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Honda S2000 CR Prototype – sports lover

If you like or not, car manufacturers concern intensively about sports cars much more than anytime before. Requirements and demands of customers many times exceed today’s potential of the manufacturer. But the car makers know what their customers want. And they can adapt, many stock cars have their sporting clones – VW Golf R32, Seat Leon Cupra, Honda Civic Type-R, Honda S2000 CR Prototype etc. Their main advantage is the performance, sporting interior and exterior and mostly their sporting spirit within. So these are right elements that the enthusiast requires from its car. And today we’ll talk about Honda S2000 CR Prototype.


Honda S2000
Who doesn’t know about cultish movies Fast and Furious or 2Fast2Furious? We can see a popular Honda S2000 in this sequel. The vehicle introduced in 1999 on the occasion of Honda’s 50th anniversary. The sunny roadster with enough power under the hood has become one of the most tuned car in the world.

This car is really very attractive for the tuning scene – RWD with front placed engine, sporting character and beautiful design. There’s a nice add-on, a sliding roof that has many supporters but some people don’t like it. But good news is that there are many and many tuning parts waiting for this machine.

Roadster? Only powerful one! So the car manufacturer Honda has installed very powerful engine then. It’s a 2.2 liter V4 VTEC engine producing 240hp at 7800 rpm. So this power is transferred to the rear axle with a 6-speed manual transmission. Exciting!

So now we can encounter with a new modified version called Honda S2000 CR Prototype. It was introduced in New York and its abbrev CR (Club Racer) suggests that it’s focused on American lovers of fast circuits. So what’s new here?

Design & Performance

Honda S2000 CR Prototype
Of course there’s a new bodykit indicating that this car is something unusual. Its dominant is a front bumper in the front part that has a new extension resembling a pair of aggressive wings. Yes, nothing extraordinary, but its effect is very nice.

The car’s sills remain intact so let’s take a closer look at the back. There’s also a modified bumper with an additional diffuser, side spoilers and a pair of rounded exhaust tips. But what’s more interesting, there’s a massive sporting wing reminding racing razors. So now it’s more sporting and it warns that if you on the road, should stay away from this car.

Sun lovers will be maybe disappointed, because in the case of roof, there are only two options – aluminum hardtop or without roof. But be careful about the second option during severe weather conditions.

Honda S2000 CR Prototype
So not only its visage has been changed, but also its driving attributes are modified. There are new shock-absorbers and tougher springs and also a new stabilizer. They didn’t forget about stiffeners in the place of former roof for a better torsional rigidity of bodywork and suspension. Also the rims are new here, 17“ 5-spoked alloys are newly designed and the rear wheels are wider than in the case of older Honda S2000.


Of course, the interior of the car has also passed through some changes, mostly in a way of materials used there. Former leather upholstery has been removed and now we can enjoy Alacantara with elegant a yellow needlework. There are also some carbon parts, particularly at the central console and dash board.

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