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ferrari Hamann Ferrari F430 Black Miracle ! ferrari

Hamann Ferrari F430 Black Miracle !

Ferrari F430 Black Miracle
What can be done better on Ferrari F430? Well, this is a car that attracts the attention of many people thanks to its look and technologies, which resemble a racecar.

However, HAMANN MOTORSPORT offers for this model a showy design that gives it the image of real racer surpassing the others, which makes other people to notice him. It is a delicacy called “Black Miracle“.

What does it encompass: the name itself tells us about the color, which is opaque black with buffed colorful aerodynamical components, the power is greater by 50 horse powers – that means from 490 to 540, integrated wing doors, 20 inch lite discs “Edition Race“.
The attitude to this modification was certainly unique. HAMANN covered Black Miracle with a foil with look of primer coat laid before the painting is done and makes the impression that whole body is covered with velvet. This idea comes from automobile sport, where opaque black is applied on the covers of engines, which ensures minimal reflection of sunbeams off the hood.

This kind of modification gives Black miracle look of black hole, which absorbs all the radiation. In order to avoid the stuffiness of the car, HAMANN offers body complements according to the wish of customer. More concretely: bright red, orange and yellow. At many Ferrari meetings, this contrast between opaque black and shining complements will look hypnotizing. It will certainly tickle the Ferrari zealot’s eye, or at least it will attract his attention. Nothing similar could be seen on Ferrari F430 until now. The best thing about this is, that the black foil can be removed at any time.

Ferrari F430 Black Miracle
As for the aerodynamics, HAMANN was inspired in automobile sport. Just these parts, used to make the air runaround the car more easily, are present in mentioned vivid colors. In the front, there is a spoiler HAMANN, which gives the car unique sporting look and minimizes lifting force affecting the front axle of the car. From the side view, the wide adhesive wings under the sills are evident. Thanks to these is Black Miracle visually even closer to the ground. And if we look at the back part, we can see other complements resembling real sport car – diffuser and rear spoiler HAMANN improve the pressure on the rear axle. This effect is multiplied by system Venturi Tunnel, which sucks the air from under the car, which results in lower pressure under the car, consequently sticking the car to the road.
In addition to these buffed aerodynamical components in three possible colors, Black Miracle’s features include colored rear mirrors and brake calipers. The engine is also covered with colored cover. Then, there are dark body-tint floats, including the windshield and tint is also present on rear lights. The interior of car is all in leather in two colors (their combination is optional) and on the head restraints, there is logo HAMANN. The disc have the same paint as aerodynamic components, only with opaque black edge.

Another interesting spot on Black Miracle are wing doors. The manufacturing process of these two components was really in the focus of builders. From the outside, the car looks like one piece, doors are fully integrated in the bodywork and by simple look you cannot recognize their edges.

Ferrari F430 Black Miracle
And now we move to design. Under the hood 540 horse powers are hidden (originally 490) inside an eight-cylinder with volume 4.3 liters, which means 125.6 horse powers/1 liter. HAMANN reached this boost of power using new motronic programming, then by new exhaust piping and also thanks to new sporting steel catalyzer. To make the Black Miracle stay on road and to provide the best pleasure of driving, HAMANN developed special springs. Thanks to this, F430 moved closer to the ground and it is also more agile.

Naturally, the inseparable part of each car are wheels. HAMANN offers wheels with three-part 20 inch discs, specially lighten, with marking “Edition Race”. These are at the front axle with dimensions 8.5 x 20 (tires 235/30-20) and in the rear, the dimensions are 12.75 x 20(tires 325/25-20). As for the color, they match the rest of the car. As mentioned, the filling is of the same color as the aerodynamical components and the edge is opaque black. One more thing is worth mentioning – what does it mean lite tire from HAMANN. let’s take for example rear wheel with 12.75 x 20 inches – its weight is just 15.45 kg.

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