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Nissan 350Z Mac Audio Tuning

There are many types of presentation – ads, TV spots, radio tracks and of course with a car. On our roads, we can see a lot of cars with stickers of various companies that represent themselves and let people know about their existence. But what about some presentation by the tuning? The most important tuning companies and companies producing car accessories like Rieger, Sparco or Clarion have presented many types of presentations yet. Maybe the most interesting way is to build your own show car to present your products to the whole world. Usually, the show cars are fancy vehicles with an amazing bodykit and powerful music system, inside. One of these masters is Nick König, a member of Audiovox, who in cooperation with MAC Audio has designed an amazing show car suitable also for ordinary users with a normal budget. The core of this show car is Nissan 350Z.


I think that there’s no need to present you Nissan 350Z. The car that was introduced in 2003 has changed the term „tuning“ and it has became one of the most popular sports car in the world not only for tuners. Yes, it’s Japanese (of course, in a good way). In its stock version it has a wonderful design with many sporting features and very powerful and quality engine. This car was and is the No.1 for enthusiasts and it is one of the best „tunable“ cars. Nissan 350Z has really a big potential.

Under the hood of the king we can find a 3.5 liter V6 producing 280hp (206kW) at 6200rpm. With this power, its maximum speed 250kph is no problem and only 5.9 seconds is necessary to reach 100kmph.


Nissan 350Z Mac Audio
There are many cars that were built for the presentation of some company, in our case, the tuning company. For example Audi A3 by Vogtland. It’s a very nice ride, precious made and beautiful. But we can find many show cars that are combinations of the wildest dreams of its creator. And often it’s very confusing. Fortunately, our Nissan 350Z by MAC Audio (P.I.T) belongs to the first mentioned category, because the work of Nick König is amazing – perfectly matching elements that create a unified beauty. So let’s take a closer look.

The first look reveals what this modification is about. Distinctive paintworks are another step to the perfection. The combination of silver, red-orange and black is perfect and the creators did a great job. So the next step is the bodykit. As we mentioned before, Nick König wanted to create the show car available also for ordinary people.

So because of this, also laminated parts were chosen carefully without any massive bumpers. So Nick asked Top Secret, a tuning pro from USA for favor. So now the front bumper is simple, but very charming.

Four smaller and one bigger opening are in a nice contrast with the rest of bodykit and together with an expressive diffuser create an ideal combination of dynamics and uniqueness.

Nissan 350Z Mac Audio
But MAC Audio wouldn’t be satisfied only with a simple installation of bumper, so Top Secret USA delivered this kit with 10cm extension. And this is a good place for a pair of elongated openings behind the front wheels.

Extended fenders continue with nicely designed side sills that don’t want to create an image of furious machine, but vice-versa. They’re very stylish.

A high spot of our laminated modification is the rear bumper that has a new diffuser for a new exhaust system finished with a pair of oval exhaust tips. They have 100mm in diameter. Continuous lines are co-created with a stylish „jap style“ rear wing with a carbon surface.

The chassis is also very happy and proud of its wheels. There are beautiful two-part 5-spoked rims Oxigin Lexor with luxurious dimensions – 8,5x20 in front and 11,5x20 in the back! They are black and have delicious tires – Pirelli PZERO NERO 235/30-20 and 305/25-20. Behind the rims there are magnificent Brembo brakes with MAC logo. Of course, there’s a sporting suspension KW Suspension, the version 1 to lower the low car.

In spite of big wheels, there was a plenty space under the fenders. So the tuners had to install an extension block that isn’t small. 35mm in front and 45mm at the back. We don’t want to imagine the load on the axle.

If you think that there are many exterior changes, take a look inside of the ride. Original material was replaced with a luxurious bright Alcantara (dashboard, roof and doors) that contrasts with black floor and carpets. For your safety and comfort, Mac Audio used white Recaro Poleposition bucket seats also in Alcantara.

Of course, aluminum elements can’t miss – pedals and everything what isn’t covered with Alcantara, and black metallic paintworks are on a part of doors, dashboard, rear side of seats. It’s gorgeous, especially with a white color.

Nissan 350Z Mac Audio
Former four-seater was changed to the two-seat roadster because of audio installation. SO now we’re talk about the electronics. The central console was changed, but the original 7“ LCD monitor with navigation remains intact.

But the doors are more interesting. There were heavy modified and the result is unbelievable – 72 LEDs under the glass and 7“ LCD Audiovox LCM 7069. Red light creates a good mood of the exclusive interior. The displays are connected to the central unit Kenwood DDX 6029 transmitting 3D logo of Mac Audio and shots from Terminator and Fight Club movie.

Sow what about the sound unit? There is a pair of central-bass speakers Max Audio Super 2.16 in MDF rings and muffled with three-layer bitumen plates. Central speakers are cooperating with treble units in the A-pillar.

As we said before, the rear seats are now the place for installed audio. An elegant core with the white Alacantara hides a pair of MAC Audio Fearless One amplifiers producing 1000W of music power for a pair of massive 12“ subs called MAC Audio Maximus Reference that look and sound great.

They have also a 35 liter bass-reflex cabinet for their better sound. This everything is showed under the red light.

Pictures of Nissan 350Z Mac Audio:



Nissan 350Z Mac Audio in a short video called „The Package“:

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So what you think about this tuned Nissan 350Z by Mac Audio?

Author: TuningMag.net

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