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Peugeot 908 RC concept – the creative luxury!

Today’s flustered automobile world can be characterize with many words, but the best is probably „an evolution.“ It’s like that. Day to day we hear about news linked to the cars. New models, technologies or something about very new what wasn’t there before. The world and humankind is used to the concept cars (cars haven’t been built yet), represented with one model that waits for possible mass production. So it isn’t surprising that car manufacturer has another concept car. We’re interested in new, unique design and new technologies used in the car. Within the frame of concept cars we met with a lot of new elements, e.g. an enormous output by an electric engine, or brand new concept based on 40-years old predecessor. Every car manufacturer comes every time with something new. It’s individual. Today’s concept from Peugeot’s workshop is sporty, very luxurious model called Peugeot 908 RC.

A little bit of Peugeot's history

Also biggest laic knows the car manufacturer Peugeot. Famous French cars can be seen in a majority of French movies, e.g. Taxi, Taxi-Taxi or The Gendarme series. These cultish cars can be also seen on our roads in not a little amount. No doubt that they became one of the most popular and best selling cars all over the world.

French company Peugeot was founded in 1886 in a town Beaulieu, at the time when two brothers Eugéne Peugeot and Armand Peugeot started producing the bicycles. Coincidentally, the name Peugeot was used since 1810 as a name of small ironworks in Moulin de Souis-Cratet, founded by an ancestor of Peugeot brothers. First Peugeot car was built in 1889, driven by a steam-engine. Peugeot had been using Daimler petrol engines since 1891 and first own engine was manufactured and used in 1896.

Already before First world was Peugeot cars won a lot of important awards including famous race Indianapolis 500. In 1927 the company was divided in two parts - Société Cycles Peugeot focused on bicycles and motorbikes manufacturing, and Société Anonyme des Automobiles Peugeot for car manufacturing. In 1970 Peugeot took over Citroen manufacturer. Peugeot cars excels in their style so the company is also called „the French Mercedes.“

A revolutionary concept by Peugeot’s workshop

Most important lure in the case of the concepts is design for sure. People wait for new elements brought by the car manufacturer. Nowadays we can see the cars – a fusion of the luxury and the sporty character. Also these two terms can characterize our today’s newie. First of all it is a design jewel.


A man can see what he have met on the first sight. We’re not used to see shiny design ones from Peugeot so this is shocking. The long, extended lines, the oval and aggressive shapes - this everything belong to this car to make it more aerodynamics. The element form the badge is now used on the whole car. The silhouette of lion’s head is visible on whole front part, including headlights and front grill. It’s noticeable how big effort was made by designers. The front part is full of details, expressive elements and it’s full of the sporty, predatory feeling tamed with the spirit of luxury.

The distinct and extended headlights with LED technology are a perfect symbol of the eyes of an furious lion. Upper lines of headlights are meeting in one point – the badge. There is big opening under it coated with tensile metallic, from the sides deeper to the center. This opening is divided by two crossbars similar to the „fangs.“ The characteristic element is two elongated chromic lines that divides this big opening in horizontal direction.

On the sides of front bumper we can find two pairs of lights and the pair of quite big costate openings used to provide an air-intake to the front brakes. You need to have inborn design feeling as Peugeot’s designers have.

A most noticeable element of this car is fluent transition on every part of the chassis, e.g. from the front part to the sides. The glaring element of sides of the car is the proportion of Windows and doors. Doors are larger significantly. We can’t forget about chromic border. Frequent feature seen on the sport cars is to smooth down doorknobs and to use chromic rear mirrors which was used also in the case of 908 RC. It is necessary to say that the hood is perfectly oval and it’s completely luminous, what improves driving experience and helps to have a better view. We need to count also with huge front window (3,2 sq meters) without any disturbing elements.

We’re moving slightly to the rear part which has similar look as the front part. It’s characteristic with its elongated look, a catlike LED lights and oval lines. Distinct elements is also the bottom diffuser in combination with the two pairs of chromic exhaust tips and branchiate openings behind the rear wheels used to off-take the hot air from the rear disk brakes. This everything makes this limousine sporty. We can’t forget about perfect rounded and bulgy mudguards which looks very stylish.

Photogallery of Peugeot 908 RC:




Now, we’re moving to the engine specification. I think you noticed the wheel discs already. They are 20-pokes ones, 20“ in the front and 21“ in the back. Combined with the front and rear part of the car and lights designers made an effect of big cat. The contact with a road is provided by Michelin tires, the Pilot Sport PS2 model with dimensions of 255/35 R20 and 285/30 R21.

The aggregate is also very interesting. I confess that I was waiting for really good petrol engine, but I was surprised when I found out that there is really good diesel one! So don’t beat about the bush.

The diesel engine designed for this concept was designed for the race „Le Mans Race Series 2007“. This car isn’t named RC for nothing. It’s 5,5 Liters V12 HDi DPFS engine with the diesel particulate filter, improved with a turbo and a respectable maximum output 691 hp (515kW)! The maximum torque is unbelievable 1200 Nm! A top speed is set around 300 km/h.

Now the aggressiveness was revealed. What is interesting that the engine is placed in the center and crosswise. Rear wheels are driven by 6 speed electronically controlled sequential gearbox which was specially created for such a big torque and it is placed under the engine unconventionally.


The last design stage of this concept is the interior. Thanks to the position of the engine, the living-space of the all passengers and the baggage is suitable also for the most exacting customer.

The interior was developed to have sporty and safety feeling with great pleasure from a luxury. The inner space is surrounded by a brown stripe, leather upholstery has gray amethyst color. Than a decoration from aluminum, the Bell&Ross clock, chromium accessories, sporty shaped seats and two-armed multifunctional steering Wheel.
This car can be proud of its technology. It has the radio with a MP3 player, GPS, a four-zone air conditioning etc. In the middle of the console there is huge touch-sense display with the MMI (Man/Machine Interface) technology. Another touch-sense display is situated between rear seats.

So what do you say about this study? Every single person need to make own decision and opinion about this car, but Peugeot did a great work for sure.

What is your opinion about Peugeot 908 RC?

Source: Tuningmag.net

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