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City sprinter Mini Cooper S HAMANN!

Big advantage of small cars is great maneuverability and orientation also in the heaviest traffic. And there’s no rule that small cars are only for women (But I think that it’s something true about that?) We’re accustomed on the fact small cars haven’t so much under their hood. We need to differentiate what is enough. It’s true, that for fan of fast cars it isn’t enough so he wouldn’t buy it. But it’s OK for regular driver. And for this reasons, there are tuning companies that improve not only the performance but whole look. I think that everybody knows Mr.Bean-mania, when this comedian drove his tiny cosy „Englishman“ called Mini. Times changes, so there is new version on the market for longer time. I mean car?. So I would like to present you Mini Cooper S in HAMANN style.

Stock darling

Mini Cooper. Everybody knows this cultish car. Despite of long time passed until 1963, this car is more and more popular with more and more fans. Also nowadays, this car is the symbol of unique style and extravagance. German HAMANN choose for modification the strongest model of Mini – Mini Cooper S.

Mini Cooper S is manufactured as hatchback and also as cabriolet. No shame and blame to the engine of this car – 1,6 liter turbocharged 4-cylinders engine with stock output 170hp (125kW) in 6000 rpm. Torque is 220Nm. Thanks to this configuration is 0-100 km/h acceleration done in 7,2 seconds and top speed is 222km/h. Tiny, but powerful.

MINI in MAXI modification

mini cooper Hamman
Imagine the situation when lion attacks rabbit (little probability, but it’s an example?). This happened in case of MINI and HAMMAN. What was born, we’ll tell you now.

Visual modification is evident. It started with stock front bumper, which was replaced by tuning one. It’s similar to the original, but you can see sport character.

Includes one central opening covered by black tension reinforcement and with fog-lamps on the both sides. Bumper is continuously connected with mudguards.

They’ve mounted side doorsteps that have openings in the rear part used to air inlet to the rear brake discs. They’re quite decent, but with strong sporting elements. And they’re in tune with lines of automobile.

Rear part of car has changed in case of the hood and rear bumper.

There is new spoiler under the rear bumper, a pair of chromium HAMANN exhaust tips with 70mm diameter ( 2 together, front and rear shock-absorber) and spoiler on the roof. Changes not clear on the first sight but more aggressive. They make car more sporty charming.

Pictures of Mini Cooper S tuning by Hamann:



mini cooper Hamman
We can’t miss the wheel disks. In this case they’re exclusive – a model family Anniversary-I-Mini. Strictly speaking, they’re 18 spokes discs, with low-profile Hankook tires. No doubt that they’re very good manufactured. We can see very clearly brake discs HAMMAN through them. Disk brake caliper is red painted.

Let’s talk about performance part of this tiny car a litl’bit more. Tuners didn’t forget about sporting gear, which is 50mm lower compared to the stock version.

Engine tuning is more interesting part – Mini Cooper S was improved with 41hp to the total 211hp (151kW). Torque was improved too, now it’s 255Nm. Thanks to that, top speed is now 229km/h and acceleration 0-100km/h is 6,6 seconds.

So what do you mean? Think about that it’s still little Mini. This modification is called „Sportkit CS4“ in HAMANN’s menu.

Tuners didn’t miss an interior, so their is a lot of carbon on a dashboard and it is used as door filling. They added sporty three-legged steering wheel coated by chamois, aluminium pedals, aluminium track rod end and handbrake handle with carved HAMANN logo. Also, HAMANN can make leather interior in go-as-you-please color. It depends on your imagination.

Hamann Mini Cooper S wallpaper:



What is your opinion on this modified Mini Cooper S by Hamann?

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