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Kia Kue concept car

Let’s move 30-40 years back, to the time, when the first designs of most modern concepts of subsequently mass produced cars were created. 1969 Dodge Charger, Fiat 128 Sport Coupe, or Volkswagen Golf. These are incomparable with today’s cars. The technology wasn’t at the level that it is today, but anyway, it was only concepts, that was later used in mass production. Now, let’s move to the year 2007 again. What does the word ‘concept’ mean today? Design and hi-tech? Modern concepts are over-elaborate, well designed, usually four-wheel machines, which are literally overcrowded with a lot of applied technologies. Over a period of ridiculously short time, the mankind and the automobile industry in combination with various technological branches developed in such a way, that the method of projection and subsequent production of automobiles completely changed. It is a positive fact in general, but someone may consider it negative. We introduce you another part of this puzzle of future: Kia Kue Concept.


I think that everyone knows the Kia car company. Maybe they know about its first factory in Europe - in Zilina, Slovakia. It’s true, that this Korean manufacturer didn’t have the best image in European and American eyes. But as you can see on the newest model Kia Cee'd, its design is more acceptable by Europeaner/American customer. Maybe the design is the reason, why Kia did this new step in its history.

The step was creation of a new study, which existed till now only in designer’s sketches. However, after international motor show in Detroit, this concept was made alive. Kia company tends to see the future in a different way: encoded in three letters CUV (Cross Utility Vehicle) – which means combination of SUV with sporting spirit – this has to bring us exciting driving experience.

There’s no reason for the worst pessimist neither to doubt about the features, nor the hidden meaning of this car. This car shows us, how the Korean producer perceives the world and how it points the direction, in which its future cars will move. So, let’s take a look.

Exterior of the Kia Kua Concept

Kia Kue Concept
While looking at this car, only one word may come to man’s mind: the whole. 4.7 meters long bodywork, built on compact chassis, is designed to make the impression, that it is one homogenous whole. All curves and details of body are created in such a way, they interlock one another and together create one great continuity.

Perfectly round curves combined with provoking design reminiscent to Honda CRX make this car quite pleasant partner on a way to elegance. Front diagonal headlights directly meet the front grill-like mask covered with chrome and continual bottom opening, enriched by various curvings and skewings and with integrated longish lights. All this forms a futuristic mixture of furious sporting look amplified with style. Perfect roundness transmits through the smooth front hood and special windshield to the car profile.

Completely smooth shapes emphasized with stylishly shaped rear mirrors with extended blinkers show us, that Kia fears nothing with this car. Absence of door handles prompts, that sense of „game“ is suitable in this case.

Handles, that enable scissor-like door opening, are located behind the windshields of side doors. Emphasis on every detail became evident here.

Kia Kue Concept
Smoothness can be seen also in the rear part of the car, where functionality prevails instead of frilly look. Opening of trunk of the car can be handled through a pair of turn-up wings, which are a part of backlite and supplementary bottom part of trunk. At the sides, two bright red headlights are shining.

Relatively high rear part of the car (which makes the backside of the car also look perfectly smooth) can pride with a pair of longish fishtails placed at the sides of large bumper. Between them, there’s dark diffuser with oblong opening. The thing, that surprises me a lot in case of this precisely elaborated new-millennium car is, that the engine parts are insufficiently covered. By the look at the car from behind, the parts of back axle are prettily visible. Maybe it’s an intention, but I don’t like it on this kind of car.

Simplicity was applied also on the wheels of this parade. There are 7-spoke 22 inch wheels with chrome color shade, which are naturally clad in low-profile tires. Behind them are drilled disc brakes.

Sometimes less can do more and simplicity is the synonym for beauty. These sentences match the character of this car and tell us lot about its meaning and realization – the aim was not to create something difficult, but to influence the opinion of whole world.


Clean-style was applied also in-vehicle. Clean lines, quality materials, smart systems... these are its main advantages. It’s visible at first sight, that curves from outside were transmitted inside. Dashboard design, door handles, central console and other elements inherited the character of outside look.

Kia Kue Concept
Precisely designed parts, as for example multifunction steering wheel, bucket seats offering a lot of comfort, but in the first place overall spacious design of four-seat interior combined with maximum luminosity, achieved thanks to large windshields. All this makes this four-wheel subject a perfect commercial and totally elaborate car.

Peace and harmony of passengers is rather priority of car manufacturers, therefore Kia didn’t economize in case of this study. Pleasant color scheme (black, red, grey, white) of interior insure unpretentious and especially peaceful travel.

I suppose, I don’t have to mention, that concepts are characteristic with the most up-to-date technologies. The proof may be in case of this Korean-American (Kia Motors America, KMA) delicacy for instance: multifunction steering wheel with LCD monitor useful for navigation, speed indication, rpm indicators, fuel gauges and other elements, audio volume control, separate central console for passengers in front and on the back seats with various control elements (phone, seat position, air-conditioning, audio/video-DVD etc.) or integrated pair of LCD monitors in head restraints.


In case of nearly every concept, there’s a strong engine under the hood. As a matter of fact, why should the engine play the weak element, when both interior and exterior are perfectly done? Under the smooth hood of this smart fellow is rather “hungry” engine: forced induction 4.6-litre V8 engine DOHC, with power of 400 horse powers and aggressive torque 543 Nm. In addition there’s all wheel drive – that really can make a joyride.

This car will certainly join the best pieces, which can motor world offer these days. The manufacturer does not state when and even if the car will start to be produced, but it is quite possible it may happen also in our factory :-).

Pictures of Kia Kue concept car:



Video of NAIAS v Detroite v USA:

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