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Geneva Motor Show 2007

Geneva Motor Show 2007

Date 8th - 13th March 2007
Venue: Geneva, Switzerland

It’s been a few days now since the doors of 77th Geneva motor show were closed, so it’s about time to take a look on what did one of the biggest motor shows show us. Geneva undoubtedly confirmed its dominant position among the international automobile shows. Well, 730.736 visitors have passed through the gates of exhibition ground Palexpo, which is the second highest visit rate all through the history of this magnificent presentation. Its international character is most obvious when we consider the heterogeneity of exhibitors, which came from more than 100 countries. Great attention is paid by the media, which were represented by more than 5000 people which traveled to the venue from all over the world. But let’s move closer to the thing that is the most interesting for us: Geneva motor show 2007 brought us 80 world and European exhibition premieres. Let’s take a look at the most interesting of them.


Aston Martin V8 Vantage
British car make Aston Martin, which is no more a part of concern Ford, was represented in Geneva by open version of V8 Vantage with typical attribute Roadster, which could be seen as a European premiere.

Aston Martin V8 Vantage Roadster is representative of traditional British sport school, which is able to provide not only the uncompromising drive performance and high level of individualism but also all the most modern equipment requested by customers.

Exclusive V8 Vantage Roadster, which is largely hand-made, enables to unveil the sky above their heads by simple pushing one control on the central console.

Three-layer convertible top is automatically packed in 18 seconds. Its electrical driving mechanism is only active by speeds under 50 kmph.

Two-seater interior is ready to spoil its happy passengers with hand-processed leather cushioning and with low positioned seats it enables very intensive experience of huge dynamic potential of the car.

4.3 liter V8 engine with 32 valve cylinder head and variable timing of intake valves can generate maximum power of 283 kW (380 horse powers) and it is able to run over V8 Vantage Roadster from 0 to 100 in 5 seconds. The maximum speed is at 280 km/h.

Engine can drive the wheels at rear axle either through precise 6-speed manual transmission, or through ultra quick automatic transmission, which is thanks to electro-hydraulic transmission able to shift three times faster. Aston Martin plans to start the selling of this new convertible in the second quarter of 2007.


Audi A5
Car maker form German Ingolstadt represented itself in Switzerland on a large scale. The brightest star of its presentation was long-awaited premium coupe AUDI A5, which is going to take a prominent place in this car maker’s portfolio.

Suggestive design of the novelty is work of Volkswagen’s chief designer Walter de`Silva, who marked Audi A5 as the most beautiful car he has ever designed.
Audi A5 is a fast mean of transport with very stylish character, which is able to transport four passengers and their baggage of 455 liters on long distances and concurrently preserves maximum comfort.

Interior of the Audi A5 of this large coupe is characteristic with big-time surface material and modern multimedia control interface MMI, which is visually identified by typical round-shaped control on the central panel and large central display.

The offering of engines consists of four drive alternatives – two petrol and two diesel engines, which have one common feature – direct induction system.

Four cylinder 1800cm2 TSFI is a new fresh member in Audi’s turbo engines family and according to manufacturer’s claims it should attract customers with 125 kW (170 hp) of power and excellent flexibility and also with very good fuel economy. The more powerful petrol alternative is well-established engine 3.2 FSI, which will be tuned under the hood of A5 to 195 kW (265 hp). With this power it can handle 100 in 6.1 seconds. Diesel drive will be represented by pair of six-cylinders TDI. The smaller with volume 2.7 liters has power of 140 kW (190 hp), which is enough to accelerate to 100 km/h in 7.6 seconds, and maximum speed 232 km/h. The potential of the larger diesel engine (3 liters) needs quattro drive, since driven wheels can be loaded with torque 500 Nm. Maximum power of 176 kW (204 hp) makes of this engine true diesel express. To accelerate to 100 km/h, it needs only 5.9 seconds and the speed 250 km/h is the highest, because of the electronic speed limiter. The average fuel consumption of 3.0 TDI is unbelievable 7.2 liters/100km.

Audi S5
Within the frame of presentation Audi, the visitors could also admire also big-time model AUDI S5, which premiere could be little surprising for someone.

We have already get used to the fact, that supreme model versions will always emerge with certain time lag. Could it be, that in Audi, they are preparing something big, something with RS initials??? Let it be a surprise.

Anyhow, Audi S5 is king of A5 series. it is entitled to use this attribute because of combination of eight cylinder engine with constant all wheel drive quattro.
Petrol engine V8 with direct induction system FSI can produce power 260 kW (354 hp) and maximum torque 440 Nm culminating at 3500 rpm.

With 6-speed manual transmission this noble athlete can accelerate to 100 kmph speed in 5.1 seconds.

S version of A5 model has elaborate springs, high-performance brake system and its electronic stabilizer system can be deactivated by the driver, who yearns for real driver’s excitement.

Audi S5 can be visually identified by modified front parts, four exhaust tips and attractive 18-inch discs, which will be standardly booted in tires 245/40 R 18. Exciting sporting atmosphere in the interior of Audi S5 is created by provokingly shaped seats and aluminum decorations on door cushioning. According to individual wishes of customers, the inside room may be improved by panels of carbon, aluminum or stainless steel. First pieces of Audi A5/S5 will be available before this year’s summer.


77th Geneva motor show witnessed the premiere of the innovated version of compact BMW 1, which offers alternative to its predecessor – till these days not available three-door bodywork.

Innovation did manifest itself also through modifications of outer design, which includes new shape of main headlights and fog lights, modified front air intakes including characteristic two front grill openings and also elaborate rear bumper and rear lights. Three-door BMW is on a regular basis classified as a four-seater automobile with another storage space between rear seats. Optionally also this version may have 5-seater layout.

The offering of petrol engines was complemented by two-liter four-cylinder engine with second generation of direct induction system - High Precision Injection, which will be available in two different performance versions. version 18i has 143 horse powers, the more powerful version with 170 hp is marked 120i. In both cases, the performance was improved in comparison with the predecessor, in spite of this the manufacturer claims, that the fuel economy is better.

Likewise, the changes were made to the available Diesel engines. Original turbo diesel versions 118d and 120d will be replaced in this innovated model with four-cylinder with 1995 cm3 volume and direct induction system common-rail and turbocharger VNT, standardly embedded with filter for solid particles., in performance versions 105 kW (143 hp) and 133kW (177 hp). Common feature of these engines BMW 1 series is marked decrease in fuel consumption, which is inter alia an effect of innovative system called Brake Energy Regeneration and also of the function Start/Stop, which shuts down the engine in some cases, as for instance when driving with engaged neutral gear.

Munich manufacturer innovated also successful model family BMW 5 series in order to emphasize its sport-elegant character. The front part of new BMW 5 acts like more actual thanks to new clear glasses of front headlights and slightly modified bottom inlet opening. Rear parts are characteristic with their new horizontal lines that intensify the muscle impression. Also the rear lights are equipped with clear cover glasses and indicator lights are now powered by LED technology.

The quality of interior was reached through new first-class surface materials and improved comfort of control, for example there are 8 buttons, that may be equipped with users favorite functions. The passengers will certainly appreciate new and more spacious storage slots. New component perfectly harmonized with the overall style of interior is new electronic selector control, which controls improved six-speed automatic transmission without any direct mechanical connection. The offering of nine drive units for new BMW 5 series includes new or markedly modified versions of basic engines. All production six-cylinder petrol engines are now equipped with second generation of high precision direct induction system (officially High Precision Injection).

The vintage petrol eight-cylinders were upgraded with improved electronic management and many other partial upgrades, which significantly uprated the fuel economy. Diesel six-cylinders with 3 liters volume in versions 535d, 530d and 525d share (except for the displacement) third generation of direct induction Common-rail with piezoinjectors. The engine 535d uses Variable Twin Turbo technology, which operates two turbochargers with different size, working in different modes, and also thanks to this are its performance parameters more then respectable – 210 kW (286 hp) and 580 Nm. Marked improvement was made also to other forced-induction Diesel engines, which are now equipped with new generation of turbocharger with variable geometry. New BMW 5 series comes also with new unique system of safety, which helps the driver to keep the car in chosen traffic lane. This device uses a camera located behind the windshield nearby the inner rear mirror and warns the driver on unwanted swerving from the lane with slight but perceivable vibration of steering-wheel.


Citroen C Crosser
French car maker Citroen decided to make use of growing popularity of sport-utility vehicles. Citroen introduced in Geneva new model C-Crosser. Citroen C-Crosser is designed for people, who expect from their cars high level of versatility, above average room-comfort and sovereign driving performance. All should be packed in attractive bodywork of course. Automobile of C-Crosser format represents brand new chapter of design for Citroen, so the company cannot use its experience and tradition, however, the designers did successfully integrate this model into the car make’s style tendency. Characteristic visual features of 4.64 m long body of C-Crosser are typical front mask with integrated logo and the design of front headlights. When looking from the side, your attention is attracted by high side line of doors and massive back bar, which makes the car look more robust. Interior of Citroen C Crosser surprises with its dynamic look – with three-leg steering wheel and massively bordered gauges. Internal layout of this French SUV with configuration 2 + 3 + 2 enables to transport seven passengers. The seats in the back can be completely hidden into the car’s floor. Seats in the second line are divided in 60:40 ratio and their flexibility is improved with option of independent lengthwise positioning within the area of 80 mm.

With back line seats hidden and shifted second line bench to forward, Citroen C-Crosser can transport 510 liters of baggage. In case, that second line seats are maximally shifted backwards, the volume of trunk will decrease to 441 liters. Only one engine was designated for C-Crosser – brand new turbo diesel engine HDi, developed in collaboration with Ford, that can use its 2179 cm3 volume to produce maximum power 115 kW (160 hp) and torque 380 Nm. Drive unit of the vehicle is able to work in three specific modes – 2WD, 4WD and LOCK mode – which are set by the driver through the rotary control located on the central tunnel, right behind the gear lever. In 2WD mode, the torque is transmitted solely to front wheels, 4WD mode partially feeds also rear axle and in LOCK mode all wheels are driven constantly, and the rear wheels are getting 1.5x more torque than in 4WD mode. The dimensions of tires - 225/55 R18 – are still the same, no matter what you do :).

Citroen C-Crosser will be available for customers during this year’s summer.

Citroen Cruise Crosser
French manufacturer was represented in Geneva also by one really exotic exhibit – concept of off-highway automobile labeled as Citroen Cruise Crosser.

Conceptual car is result of cooperation of designers department Citroen Styling with Swiss studio Espera Sbarro School, which gained its glory through extreme automobile creations.

Cruise Crosser utilizes the construction concept of C-Crosser, however, this model is specific with three-axle suspension and hybrid drive.

Creators of this concept intended the car to be engaged in the worst terrain, which demands six wheel drive and elimination of negative effect of the car on the environment. This was minimized by combination of modern turbo diesel and electromotor. Citroen Cruise Crosser could be seen in Esperas Sbarro exhibition in hall number 2.


Jaguar XJ
Jaguar’s stage was decorated by several gems, including ultimate model JAGUAR XJ in 2008 version, which is going to be serial produced in June 2007. Elite British manufacturer modernized its flagship considering its competitors in luxurious car’s sector.

The new design of exterior with elaborate front part, decent rear spoiler, new rear bumper and side cooling gill with style of super sport Jaguar XK looks actual and more dynamic even with traditional style elements, that were preserved. Seats in interior of Jaguar XJ are completely re-designed and provide higher comfort and better support.

In the new model, the customers will be allowed to pay for optional system of seat air-cooling, which in combination with standard heating ensures almost unlimited possibilities of adjusting according to individual needs of customers. The effort to adjust the luxurious limousine to actual trends is confirmed by markedly improved system Bluetooth TM, which enables the crew to connect five cellulars with telephone system of the car.

For Jaguar XJ in 2008 version were constructed petrol engines, and one respected Diesel engine V6 2.7 twin-turbo, which ensures very good driving performance with very low fuel consumption. Ideal compromise between performance and comfort is provided by petrol engine V with volume 3.0 liter, which produces power 175 kW (238 hp), while V8 engines with 4.2 liters in performance versions of 219 kW (298 hp), or 291 kW (395 hp) supply the high class limousine Jaguar with absolutely sovereign driving performance, which is intensified with acceleration from 0 to 100 kmph closely above 5 second‘s border.


Mazda 2
The main introduction in Japanese Mazda’s presentation in Geneva was undoubtedly new generation of model Mazda 2. Compact Mazda 2 is a brand new automobile invented with focus on European customer’s taste. It features innovative bodywork with supports of high strength steel. Thanks to this, the car is not just markedly safer and torsion-resistant but also by 100 kg lighter than its predecessor. Attractive dynamic look of new Mazda 2 is a part of overall car make’s style direction, which is marked as Zoom-Zoom – its main feature is emotional character of overall design.

The new Mazda 2 fulfills also certain missionary message, because as the first serial model brings some design elements, that were presented within the frame of concept Mazda SASSOU in 2005. Characteristic features of bodywork are soft but obviously dynamic curves and also a large number of glass surfaces. New Mazda 2 will start the selling with pair of petrol four-cylinder engines. Smaller one with 1.3 liter will be distributed in two versions – standardly as 75 hp, or with increased power of 84 hp. Larger 1.5 engine MZR will be limited to 76 kW (103 hp) power at 6000 rpm. Solely for European market will be soon provided one more forced induction Diesel engine with volume 1.4 liter.

Pictures from the Geneva Motor Show:



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