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Mercedes CLS tuned by ASMA Design!

Prove that there aren’t enough luxurious cars is the Mercedes‘ model called Mercedes CLS. It’s a sporting car with a hint of luxury and with its extravagant design, it can attract any enthusiast. Germany is a country of Mercedes, but also a tuning too. Germans plus tuning means only a furious drive. This nation is mad about all kinds of modifications and car improvements. We’ve seen many times before that these crazy folks can tune anything stock and we can find uncountable number of tuning companies here. Right in this country you can choose from the best tuning solutions. Today we would like to present you the tuning company ASMA Design with its new masterpiece based on the CLS. This vehicle isn’t common nor this ASMA’s machine.


Maximum style and carefully chosen details together with high output engines and business class comfort make this vehicle unique. The German manufacturer knows what’s “in” and how it should looks like. Since time, the Mercedes cars are the symbol of prestigious quality and perfect design from all angles. So that’s the way of sporting CLS.

Mercedes is also a symbol of performance, so there are 4 engines with the most powerful 6.3 liter V8 AMG aggregate. It can produce 514hp (378kW) at 6800rpm with 630Nm of torque. 100 km/h speed is a piece of cake made in 4.5 seconds.


Mercedes CLS Tuning
ASMA Design is a specialist on the three-pointed star vehicles. It has done much more modifications than you think. The fact that ASMA knows how to make some special tuning is also their newest product called Shark II.

Let’s take a closer look at this beast, but keep out from its razor-like teeth.

There no other way to start like with its front part. So what do you think, what’s changed? Yes, you’re right. There’s a new bumper but also the biggest front grille we’ve ever seen.

The most monumental part is the first thing you notice. It’s typical for narrowing lines downward with a pair of big, contrast openings on the edges of the bumper. The openings include integrated fog lamps or halogen lights, this choice depends on the customer.

This part of the car is literally overcrowded with skewed and oval lines but it improves overall aggressiveness of the car. And now the CLS affects unforgettable.

Mercedes CLS Tuning
Optical adrenaline continues also after the bumper in the form of extended fenders. These fenders are not only some kind of design fetish, but it includes a pair of distinctive and elongated openings for hot air from the front brakes.

Of course, the openings look like gills as we used in the case of shark predators. Side sills have decent lines on its edges, because this tuning isn’t only about aggressive and expressive elements.

Shark gills can be also found behind the rear extended fenders on the rear bumper. The bumper has now a diffuser with four bumpy exhaust tips. Simple, but beautiful.

The last step is a sporting chassis. The suspension lowers car about 35mm -50mm. We can’t forget about maximum stylish chromed 8-spoked 20“ rims. That’s all folks; the final decision is up to you.

Tuned Mercedes-Benz CLS as ASMA Street Shark II:



Mercedes CLS Street Shark II ASMA Design video:

Product catalogue of ASMA Mercedes CLS SHARK (PDF):

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What is your opinion about modified Mercedes CLS as the Street Shark II by Asma Design?

Video ASMA Mercedes S-Class Eagle1 in action:

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