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Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX

The automobile devolopment jumps ahead really fast and the automobile factories still bring the most diverse news and improvements in the automobile area. The target is to improve cars which already exist to fill requests of a demanding automobile market. The cars owners require the most exact „manifestation“ of their interest when buying a car. Therefore, what became an everyday routine is a constant improvement of a car´s performance. The change of a car´s look to be clear what is going on is connected with it. The best example is the newest Mitsubishi EVO IX. Mitsubishi automobile factory knows how to attract.

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX

What cross our mind when hearing a word Mitsubishi is Lancer EVO. The car which expresses a peculiar owner´s style and his sense for perfection. It is a difference between buying the newest Porsche and EVO. The Porsche owner is aware of buying a popular car but at the same time the buying of this car says that he wants to be different, in other words, Porsche is a car for „fopishness“, to attract. But a person who bought EVO knows to what he put money. He invested money to the most popular travel car with that amount of a sport character which EVO certainly owns. This car has the style, the car itself is perfect and it expresses a lot about a person who owns it.

The cars about which we will hear in media and between people who fan a sport spirit and tuning, read in a magazines surely for a long time are Lancer EVO VII, VIII and the newest one IX. The impressiom is made by its design and the great performance whereby all this is in the form of a road car. These cars have just their style, there is no doubt about it and show the right way in the car construction of this class. Mitsubishi still confirmed its qualities in manufacturing sport cars whic also very popular in the area of tuning.

Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 9
The newest addition from a Mitsubishi Motors UK workroom is a new version of a popular road super-sport Mitsubishi Lancer EVO IX under the title FQ – 360. This version is the successor of an older FQ-340 with the difference that it dispatches by the newest features and more powerful engine.

By this, a new model FQ-360 was added to the wide family of versions EVO which consists of models FQ-300, FQ-320, FQ-340. Each of these four cars are different in some aspects but it still remains the same cultish car which hardly find its vanquisher. Even if this would happened, nothing can be better in its peculiarity and in its big and strong effluence.

Model FQ-360 is built on the features of a limited editions FQ-400 whose sell began in 2004. The newest version consists of the features of its two earlier forerunners, FQ-400 and 340, concretelly in engine parts. It deals with the initial engine 2.0i 16V Turbo MIVEC which can be proud of its output 366 hp at 6887 rpm after modification and following improvement. For this output it should have been ECU (Engine Control Unit) fully reprogrammed.

Thankful this, this new version of Lancer reaches 100 km/h in unbelievable 4,1 seconds and maximal speed is electronically stopped on 258 km/h. Just for the comparison, Porsche 911 Carrera 4S reaches 100 km/h at 0,7 seconds slower. The torque is a character key of this car. It is able to get the torque in the dimension 492 Nm, what is 10 Nm more than has a limited edition FQ-400 and it is 24 Nm more than FQ-340.

As it was said by Paul Brigden, a Ralliart general manager (world mechanism for Mitsubishi Motorsport): „ We were working hard to optimalize the steering control of a new FQ-360. We wanted to bring the best driving experience...“ The summary is that the developers of an automobile factory Mitsubishi were trying to create, respectivelly to convert Lancer to the form which would dispatch by the best accessible things and at the same time to feel that power under our feet.

Gallery of Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 9 FQ-360:



Mitsubishi lancer evo9
The front part changed in the form of a carbon lower spoiler and carbon a „shark jaws“ over the back window. Both these features help in better air flowing and by this improve the aerodynamics of the car. There were added a new 5-pokes disks which are optimalized for the tar in the combination with the professional racing tires Yokohama ADVAN AO46 with the dimensions 235/45ZR17.

It was added a system known as „Ralliart Sports Meter Kit“ to the indoor, what in fact is a configuration of a three alarm-clocks, indicators of a battery voltage, oil temperature and a boost pressure – so the turbo indicators. It offers the necessary information during the ferocious sport drive in this automobile sport jewel. Let´s not forget about the power windows and driving mirrors, air-conditiong and a quantity of airbags. You can get racing seats Recaro in the base package. The safety and comfort above all.

Let´s not also forget about the safety if we are talking about the braking action of a going car. The brakes are, in this case, made by BREMBO, in the front 17" four-pistons and 16" two-pistons in the back. In the combination with the systems like ABS and EBD ( Electronic Brake force Distribution) this car is a king in a car safety.

So FQ-360 is alive in the world and we can only wait for the responses of this new version of a kultish car which is famous not only between only sport fans but also between us – the tuners.

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