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Mini Cooper S R56 Tuning by Hamann

Hamann Mini Cooper
Mini is a new and old brand. It’s famous mostly for its spectacular handling. In former times, the Austin company was the producer, but today the Mini is a family member of BMW concern. The BMW concern is a guarantee of quality and great successor of a tradition called Mini. The last generation of BMW Mini is now in workshops of Hamann guys. This English car with German tuning has now not only a new kit, but also great performance thanks to the quality engine under its hood.

From a value car for most people, it has became the image jewel and the love of many young people and tuners too. The Hamann tuners have dressed this Mini in beautiful and quality sporting style. The aerodynamic kit consists of front spoiler to create more thrust power, side sills and two-piece rear diffuser. With this looking, Hamann Mini shouldn’t be ashamed between its brothers in Mini Coupe. Now it has special paintworks and decoration of chess-flag. There are few tones of decorum in silver, anthracite and white color. These flags can be placed anywhere on the car, on the diffuser, roof or hood. It depends only on requirements. It’s possible to let the customer reveal its own aesthetic feeling and place the stickers on its own.

The engineers have prepared this kit for the strongest version Mini Cooper S, but also the kit is available for the version Cooper. Under the hood we can find the stock 1.6 liter V4 producing 128kW (174hp) at 5500rpm. But Hamann propagates an upgrade allows reaching 200hp.

Short, action video presentation of stock, intact Mini Cooper S R56:

17“ and 18“ wheels

Hamann Mini Cooper
Hamann offers three types of wheels for this Mini. We can start with the model HM4 in 17“ version. It’s the one-piece alloy rim with 5 spokes and wide hem in a silver color. It enhances the wider feeling from the car.

The PG4 alloy wheels is a solid two-piece alloys with a buffed hem. It’s so called „the multipurpose“ version. It doesn’t make the car wider as the HM4 type but still looks great. Next one-piece rim is an elegant multi-spoked Anniversary I.

Silver paintworks and buffed hem from stainless steel plus 18“ dimension is the combination of great look and useful side, where the hem is replaceable after its damage.

The rims are booted also in a big style. HM4 needs 215/40 17“ tires. The 18“ PG4 tires are booted into the 215/35 front and 225/35 rear tires. And the Anniversary I model has same tires as the HM4.

Exhaust system

Sound of tuned vehicle has sometimes same importance as other elements. So the Hamann guys have played also with this part. For maniacs and sound enthusiasts is sound of this Mini like a symphony. Sporting muffler with two or four stainless tips (90mm in diameter) in combination with a brand-new open suction by Hamannn is something unbelievable. This muffler is available for Cooper and Coopers S too.


Mini Cooper offers best handling properties in the world also without some special improvements. But Hamann wants more, so they’ve focused also on the suspension. They’ve replaced shock absorbers and springs too and installed new sporting versions with possibility of height adjustment. Thanks to this ability, the Mini can be lower than 50 mm in the front and 30 mm in the back. These modifications have lowered the centre of gravity and so the handling is better. So what do you think, quite sweet candy, isn’t it?


Complex change of the interior is obvious. Side sills from aluminum with logos of Hamann welcome you in the car. Next modifications are the buffed aluminum shift knob and hand brake. Exclusive black rugs with black seats match with the excellent interior. The dashboard is made of carbon surface treatment and includes aluminum hems of tachymeter matching with ventilators also made of aluminum and carbon. Hamann didn’t forget about details such as carbon bottle holders It’s very nice to see that the company cares about details like that. The aluminum design can be seen also on the doorknobs, speakers’ hems, gearbox hem... The tuners didn’t forget about side posts that are now made of carbon.

Good habit of Hamann is its flexibility and goodwill to fulfill all customers’ requirements and make any possible modifications.

Pictures of tuned car Mini Cooper S R56 by Hamann:



Wallpaper Hamann Mini Cooper S R56 download:



What si your opinion about modified Mini Cooper S by Hamann?

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