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Logo Mini PML MINI QED – It’s electrifying! Logo Mini

PML MINI QED – It’s electrifying!

For many of us, a not very know company PML has presented quite unbelievable possibilities of hybrid propulsion that has achieved during a 4-year research. It has taken a standard Mini as their basis and 8 months to modify it to the QED vehicle.

Mini QED
This car can compete very successfully with other sports car thanks to its attributes. 0-100 km/h acceleration takes only 4.5 seconds to beat and the top speed is „only“ about 240 km/h.

The engine performance is 120 kW per Wheel, so 480kW together! Why “per wheel“? Because there’s not only one engine, but four! The engine is a 24-phases water-cooled 4 x 750Nm /1800 rpm Brushless engine directly mounted in each Wheel.

Its weight with an aluminum rim is very low, only 24 kgs, the stock version of complete Wheel with brake was slightly lighter – 22,5 kg.

Each of the engines has own control, anti-block and anti-skid unit that at the same time serves as an recuperative unit that can replace the function of ordinary brakes.

The necessary energy is stored in Li-Pol accumulators with 300 V voltage and 70 Ah capacity. These giant batteries can work 4 hours of drive without re-charging. But longer voyage isn’t a problem thanks to the little combustion engine. The engine is a 250 cm four-stroke two-cylinder power plant with 15 kW at 7000 rpm. It’s not very much, but constant 100 km/h speed isn’t an obstacle.

If you need to recharge the accumulators, just plug-in the cable into the electricity and wait ?. Full capacity of accumulators and trunk allows you to drive amazing 1500 kms.

Pictures of Mini QED by PML:



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