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Opel GT Concept

The person is slowly getting used to cars, mostly to the news, which are tied with the past. Either it is its manufacturer or it is its design but they have something in common. Nowdays, as concerns „alived“ cars, they are mostly sport cars. The „Fathers“ of today´s followers was somehow special for their age, they had something inside themselves what is alived to this times. Why had it been constructing cars which have their rootes in 50-ties, 60 –ties and 70 – ties. People know how to honour this jewel which survives even 50 years and therefore these cars are so exceptional. What do the years 1968-1973 and 2006 have in common? The only one thing, the collocation Opel GT!


Opel GT. It is an on-road roadster (respectively in conversion coupe, too). Behind this great jewel there is the German automobile factory Opel which has been manufacturing cars since the year 1898!

It is a big history. „Born“ of this Opel GT is dated in years 1968 – 1973. The seasons of the developing motorism.

This Opel was an extraordinary car in that days. It offers comfortable family car however for two persons only, which hides in itself a huge amount of a sport character in little money. The ideal combination for that days.

There was a production of several Opel GT models and there were two types of engines building in and it was 1,1l with the output 60 hp (44 kW) and 1,9l with the output 90 hp (66 kW).

The car with the second engine reached a 100 km/h in approximately 10 seconds and maximal speed was about 188 km/h. These numbers are pretty nice as we take into consideration the former times and very few cars should be equal to Opel GT.

The design of this old – timer is a jewel of that time designers. Maybe it is a little bit alike the old Chevrolet Corvette by its back part and the front bonnet together with bulging front fender. The Opel automobile factory was probably trying to resemble to overseas states in USA and produce something what will be similar to its american classics. So, to bring a little bit of America to Europe. It is necessary to say that it was successful.

Opel GT produced in 1968:


2007 OPEL GT

Because responses for the sport cars are much more higher it is really difficult to please all people in the way of satisfying both sides. Even if there is many sport cars in the world. It is not financially bearable to pay a few millions for example for Porsche for the most fans of sport cars. Therefore foremen from the Opel automobile factory came with something really new but at the same time „old“. It is a middle class two seat roadster Opel GT. It is relatively short name for this news but only for the reason that Opel GT made in 1970 is his „father“. And people respecting this kind of cars wanted to bring something new but at the same time authentic and by this to honour memory of the former road king.

At the first sight a person sees that the news is not so resemble to its initial version. Designers wanted to bring something more modern and up-to-date. However, those typical bulging fenders are placed also in this new GT version.

Together with the cars Opel Tigra and Opel Astra Twin Top, Opel Gt will create a sport cabriolets trinity from the series Opel. We can not forget the Opel Speedster whose curves we can find on the new Opel GT too.

New Opel GT was introduced in the Geneva automobile show in the black and red colour. Both cars agitated respect and a big interest of bystanders.

The dominanting feature of this roadster is his front part which is literally sigillated by openings and lights. There is one big opening in the lower part of a bumper and at its side through the plastic bumper barrier there are next four openings, this time parted by a „strip“. At sides in the lower part there are placed four pure lights. In the top portion there is chromic mask with the Opel logo.

Under the top portion there is a small opening which is, as the all others, filled with black grid. The task of these openings is to supply cold air to the „lungs“ of this predator what is an engine cooler. The side openings subserve the aim of cooling the front disk brakes. At the sides from the mask there are placed front pure xenon headlights.

On the front bonnet we can see the induction systems with chromic edging. It is a stylish sign. The design of the front part confirms the designer´s intention of the Opel automobile factory to produce full-blooded sport car intended to all roads. An abnormal aggressive and fully sport design will surely „pave a road“ for this new addition to the sport family.

The sport predator´s curves are going through the front, relatively low window placed into the aluminium frame. It is not only the sport sign but also the possibility how to increase the extravagant impression. The lines are stretching through the side part in which we can find just one door because of the two – seated roadster. Behind the back wheels we can see the narrow elongated ledges from which there are led the lines of the bodywork. It is nothing else than the openings for the exhausting the warm air from the front brakes.

If we are talking about such a jewel it can not be forget about the back part which, in this case, is really a well produced piece. You can see some convex bodywork parts behind the back seats. Porsche GT has something similar to this.

It can be said that it is an integral part of each sport car. There are the back diodes lights with the pure red glass over the back bumper. The Opel sign over which there is a white pure backup light between the diodes. It is the same in the bumper lower part. At the bumper´s both sides we can also find two angular projecting chromic endings of a sport exhaust emission system.

A convertible top of this car is putting off authomatically to the back trunk. There is nothing better than the drive without the top. But it is necessary to be carefull with the speed. The back part also confirmed there is something to it and creates the perfect harmony with the whole car in the one perfect „sport performance“.

The best of this outdoor part are wheel discs. They are five radials with the dimension 18 inches. Behind them there are hidden but still visible disk brakes as in the front so in the back.

Photos of new Opel GT:



The fact that the designers are particular in the indoor is the habit in the car news. It was not different either in the case of GT. GT is tuned to the black-red leather with the number of chromic complements. There is of course, a three – leg steering-wheel in the combination red – black leather with the controls at its sides.

As to the chromic parts they are, for example, the door handle, the alarm edge and dashboard, gear change lever knob, pedals and many other accessories. After getting in the car, the indoor looks like homelike what is really necessary for the sport drive in this kind of the car for the relax. You will sit in the leather sport curved seats. Exactly the same as the best sport car should has.

What is the most important information in this new models is their driving mechanisms. In this case of a new Opel GT, it is a two litres ECOTEC with the output 260 hp. It reaches 100km/h in 6 seconds and the maximal speed is electrically limited to 230 km/h. The driving mechanism is on the back wheels. These numbers are pretty nice and it is clear that you can have fun and enjoy your drive.

As to the design, the new Opel GT is inspired by predacious concept VX Lighting which was created in Birmingham on the occassion of the hundred Vauxhall´s anniversary. It is Opel which is in England produced under the Vauxhall trademark. If you are longing for this roadster you will have to wait till summer 2007 when starting the manufacturing in Wilmington in the state Delawere where there are already produced concepts of Pontiac Solstice and Saturn Sky.

We can looking forward to it once again because of proving that human being is really able to create. And he is able to create with the soul but at the same time with the huge amount of style. He is able to create something what forces other people to turn for. Opel GT 2007 is the one !

Opel GT wallpaper:



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