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Mercedes-Benz CLK DTM AMG Cabriolet - 300 kph maximal speed !!!

What is better in the summer than to enjoy driving a car fairly under the blue sky? The wind fools around with Your hair, a delightful cool breeze invigorates You (of course it depends on how fast do you drive a car?) and You know, that nothing could interrupt You at that exquisite moment. At the same time You are conscious of the fact that You are driving the fastest open-top four-seats sports car in the world. But it isn’t series. We are accustomed to the fact that in the tuning world is by now everything possible, whether we are talking about the modification of sedan, van or cabriolet. It is even more beautiful and crazier, when the symbols of the tuning and the car world join together. Is it really impossible? So, we are presenting You the AMG company and luxurious Mercedes CLK-class in the look of cabriolet.


Mercedes-Benz CLK Cabrio
Mercedes-Benz CLK cabriolet. This is a word combination characterizing prestige, power and luxury. The Mercedes-Benz Car Company has produced cars since 1885; it is, therefore, the oldest car company in the world. Its cars are considered to be the jewels of the car world and their value is even higher, if they are modified by such a prestigious tuning company, as AMG certainly is. But this company will be discussed later.
High-valuable technique, fascinating design and pleasure for four passengers from the drive, these were the excellent symbols which characterized the new CLK-class cabriolet in the spring of year 2003, when it was presented for the first time in public. By this model Mercedes-Benz continues in its successful tradition of four-seats cabriolets.
It isn’t by chance, but it is a rule, that the Mercedes-Benz Car Company provides its models only with the best, as far as the motor of the car is concerned. Nothing has been changed in the case of this “CLK”.

The offer contains five very efficient motors. The most powerful motor with serial designation CLK 500 is 5.0 liter eight-cylinder generating a series output of 306hp (225kw) at 5600rpm.

Seven-speed 7G-TRONIC automatic transmission in combination with the rear axle drive takes care of really continuous and sportive control. Add also 17-inch discs and a furious drive can begin! Of course, this motor is not the most powerful one you. They are delivering even more powerful motor, namely 5.5 liter AMG engine with output of 481hp (354kW) and 18-inch discs.


Mercedes-Benz CLK DTM Cabrio AMG
The word AMG undoubtedly groups together with the word Mercedes. This German company dealing with modification of Mercedes-Benz cars in terms of quality, safety, comfort and respect for the environment, has already existed 35 years.
Nobody could doubt of its qualities. In other words, nobody could doubt of its final products, namely the modified versions of different Mercedes models. Output – that is AMG.

Their latest project is a nice example of how could be a “normal” series car changed into something, what is more exceptional. But a word “normal” is not appropriate for the Mercedes-Benz Car Company. If it wasn’t so, famous Formula One competitors, as for example Mika Hakkinen and Juan Pablo Montoya, wouldn’t admire this jewel. By any means, we are presenting you Mercedes-Benz CLK DTM AMG Cabriolet.

The modification in the style of AMG done on this cabriolet contains a complete body-kit including discs and, of course, engine upgrade. But let’s look at it from the beginning.

Within the whole front part there has been made a change in the front bumper. The previous bumper has been replaced by the tuning one in the DTM manner. It is characterized by its simplicity, but more stylish design, which mightily suits this Mercedes. It is divided into three autonomous openings, which are replete by aggressive black metal. It is nothing difficult, but so much the more ravenous.

Attentive eye of the observer will certainly notice the expanded splash-boards at the front and at the rear. It is a very impressive move by the designers of AMG Company how to indemnify for this car a unique design. The splash-boards, at the same time, continuously meet with the front and the rear bumper, as well as with the side skirts. The side skirts aren’t particularly aggressive in any way, but in spite of that fact they have a considerable touch of sports character. In their front and rear parts there are comparatively large oblong openings which allow cool air flow into the front and rear disc brake system.

There have been made changes in the rear part as well, namely in the look of the rear bumper and the exhaust. The series bumper was adapted to the wider splash-boards and in its bottom part there has appeared an adapter for two oblong exhaust endings, of course, produced by the AMG Company. Again nothing complicated, but so much the more impressive.

Within the rear part there has been made one more change in the look of sports wing positioned on the rear boot. It has a very expressive sports design, the same as the whole car’s design. It is made of an ultra-light material, carbon.

Mercedes-Benz CLK modified by AMG:



Mercedes-Benz CLK DTM Cabrio AMG
As far as the performance of this “stinger” is concerned, it has been changed decently as well. Maybe the most expressive modification is upgrade of the series 5.5 liter engine with output of 481 hp (354 kW). Some parts of the engine as crank-shaft, pistons, cooling and exhaust systems (mentioned above), fuel feed system have been modified as well.

Thanks to that, a maximum output of this “muscleman” has mounted up to extreme 582 hp (428 kW) at 6100 rpm with maximum torque of 800 Nm. A racing touch is provided by the AMG „short-shifter“ five-speed automatic transmission. Thanks to this modification the estimated performances are the acceleration from 0 to 100 kph in less than 4 seconds and a top speed (electronically limited) of 300 kph.

Something must be done in order to achieve such a great output. This is done by the AMG sports car chassis, which has been fully set for perfect sportive application (thanks to the new spring lines and the enforced driving shaft), beautiful 19-inch AMG light-alloy discs at the front and 20-inch discs at the rear. They are fitted in the low-profile Dunlop tires with dimensions 255/35 R 19 at the front and 285/30 R20 at the rear. This Mercedes was also equipped with the new AMG “high-performance” disc brake system, namely with six-piston fixed-brake callipers at the front and four-piston fixed brake callipers at the rear.

It is all in all a kind car, isn’t it? This Mercedes with such adjustment has become a full-bodied sports car with big letter “S”.

The interior of this car hasn’t remained untouched too. It was enriched by the AMG sports shell leather seats Alcantara, formed for extreme comfort and first of all for safety during the fast drive. Rear seats are made of carbon and leather as well. It is done also for Your passengers to feel the power of Your DTM. By the way, there is a lot of carbon supported by the special material CFK in the car. It could be found for example on the “custom” AMG alarm-clocks, centre console, door panels etc. Another interesting modification has been done on the steering-wheel, which has been replaced by the AMG sports oblong one, which is covered in dark suede, giving the driver better and more sensitive feel for the vehicle. What is particular about it is the fact that you can gear up or down by the handles placed on the back of the steering wheel. It is exactly the same as from the Formula F1.

There are certainly a lot of things which could be said about this “stinger”. It is as plain as pikestal that the AMG Company knows what it does and that it is the world’s best company in its line of business. So, try to watch some Formula F1 competition in the future and take note of the Safety Car in case of some accident?.

Mercedes-Benz CLK DTM AMG cabriolet wallpaper:



Do you like this AMG modify of Mercedes-Benz CLK?

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