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Man in black – Jeep Commander Startech tuning!


After expressing a word jeep, we are imagining the muddy car struggling along the wood with the four-wheel drive for which none obstacle is big enough. Even the trademark Jeep was famous mostly for the land rovers, there are also a models SUV selling. One of these models is Jeep Commander. It is, let´s say, more massive version of Grand Cherokee. One of the main Commander´s features is the ability of the seven passangers transfer. For the tradition trademark´s preservation Commander has the adjustable driving mechanism. There is a front drive suitable for the drive on the travelled way and three systems four-wheel drive and it is : Quadra-Trac I, Quadra-Trac II and Quadra-Drive II. The miracle fluid whose smell is loved by tuners is not too expensive abroad. Therefore people of that place can afford the engines like V8. Jeep is offered with the two drive units with a big cubage in the States. The extreme is the engine 5,7l V8 Hemi absonant with the output 242 kW (329 hp). Smaller version is 4,7 V8 which offers 173 kW (235 hp). It is accesible a drive by V-6 engine 3,7l SOHC Power Tech with a good output 154 kW (209 hp), for Europe too.


The firm Started troubled and moved Jeep Commander mentioned above to the more exclusive and faster level. A bodykit is more oriented to elegance and prestige and not to achievieving a sport design. It was reached an admirable effect by little modifications.

jeep commander startech
A bumper is designed according to a serial piece to hold initial land rover style and is modified to optical lowers the car and gives him more swifter and more elegant design. Commander has silver paintworked middle part what better blends with the mask. The mask is also ornamented by more numerous chrome plating as the serial one.

Besides oval endings of a sport exhaust emission system Startech the back of this modified Commander is embroidered also with the bumper as in the front, optical lowering with the repainted middle. There is placed detachable board in the middle for the easier access to the towing bracket.

Commader was given light, doped wheels STARTECH Monostar IV 20" booted to the tires of the dimensions 265/45 R 20.

One of the many glaring differences are the pure covers of the winkers and many chromic sign as for example driving mirrors and wear mouldings. As to the accessories, on the both sides (in the front and in the back) there are not missing the useful parking sensors.

The next surprise is wainting after opening the door when LED diodes switches on and enlightes the car´s sides by which the getting in the car becomes safer and more elegant. After getting in we are in the leathered car interior with different steel accessories with enlighted Startech logo and leathered sport driving wheel.

The firm Started did not finish in enhancing but is started to modify the output. It was increased the output from 218 hp to 262 hp and torque from 510 Nm to 580 Nm by special electronic assembly STARTECH SD6 and by exhaust emission system Startech. Commander was reduced by 30 mm thankful the springs from the firm Startech for the driving qualities improvment and more beautiful design.

Modified Jeep Commander:



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