality of Alpine and JBL products that were created in cooperation with skillful hands of X-Dream-CarAudio workers.

So, that’s the end of our orange madness. I have to say, that I like this car very much and that I admire the work of everyone who cooperated. They did very good job and now, they can flaunt their show-car.

Wallpaper of Ford Mustang GT 520 tuning by Geiger Cars:



What is your opinion about tuned Ford Mustang GT 520 by Geiger Cars?

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