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Peugeot Peugeot 207 Supersprint – tony tot’s maximalization Peugeot

Peugeot 207 Supersprint – tony tot’s maximalization

We think that you’ve already noticed that tuning companies don’t miss smaller products of automotive industry. They put the accent on its quality in the same way as in case of its bigger brothers. Nice examples are Opel/Vauxhall Corsa or Peugeot 207. The second mentioned vehicle is important for us today, because we have prepared one new product for the 207. There are some nice exhaust system parts by an Italian exhaust expert – Supersprint.


Supersprint Peugeot 207
But, honestly, Peugeot 207 isn’t so tiny as we used to talk about it. It can be a strong competition also to stronger cars and its quite powerful engines prove my theory. Peugeot 207 is a quite new model, but it’s very popular maybe among all categories. But, why not? It has everything what a city car needs – an attractive design, superior safety and especially adequate performance when you really need to survive on the road.

So, as we used in the case of Peugeot brand and its popular cars, now we can obtain also the Peugeot 207 CC (convertible) version and also the sporting Peugeot 207 RC model. This version can be really proud of its aggregate. Under the hood we can find a little treasure – the 1.6 liter 16V engine producing beautiful 175hp (128kW) at 6000rpm. Very nice values for such a „small“ car. Yummy!

The Supersprint company is well known for its high-quality exhaust system and its individual parts. So in the case of these Italian exhausts, the performance boost, long-time life span and amazing sound are guaranteed. So this all can be find in our Peugeot 207 too.

Supersprint has recently prepared a complete exhaust system of STREET line for the French lion. The STREET SUPERSPRINT for Peugeot 207 consists of:

- high-quality exhaust lid made of stainless steel
- front pipe with metallic catalyzer
- central pipe
- central exhaust
- oval/cut exhaust tip with muffler

Pictures of these parts for Peugeot 207:


Quality of Supersprint‘s concept is improved with the quality of construction:

The final product Supersprint is a pride of whole company. Every system is built to be so good as the highest industry standard. As you take a closer look at the exhaust system, you can notice all precise details, quality of used material, exact welds and excellent result. It’s obvious that Supersprint is producing one of the best exhaust systems in the world. You can feel and listen to its quality for many years.

Look at the interior of exhaust systems by Supersprint:


Racing exhaust systems Supersprint:

For weekend sporting drive on the race track or rare club races, we have catalyzers instead of absorbers and better pipes for more performance. These systems include all necessary parts for gas measurements and they can be combined with our straight replacements of exhausts without all mufflers, for racing sound. The A-class racing system with bigger pipes is strictly recommended only for racing purpose in a car with special modified engines. These systems are not illegal on the roads, but can be easily replaced with stock exhaust system for common driving.

Some illustrative racing exhausts components just for you:




1) CNC machined head flanges, heavy duty 13 to 15 mm thick steel, heat distortion resistent Supersprint zvody
2) Stainless steel tubes (for Cat. equipped models), or chrome plated, heavy duty steel tubes, 1,5 mm wall thickness, mandrel bent with CNC bending machines.
3) Head tubes perfectly mated to the engine exhaust ports for smooth gas flow. Length and diameter are tuned to engine displacement and powerband characteristics.
4) Joints between tubes are hand welded.
5) Slide-on type connections are machined to perfect tolerances for leak proof fitting.
6) Brackets are positioned to fit exactly the original mounting points.
7) An oxygen sensor is retained, where present in the OEM exhaust (no modification is needed to the engine management system).
8) CNC precision machined joint flange, for perfect fit to the OEM cat., or front silencer.


1) Precision finished joints and perfectly positioned brackets, for easy mounting and a flawless fit. Supersprint vyfuk
2) Heavy duty, stainless steel inlet tube, 1,5 mm thick.
3) Long lasting sound absorbing materials (Rock wool, with stainless steel wool wrap around silencer cores).
4) Free-flow silencer design, smooth-gas flow y-shape inner tube.
5) Aluminum plated steel silencer box, 1,5 mm thick.
6) Stainless steel, 1,2 to 1,5 mm thick inner perforated tubes.
7) Stainless steel, 1,0 mm thick, chrome plated tail pipes, with inward rolled edge, chosen from 19 different styles of design and shape, suited to each car model.
8) Stainless steel silencer endcaps.

So what do you think about Supersprint’s products?

Author: TuningMag.net

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