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Logo Mercedes Mercedes C W203 – modified saloon by Rieger Tuning ! Logo Mercedes

Mercedes C W203 – modified saloon by Rieger Tuning !

What you imagine when you hear the „sporting limousine“? Luxury in combination with dynamic exterior or a sporting saloon with fancy interior? However, we talk about same thing. These cars are loved by many people all over the world. These people know that their money were spent for something that is as good for business trips as for some „innocent“ fun on highways or mountainous roads. And there’s no place for disappointment. But let’s be specific – today we’re going to talk about the Mercedes that has conquered entire world with its vehicles that are famous for their superb quality and craftsmanship. Their models are everywhere. One of their favorite models is Mercedes C-class, the model W203 (saloon). This saloon really has sporting accent, but not enough to be seen by the German tuning company Rieger.


First appearance of this beauty was few years ago, but it’s still very popular. As proof that this car can be for everyone is a fact that the C-class can be obtained as a saloon, hatchback and station wagon. Everyone can choose from the range.
The „C“ is available with 3 diesel and 4 gasoline engines. The most powerful is a 3.2 V6 producing 218 hp at 5700 rpm. Quite nice output in fact that this model has 7 years! Rieger is known for their bold, but stylish modifications that can be marked as „unique“. There aren’t many tuning companies in the world as the German Rieger. The companies producing parts with so care, design and quality like Rieger.


Mercedes C W203
Its newest masterpiece is based on the C-class saloon to bring some life and full-blooded sporting spirit.

As usually, the whole modification has started with a new bumper in the front part.

The bumper has a sportier lower part that is characteristic for elongated central opening. It visibly matches with the lines of the mask and edges of the hood.

The sides of the bumper have a pair of decorative openings with integrated fog lamps and four fin, tight cut-outs for air-intake to front brakes.

This series of openings are filled with a black perforated sheet and creates a nice combination of pleasant and useful.

The lowest part of the bumper includes a pair of smaller, side spoilers.

Mercedes C W203 Tuning
Some nice elegance has appeared on the sides in form of the side sills. As we used in the case of Rieger, the front grille has now a big logo of its manufacturer. To be sure that everybody knows who’s behind this Mercedes. Also we can find series of openings for in- and off-take of air for brakes that are fancy divided with a laminated crossbar. Together it makes a feeling that there’s something „bloodthirsty“.

Also the rear part hasn’t been missed, so here we can find a modified bumper with anew lower part. That makes the car optically decreased and the modification has also two elongated openings divide with a crossbar filled with the obligatory black perforated sheet.

The left opening has a pair of stainless mufflers. It’s quite a minimalist, but very effective. We can’t forget about the rear sporting wing that boosts this car with some brutal power.

And the high-spot of the whole vehicle are two-pieces 18“ 8-spoked rims.

Photo gallery of Mercedes C by Rieger Tuning:



What is your opinion about this tuned Mercedes-Benz C W203 by Rieger Tuning?

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