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Will's hilarious piece - Nissan Skyline R32 GTS-T year 89 !

Nissan have produced world-famous Skyline since year 1952. The first Skyline had a 1.5l engine and a power of 44 kW. The production of this car continues till today and Nissan will anounce a brand new Skyline GTR in the year 2007.

Now I'd like to introduce you one Nissan Skyline R32 GTS-T made in 1989.

It was imported from Japan and it's new owner, Will, have had a great plans with it. Serial GTS-T is powered by a RB20DET agregate with a power of 156kW. RB20 is quite a good base to build a fast car. But Nissan offers much stronger engines, so Will have decided to exchange a serial engine by a RB25DET monster, which comes from R33 year 1994.

This 2.5 litre single-turbo straight 6 piston engine has a serial power of 206 kW. Will have also decided to include a new turbo to his new engine, type Garrett GT30R, custom made stainless steel "top-mount" turbo manifolds, Tial 38mm wastegate for exact pressure control and HKS SSQV valve.

GT30R turbo produces very high pressure, for which the serial injection is quite limiting. So Will decided to enhance the injection by a new Kinetic Motorsports 440cc fuel injection, Keeplabs custom top feed fuelrail (fuel pipe), Walbro 255lph fuel pump, Aeromotive fuel regulator and a liquid filled fuel pressure meter. Intake has also been inmproved by Greddy Intake Manifold, frontal mounted intercooler type HKS Type-S with a custom-made pipes, 90mm Q45 throttle body and a Z32 MAF sensor. A part of the manifold has been improved by a 80mm keeplabs custom heat-insulated downpipe. It is connected to a straight 80mm stainless steel catback exhaust.

Nissan Skyline R32
All of these modifications are unreliable without a damn good control unit to regulate fuel, timing and turbo pressure. Will used tuned MINES Z32 TT control unit. It's fuel injection can be set by Apex'i SAFC II. Turbo pressure setting is controlled by Apex'i AVC-R electronic boost controller.

The chassis sits on Tein HA coilover setup and front shock-absorbers are hardened by a MINES system. Will have chosen wheel disks (17x10 in the front and 18x10.5 on the rear) for his darling. Tyres are Kumho Ecsta SPT 215/40/17 in the front and 235/35/18 on the rear.

Not even interior have stayed serial. Seats have been exchanged for quality based, red JIC Magic Alcantara ones, Nardi leather steering wheel, Nardi selector lever head and Cusco 21-7 modified protection cache. For amusement, Will have installed Pioneer AVIC-D1 navigation system and all of the serial speakers have been replaced by the Focal ones. To control the engine, Will added 3 Defi 8F meters (turbo pressure, oil pressure, water temperature).

A car was painted to Keeplabs custom matte black colour, mudguards have been modified because of broad Work disks and the exterior have been finished with a Final Konnexion First Contact body kit. It has been added only some time before and it is not coloured yet. However, Will plans to paint it with a glossy metalized black colour. Serial front lightbulbs have been swapped by a xenon lamps. Power of the engine is now about 480 hp (402 hp to the wheels) in 14PSI.

In this gallery you can take a look at Will's R32:



This car have also been on the session in Vancouver. You can read about it here:

Club Revscene

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