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Logo Lexus The spaceship on four wheels – Lexus LF-A Concept! Logo Lexus

The spaceship on four wheels – Lexus LF-A Concept!

An information leak has revealed a new concept for the American market by Lexus, a luxurious subsidiary of Toyota.

Lexus LF-A Concept car
Lexus unveiled this concept at the 2005 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS). This two-seater is a fusion of great performance and impressive luxury. Its design shows a new direction of other future cars made by Lexus. The construction and design came from F1 Toyota workshop, where they work with such ingredients as speed, agility, maneuverability and reliability to conquer strong competitors like Mercedes SL 55, Porsche 911 Turbo, Aston Martin DB7 or Ferrari F 430.

Currently only a concept, it is a realistic vision of how we might address the boundaries that define the exotic sports car landscape, 'said Jim Press, Toyota Motor Sales executive vice president and COO.

The heart of Lexus is a petrol engine with more than 500hp. In regard of the fact that the engine has less than 5 liters, it’s very nice result – more than 100hp per liter. Together with an excellent transmission, weight distribution and perfect aerodynamics is no problem to reach 322 km/h (200mph).

As we said before, this car has been constructed together with engineers working with modern F1 technologies. So also many elements and parts from F1 are used also in the case of this Lexus.

Photogallery of Lexus LF-A:



Lexus LF-A Concept interior
The exterior took whole two years to be designed. This long process was necessity of the manufacturer to show world how the real exotic sports car has to look like. They combined business with pleasure and created a new styling line called L-Finese together with the concept. It is a new design language, based on the dynamism and inherent contrast between simplicity and elegance

The simplicity in the elegant lines can be seen also on the whole look. The goal of designer was to build a car that avoids exaggeration by prioritizing understated luxury that is intriguing, subtle and seamless and slightly surprising. Once again we can feel a connection with F1. A contrast between the elegant exterior, despite of its simplicity makes this Lexus dynamic and full of power and temperament.

The interior matches with the exterior, so the beautiful simplicity again. The natural elegance is sometimes really surprising, mostly the workmanship of dashboard is extraordinary and bears cross with competitive top products. Lexus LF-A is a milestone in Lexus’s history and its appearance will affect the next steps not only of Lexus but also its competitors.

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