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Ford Mustang tuning by H&R Springs!

American car, American movie, American company. These three elements are hidden behind today’s novelty. When the words Ford Mustang are spoken, the automobile freaks are getting crazy. Wild horse, that has been cruising American and non-American roads all over the world. This car is symbol of United States as much as its “American muscles”. the glory of this muscleman won’t fade very soon, because there are not many cars with such long and intensive history. Ford Mustang together with Chevrolet Camaro, Dodge Charger and Dodge Challenger represent perfect people’s skills and their ability to change the motor world. What is so distinctive for all these cars (except powerful guts, astonishing design and a decent dash of life)? Their descendants. With small modifications, concepts of these old-school machines have been introduced to the world. Some of them are already being serial produced. Ford Mustang – the wild horse – also belongs to this group. American H&R Springs focused right on this car.


Sometimes it may happen, that American classics experience their offspring. Ford Mustang is one of them and some may regard this as an act of honor for Henry Ford. Such perfect car was born in head of one single man. It’s no surprise that the remake was made.

ford mustang
Robust look, powerful engine and sparkling history... maybe that’s how this vehicle should be characterized. No matter the era, in which new Mustang was designed and constructed, the characteristic Ford-curves and chiefly the Mustang’s features (front mask and headlights for instance) remained unchanged. Even now, the new Mustang gains plenty of popularity, even when it’s life is still short.

Do you want to make your eyes cry? Open the front hood and you’ll see 5.4 liters engine with eight valves. Besides, be aware of the fact, that you are looking at the most powerful Ford Mustang, which is legitimately called Ford Mustang Shelby GT500. It’s engine can reach maximum power of 500 wild-horse powers at 6000 rpm and 480 Nm at 4500 rpm. You can say WOW! right now, but the real power becomes evident after turning the key and stepping on the gas pedal. It could be amazing.

Mustang cars were always the massive ones, which could act clumsy, but if you ever see a huge cloud of smoke and hear an enormous but “healthy“ roar of engine, be sure it is someone from Mustang family.


Company H&R Springs is probably familiar to vast majority of you. No doubt, it is one of the best companies dealing the car suspensions. Yankees simply know how to do it. Their roads are full of various tuned rides and this company made a step to provide one more jewel. Exact marking is FMJ Mustang GT. Maybe you ask why FMJ? FMJ stands for Full Metal Jacket, which is a kind of bullet inspired by the 1960’s movie Bullitt also staring the contemporary Ford Mustang. Under the slogan “less is more“ and with respect to old classic, company H&R got down to the tuning of new Ford Mustang (2006). And it was not an ordinary tuning – next lines will convince you.

Exterior of tuned Ford Mustang

ford mustang tuning
Overcrowded packet for this mustang will attract above all with its beautiful bright gray paintwork, which is also known as 1950’s Porsche 356 Speedster.

Almost perfectly white – but after a closer look you’ll find out, that it’s not quite white. Contrasting with black, that covers a decent amount of cars surface, this look really great! Carefully adjusted front part with modified front grill, headlights and front bumper shows us, that less can really be more sometimes. Elaborate front mask is now decorated with black grill with typical logo Mustang. Modified front bumper can pride with additional carbon spoiler, a pair of complementary headlights and of course with a black grill.

The side of the car remained untouched, only an old-school two-stripe label was added under the door. On the contrary, the roof was radically changed. This is now panoramatic and all vitreous, provided by Webasto. It‘s ending is decorated with a decent listel made of carbon and the third brake light with LED technology. Many of you will marvel – Mustang with roof of glass? Strange but unique and really interesting.

Neither the rear part of the car was rapidly changed. Only the carbon grip listel, or more concretely a miniature wing was added on the cover of trunk, and a pair of round-shaped chromic exhaust pipe tips. The exhaust pipe will be in our aim one more time...

The exterior of the car is truly enriched with distinctive orange under car neons at the rear bumper and the fender aprons. After opening the doors, also the side sills are enlightened. Many would argue, that this is not appropriate for a car with such a history. However, the overall style of tuning needs this :-).

Interior of tuned Ford Mustang

ford mustang tuning
Real delicacy is hidden inside the car. It is the expressive brown leather from sixties, with diamond patterns embedded on seats, central panel and as a door cushioning. This is well harmonized with orange top gear lever MRT. On the contrary, the dashboard is painted with dark color, more concretely - Mauna Loa Ash Mica. The overall impression is intensified by modified three-leg steering wheel and additional oil temperature, voltage and pressure gauges positioned above the radio. In order to preserve the FMJ style, gauges were made with chromic borders and showy blue illumination.

The modification would be incomplete without audio set. Tuners have chosen real big-time manufacturer, the favorite of many motorists – the brand Pioneer. Whole thing is managed by main unit Pioneer Premier DEH-P880PRS (DVD + mp3), with three amplifiers - 2 x 600 Watt Amp– PRSD2000T and 1 x 1200 Watt– PRSD1000M. All this set drives 12-inch subwoofer and a pair of powerful speakers TSC720PRS. The antiresonant filling and cabling was provided by company Scosche. The driver will be satisfied.

Performance of tuned Ford Mustang

ford mustang performance
Even the GT version is powerful enough to require a skillful driver. Obviously, this did not satisfy the guys from H&R, therefore they started to tune the drive unit. The car was enriched with new high-performance split spill piping MRT, then with sporting air induction (also MRT), exhaust system flowmaster, which is installed from the rear axle, the gear ratio has changed to 3.73:1, new axle stabilizers were added and of course, more powerful differential. So what do you say? Quite radical intervention to the heart of this wild horse. Unfortunately, the power of this modified engine hasn’t been successfully tested yet.

To make this car work accurately, also the bottom parts had to be rebuilt. The tuned Ford Mustang was given new sporting suspension from company H&R (dampers and springs) with adjustable clearance height and stiffness, H&R stabilizer bars – 36 mm in front and 24 mm in the rear with support, H&R regulating screws for top-down wheel gradient setup and chromic arms + suspension welds. And finally, form maximum safety and handling, professionally cut disc brakes Baer with brake-wheels Extreme Plus 15” in front and EradiSpeed-plus-2 14” in the rear.

We shouldn’t omit the luxurious discs OZ Superlegger III with black central part , with dimensions 9x20 in front and 11.5x20 in the back. Contact with road is secured through high-performance tires Pirelli Pzero Rossi 275/35R 20 in front and 315/35R 20 in the rear. Moreover, new extending supports with thickness 5 mm both in front and rear.

Not many can afford modification of this kind (not just as a matter of money). But H&R is at sufficiently high level to handle this job really cool...

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