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Porsche with Swiss blood - Rinspeed Imola and Indy S4 !

What car would buy a millionaire, if he wanted to gain some attention? Many of you would certainly answer with the word Ferrari, Lamborghini or Porsche. These cars have always been symbols of thick wallets. They are literally overcrowded with the most modern technologies, stylish design and huge power. These are super-sport cars – they are made to entertain the owner and persuade him, that he hasn’t spent his money in vain. Surely, I don’t have to doubt that everybody knows car makes Ferrari and Porsche. It would take us quite a lot of time to write about these grandfathers of all sport cars. Therefore, we take a closer look at the second one – Porsche. Mister Ferdinand Porsche new very well, what he was doing, when he founded this car make. These cars are famous for their strong sporting charisma and will to follow the goal. But what happens, if one of these cars is in the centre of some very famous car tuning company’s attention? To be concrete – I am talking about Swiss tuning company specialized in this car make – Rinspeed. The way they transformed these cars is worth mentioning.


Swiss tuning company Rinspeed is well-known for its guts to modify vehicles Porsche – and the result is really solid. It always is! Many know this company thanks to “zaZen“ project, others do thanks to other modified Porsche cars. The newest project of this firm (intended for tuning show in Paris) is the couple Imola (Porsche Cayman) and Indy S4 (Porsche 911 Carrera 4S). Let’s talk about these beauties first.


The Porsche 911 shows its nature through its design. Its tense shapes, clear lines and precise contours are convincing proofs. Carrera is a sport car with big S. Full-blooded, predacious and , merciless – that’s what is this Porsche like. Thanks to its roots it becomes the most popular road “sting“ of all times, alike Ferrari or Lamborghini.

The place under the hood was reserved for V-6 engine with volume of 3.8 liters, which can reach power 355 hp (261 kW) and torque 400 Nm at 4600 rpm. Its power is transferred by 6-speed manual or 5-speed Tiptronic transmission with control on steering wheel. Thanks to this, the swell can make 100 in 4.8 seconds.


Another exclusive piece from the work shop of the manufacturer. It is the weaker brother of Carrera, called Cayman. Graceful but sharp shapes, which let us know, that this one is really a nice job. Who wants some style, Cayman is a good choice.

Under the hood, or more precisely in the middle of car is always ready six-cylinder engine with volume 2.7 liter and stock performance 245 hp (180 kW), with torque 273 Nm at 4600 rpm. Gear is transmitted to the rear wheels by 5- or 6-speed manual transmission or 5-speed TipTronic S transmission. This configuration enables the car to reach 100 km/h in pleasant 6.1 seconds.



Rinspeed Indy S4
The tuners from Rinspeed have prepared for this model a new aerodynamical packet, which consists of new front bumper, side sills and rear bumper. This includes also interior complements. Customer can also order performance packet – he’ll get new discs, exhaust pipe and chassis. But let’s go nice and slowly.

As for the front bumper, the tuners were fully aware of the connection between overall style of this car and the bumper. Therefore they didn’t make any relevant changes, they only equipped the new bumper with larger central opening with sharper edges and side “wings“. The important thing is, that this new bumper is not only visual but also an aerodynamical upgrade. On the side of the car were added deeper and more expressive side sills, but with the same feel and respect for original design as by the bumper. In the rear part of the car is also a new rear bumper with additional diffuser and openings for fishtails according to customer’s wish.

All this set gives the jazz to the whole car, but it doesn’t make it too frilly. As for the performance packet, this includes new wheels, concretely 5-spoke aluminum discs labeled C5/1 with diameter 20 inches, which are set in low-profile tires with dimensions 245/30 R20 in front and 305/25 R20 in the rear.

Neither the driving properties was neglected – this sport car was equipped with harder chassis, which makes that the car is by 25 mm closer to the ground (also manually adjustable chassis is available). We have to mention also a pack of sporting exhausts – starting with the simple with oval tips and ending with specially tuned semi-racing ones with metal catalyzers and shock-absorbers.

Adjustments were made in interior too. For instance, full-leather cushioning, aluminum complements (etc...) are available.

Pictures of Porsche 911 Carrera Indy S4 modified by Rinspeed:



Rinspeed Imola
Here comes another piece. Cayman was rebuilt more expressively, or more precisely visually more expressively. It is because of new paint from German company Lesonal, which has a real striking orange tint – thanks to this the car has more predacious look. Moreover, on the roof ,on the front and rear hood, there is very showy vinyl with racing flag pattern.

Front part was extended by new lowered front bumper with the same design and aerodynamical element, as in case of 911. In addition grills and fog lights in some openings were removed. This enhanced the sporting look of the car.

Also for this model, same way as in the first case, new sills were used to emphasize its predacious potential. The rear bumper was also changed because of fishtails and in order to enhance the design. Then, new carbon diffuser was added to improve the grip. Customer can choose from among various models, which enable installation of exhausts with central fishtail, or with two outlets at both sides. This is the same case as Carrera - it’s about customer’s taste.

Also for this model, there is a performance packet, which includes sporting alloy wheels, the same as for Carrera, but in front by 10 mm narrower. The chassis lowers the car by nice 25 mm (chassis with manual adjusting option is also available). Interior was supplemented with new elements too – sporting wheel in F1 style, aluminum top of gear lever, aluminum sporting pedals, velour carpets etc...

So, what do you think of it? Rinspeed once again showed and confirmed its qualities in large motor-world. What you have to do is just choose one...

Pictures of Porsche Cayman Imola modified by Rinspeed:



Wallpaper of Rinspeed Imola:



What is your opinion about Porsche Indy S4 and Porsche Cayman Imola modified by Rinspeed?

Source: Tuningmag.net

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