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Black edition by AMG – Mercedes SLK 55!

Here is a proof, that the light and the dark can have same name. A new coupé-cabriolet SLK 55 from Mercedes was taken to the workshop by AMG and they’ve created a so-called Black Edition. Judging by parameters, this Mercedes looks more than good.

Amg Mercedes SLK 55
Also the famous convertible top was sacrificed for the special solid roof. In an effort to strengthen the bodywork and to reduce a weight, they have removed heavy and bulky electro-hydraulic mechanism.

This only 1495 kg weighty car is powered by 5.5 liter V8 engine. This engine was modified by AMG company and has maximal output of 294 kw (400hp). The maximum torque is now 520 Nm.

Carbon fiber panels, an expanded front air-intake and ventilation holes on the sides are parts of the visual modification.

We can’t forget the 19“ alloy wheels with 235/35 and 265/30 tires.

New black sporting seats, a door facing with carbon, alcantra and aluminum elements, make an interesting seeing from the driver’s seat.

Amg Mercedes SLK 55 Tuning
After cranking up an engine we can hear an ominous roar produced by a tetrad of exhausts tips. This indicates the presence of the sprinter. 0-100km/h acceleration is done only in 4.5 secs and the top speed is about 280km/h – we can talk about a supersport.

We can’t forget about the 7-speed self-changing gearbox that shifts gears very quick and fluently.

The testing on a test circuit has proved qualities of this coupé. The car’s handling in curves is great and the overall stability of the coupé is very good also nearby top speed. These great properties are provided by an adjustable suspension with and adjustable wheel springs and a suspension rate.

The power of huge brakes (in front made from composite) isn’t fading not even after a series of braking from high-speeds.

AMG SLK55 Black is more than a stylistic exercise. This is a demonstration of Mercedes that it is possible to build a machine that has not only great acceleration but can satisfy many a man with a sporty feeling.

Photogallery of modified Mercedes SLK 55 by AMG:



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