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Maserati GranSport Contemporary Classic Edition !

The advantage of some cars is the fact that also their stock versions offer something unique and special that other cars can found only in tuning companies. I mean a bodywork or engine modification. There’s a difference if customer wants an aggressive look or decent sporting style. However, contemporary car manufacturers and tuning companies offer everything you can imagine, particularly in case of the brands as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin or Maserati. And today, we will talk about the Italian car manufacturer with own specific style – Maserati and its high performance, luxurious and beautiful cars. You can find one unique model in their menu that has no only a great performance and luxurious interior, but it’s ready to fulfill sporting demands of market also in its stock version. And if we add a special Maserati sport package, there is no time to doubt. Let me introduce Maserati GranSport in a decent modification Contemporary Classic.


Maserati Gransport
Maserati GranSport – two doors, 2+2 coupe that attracts your interest at first sight. It’s in a production since 2004 and originally it’s based on the model Coupe with some improvements.

To be specific, GranSport has an engine improvement, lowered suspension and new bodywork.

Maserati car manufacturer can be definitely proud, because it’s really unique car that has become an instant classic.

These are the signs of beautiful car: astonishing long lines, distinctive radiator grill, spoiler under the front bumper, sporting doorsteps and rearview mirrors with aggressive rear bumper (a central opening with a grill and two pairs of exhaust tips with other openings for an off take of hot air).

It’s truly visible how it splutters with rage but in decent sporting style.

It can’t be ashamed under the hood. There’s a 4.2 liter DOHC V-engine V8 with great output of 400 hp (294 kW) and maximum torque 451Nm @ 4500 rpm. Tiptronic 6-speed transmission transmits the power of engine to rear wheels. The 100 km/h speed is done in 4.9 seconds and the top speed is 290 km/h. Not so much... :-)

Maserati Gransport Tuning
Additional features consist of telephone, navigation system with CD player, heated sporting seats, xenon headlights, sporting exhaust system, Brembo brakes, parking assistant etc.

Designers know about great charisma of this car and they’ve prepared a special styling package - "Contemporary Classic styling package" what means 19“ inches ball-polished wheel rims booted in low-profile tires.

We can’t forget about 4 types of special paintwork. That’s enough from an exterior’s side, because that’s maximum of improvements without a loss of sporting spirit with a prestigious name.

Changes were made also inside of this beauty. Whole upholstery was modified and customer can now choose from 4 variations of full leather interior in white, black, green and black/red.

But that’s not all, folks! You can find also a leather stylish piping around the seats and dashboard in 4 colors too – white, black, green and red (same as a body paint). Amazing light blue instruments with a vintage look inform you behind a full leather steering wheel.

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