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Logo Maybach The extraordinary Maybach Exelero! Logo Maybach

The extraordinary Maybach Exelero!

Maybach Exelero is an unique top model continues in a tradition of its predecessor from 1939. At those times Fulda (tires manufacturer) asked the specialist Dörr & Schreck to build an automobile focused on a testing of high-speed tires. But their cooperation was stopped by the WWII. But after 66 years the cooperation continues.

Today’s requirement of Fulda is the speed of 350kmph that is suitable for testing 315/25 ZR 23 tires. But we won’t talk about tires of course. Let’s take a closer look at Exelero. It entered a wind tunnel in May 2005 and some changes of chassis were made. The interior consists of leather, aluminum parts, composites and carbon fibers of course. Under the massive hood is hidden a big 5.9 liter V12 bi-turbo engine Its maximum output reaches 515 kW at 5000 rpm and the torque is unbelievable 1020 Nm already at 2500 rpm. Its dimesnions are 5890 x 2140 x 1390 mm, the wheel base is 3390mm and the curb weight is as many as 2660kg.

This beast passed many tests on high-speed circuits in Cloppenburg, Germany. Exelero reached 351,45 km/h in Nardo circuit (Italy), what is a great success for Fulda in its tire testing. Whole development from first idea till functional prototype took only 25 months, so Fulda should be again proud of their engineers, designers and partners.

Maybach said that they don’t think about Exelero’s stock production, so this time we have a bad luck.

Maybach Exelero photos:



Our opinion about Maybach Exelero:

I like small sporty cars full of energy, but still nippy and lightweight. But sometimes I have need for speed in a regular limousine. I know only one solution – own two different cars. But it’s really the only solution? No, because the compromise is called Exelero. Unfortunately only one exemplar exists. The design is work of four students and tow professors from university in German Pforzheim. They started in 1990, but it‘s really worth the effort. Maybe it’s ultra futuristic, but maybe that’s the secret of its beauty and unique style. Their design was processed by the Italian company Stola and materialized on the chassis of Maybach 57.

The V12 engine had passed 100 hours long (15000km) difficult testing before it was placed under the hood. The power from the engine is transmitted to the rear 315/25 ZR 23 wheels by the 5-speed automatic transmission. 2660kg of weight make no problems to the powerful engine and 0-100kmph acceleration takes only 4.4 seconds. As we said before, Exelero reached 351,45kmph in Nardo, so the mission has been accomplished.
It is pity that only one piece exists, but maybe some moneybags will invest their money to the new exemplars.

Virtual Tuning of Maybach Exelero by "Rapgowe":


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What is your opinion about Maybach Exelero?

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