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Ford Transit Sport Van 2007 !

Ford Transit Sport Van 2007
Do you remember Ford Supervan 3? If your answer is yes, so you now that the last Super Van 3 was born in 1995. Built on the Ford C100’s chassis and with an engine from Ford Cosworth, and it was actual also in 2001, when was presented at National Van Show in Brighton. So now, after long 12 years, we can celebrate its comeback on the scene as Ford Transit SportVan.

If you think, that you’ll find an engine from Formula monopost, you’re wrong. There’s no 300 hp beast again. The predecessor was serving for Royal Mail in UK. The new series consists of only 5000 vans and it’s specified for the British market, but under the hood, it has only 130 hp and 2.2 TDCi diesel engine.

The vehicle will have special paintworks with two stripes. 18“ rims and 235/45 tires can’t miss and sporting exhaust system with a chromed tip provides great sound experience.

Its price will be about $40,000.

Photos of Ford Transit Sport Van 2007:



The SportVan is only a poor ancestor of the famous legends SuperVan 1,2 and 3. These originals Supervans are made by Terry Drury Racing, and it was introduced on 1971’s Eastern Monday in Brands Hatch. It was a 400 hp version with Ford GT’s V8 engine. Supervan 2 came out in 1984 at Donnington Truck Grand Prix. Its top speed was 278 km/h. After ten years, the engineers of DRL Engineering in Suffolk decided to rebuild the Supervan 2 – Supervan 3 was born.

What is your opinion about the modified Ford Transit Sport Van?

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