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Mercedes-Benz S-class and ASMA Design Eagle I

ASMA Design is such a little workshop specialized on the Mercedes-Benz cars tuning modifications. It delivered few very interesting modifications that attract the attention of everyone, but also those who don’t like such a big limousines. One of the best best-sellsers were recently announced 4-doors CLS coupé with the „Shark“ bodykit or off-road bear ML in the „Gladiator II“ style. Of course, ASMA didn‘t give up and now guys are on their way to the success. So ASMA Design prepared for public a bodykit of the best and most luxurious from Mercedes-Benz – S-class.

The „S“ letter is more than five decades a symbol of the most luxurious, prestigious, full of most intelligent technologies with top quality manufacturing. Also the design itself reveals, that it isn’t ordinary car, but something really unique, self-confident, elegant and powerful on the roads. A customer can choose from several engines. The „weakest“ one is 320 CDI – 6-cylinders diesel engine with 235 hp and maximum torque 530Nm at 1600 - 2400 rpm. With this „weakest“ engine this monster can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 7,5 seconds. For someone interested in fuel economy – it’s only 8,5 liters per 100 km.

Now take a look at the stronger engines offered by Mercedes-Benz in S-class. It’s not a few, so mention only names like S350, S450 and S500, both also with possibility of all-wheel-drive and the biggest one S600. But for real enthusiast and fast drive lover, there is prepared the high-light of production – 12-cylinders S 65 AMG L. This monster has 6 liters volume with 612 hp and unbelievable maximum torque 1000 Nm by AMG 5-speed transmission. Now the 0-100 km/h acceleration is done in 4,4 seconds! So that’s daredevil acceleration! And fuel economy? Don’t ask – 14,8 liters per 100 kms in combination consumption.

Asma Eagle
So you think that stock Mercedes-Benz S-class is the top? You’re wrong! I think there’s no car that couldn’t be improved. This bear isn’t an exception and guys from ASMA Design know it. The thought that stock one is less sporty, austere and snobbish too much.

So they weren’t hesitating too long and prepared new suit for this gentleman – Eagle I. It’s quite extravagant but in case of ASMA Design, we’re used to it. The certainty of this bodykit is big front grill that starts just in the end of hood and ends in the bottom of front bumper. If it’s elegant or not, everyone must make its own decision, but truth is that it’s distinctive and unconventional.

The look on the back reveals massive mudguards and doorsteps, that creates air shafts behind front and before rear wheels. Also rear bumper with two round double exhaust tips are new. These details make bear more powerful and distinguish more and more from a stock version. But that’s not all, the owner of Mercedes S-class can order a clearance height decrease of 40 mm in a front and in a back.

Of course, a car without wheels isn’t complete car. ASMNA design offers severe models of wheel discs but choose wheels with a dimension 255/30/21“ in a front and 295/25/21“ in a rear. That will look eye-candy …uhm… sorry not candy, but it will be really aggressive bear? Or an eagle? Simply the ASMA Eagle 1!

Mercedes Benz S tuning by Asma Design Eagle I.:



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