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Tuning Hummer Multimedia Hummer H2 Magnat Showcar! Tuning Hummer

Multimedia Hummer H2 Magnat Showcar!

Hummer H2, a successor of H1 model (especially used by the US army force) is more limousine than off-road king. Maybe this is a reason why so many tuning companies would like to modify this car, often with very good results. This is also the case of Magnat that as you can see had a great time during its modification. Hummer H2 Magnat Showcar is a unique result of Magnat’s hard work.

Hummer H2:

Hummer H2 was first time introduced on North American International Auto Show in 2000. It’s available in two versions:

H2 SUT – Hummer’s pick-up


H2 – like an estate


A 6 liter V8 OHV SMPI engine with 16 valves produces 232kW (316hp). Acceleration to 100kmph takes about 10 seconds and its top speed is slightly more than 150kpmh. A 4-speed automatic transmission shifts gears for you. Of course the vehicle has a four-wheel drive system.

Madness with products by Magnat and Audiovox:

The most visible exterior’s change is its paint. The whole car is covered with airbrush. It costs 14,000 Euros to spray 7-layer lack and airbrush motives. Majority of parts are made of chrome, for example:

  • chromed front grill (plastics)
  • inlet
  • grids
  • sills
  • doorknobs
  • rearview mirrors
Sporting design is provided with KMC 22“ 16-spoke chromed alloy wheels. Its sporting suspension is decreased for 11 centimeters to secure stability on the roads. Under the car we can find neon bulbs that aren’t often used in case of off-roads, but they look great under this car.

Let’s move to the interior where we can find more surprises. When we opened doors we noticed many speakers and LCD monitors. But we’ll talk about them later.

Also the interior was painted with the 7-layer paint. Seats have now leather upholstery for 5,000 euros. Gauges have white illumination and chromed hems.

Hummer H2 Magnat Tuning:



Audio and multimedia:

First, we need to inform you that the modification wasn’t very cheap, only used electronic components cost 28.000 Euros. All electronic parts are maintained by unit Audiovox PAV 2000 (CD / MP3 / DVD / SVCD) controlling both audio and video. Audio system:

The Audiovox PA unit controls four amplifiers (twoMagnat Pantera One, two Pantera Two and two Pantera Four) that increase efficiency of two mega subwoofers (Magnat Agressor 5000DM) and 13 speakers.

The video part is also powered by Audiovox PAV 2000 connecting stereo (4 LCD and cam), three smaller displays, two roof 15“ LCD, favorite Sony Playstation 2 and next 8 LCD connected with a hub. There’s no rear mirror, but LCD in Hummer H2 Magnat Showcar.


  • subwoofer’s cabinet has volume of 320 liters and weights about 180kg
  • total output of 5400 Watts
  • 19 LCDs
  • price more than $350,000
Magnat guys spent more than 1200 hours and work costs 131,341 Euros. Nice way how to spend your retirement.

What is your opinion about Magnat Tuning of Hummer H2?

Author: TuningMag.net

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