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logo The armoured fighter – ASMA Mercedes-Benz ML GLADIATOR II logo

The armoured fighter – ASMA Mercedes-Benz ML GLADIATOR II

ASMA Mercedes ML Gladiator
A new, superior model of interesting SUV Mercedes-Benz M with an all-wheel-drive is approximately one year on the European and American markets but there are also modified ones like an AMG version, or this ASMA model.

The new model is more robust with lowerground clearance than older one. The bodywork is 150mm extended, 71mm broader, and for 7mm closer to the ground. Bulker car has logically bigger aerodynamic coefficient, but new model is redesigned and coefficient is now 0,34 compared to the older model with 0,39cx.

A lot of people can’t see advantages of lower aerodynamic coefficient on the first sight. This modification of aerodynamic resistance results in better fuel economy, up until 10% in case of some models. This is very good deal, when the offer is limited only on V6s and most powerful V8 engine. We can choose from two diesel (ML320 CDI or ML280 CDI) or two gasoline engines (ML350 and powerful V8 ML500). Unique electronic seven speed gearbox 7G-Tronic is controlled with a lever or buttons on the steering-wheel.

German company ASMA Design likes exclusivity. For right „bear“ of ML class is prepared second „warrior“ bodykit in row – called Gladiator II.

Photogallery of Mercedes-Benz ML modified by ASMA DESIGN:



ASMA Mercedes ML Gladiator
It isn’t some cosmetic change, but „heavy load“, full of aerodynamic parts. No doubt, that best smasher from whole bodykit is the front bumper, which changes the face of this bear beyond recognition.

The dominant isn’t only sporting shape, but also big costate front grill in unusual style similar to the gladiator’s shield. Filling area between headlights, it’s high from top to bottom of bumper, narrowing to the bottom. This size of front grill also with an interesting modification of hood diffusers improves cooling and air inlet in case of open air filter.

Extravagant sporting style is noticeable also on the side and bottom of the car. They didn’t forget about undershields, 45mm extended and typical air shaft used for brake cooling is in this case only visual element.

You can’t miss nice difusser with elegantly placed tetrad of exhaust tips on the end of exhaust pipe.

For cleaner look, ASMA removed disturbing chrome inscriptions from 5-doors and also big Mercedes-Benz sign was replaced with ASMA logo. Last, but very important element are wheels. This gladiator has big unique shoes – extreme 23“ alloys!

Wallpaper of Mercedes-Benz ML Asma Design:



What is your opinion on this Mercedes ML tuning by Asma Design?

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